Friday, December 23, 2005

Blogger's Block

hi all, once again oru periya confusion as to what to write for the post, . i badly want to post atleast one post a day....but dont have ne stuff to write....... ellame half made stories, cliches etc., than varuthu..

O.K, visit this link ... You could read a spoof on Ayitha Ezhuthu written by (naan illae naan illae) the famous bloggers on the net, Praveen and Ferrari :). This one they wrote in old TFM days ( when these guys along with curses, curryleaf, paran (where is he these days?) used the TFM page which is supposed to be a discussion forum for Tamil film music, as a chat site (hehe antha gang la naanum irunthaen)

Prabhu and Praveen used to write spoofs on upcoming tamil movies in those sites. One such spoof is this one on Ayitha Ezhuthu. This was written just a month before the film actually got released. For those who have not seen the movie, read this, and you could never guess that this is not the original thing. These guys posted this stuff in tfmpage (in a thread for "Top Star" Prashanth :) ) I did the copying and editing stuff (after informing them only) and put in some other forums and also in this rediff blog site. To see the original post here is the link. This is the last page in that post.. old responses pottukitte pinnadi pogavum.........

O.K back to where i had begun.. Give some ideas for a new post.. ipothaikkku rendu idea vachirukken....... one for Ilaya thalabathy Vijay in C - Kasi and our own thalaivar's Java-G... but full ah idea form aagale....... C-Mukhi vera antharathula thonguthu........ story eluthalam nu than blog site vanthen......... kadseela ennaiyum pulamba vittutangalae ( "Mudhalvan" Arjun climax la solvaar la antha style la padikkavum :) )

Wednesday, December 21, 2005


Yayyyyy......... 10 days to Go for the happiest year we are all gonna have, Let us share the cake and enjoy a peaceful, safe, healthy and blissful year

An year full of vigour,
An year full of sugar :)


Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Rumbum Rumbum arambam :)

Hi all, romba naala post ethuvum pannama ovvoru blog site ah poi kalaichittu irunthaen :) infact that was more fun than posting here :p) but then ulagam full ah suthinaalum veetai gavanikkalena yaarum mathikka maatanga nu enakku appapo ethuna post panraen :)...kadi ku manikkavum........adikkadi post pannanum na ippadi kadicha than mudiyum :p

[Written in 2002, while i was studying for GRE... wordlist ah memorize panlam nu sollitu oru 10 words ah eduthu athai vachu oru dialogue construction :) ]

Ram : Hi Joseph

Joseph : Hi Ram, how do u do?

Ram : Yesda, I am doing fine. How are u doing?

Joseph : I am doing coarse........

Ram : What?

Joseph : er..I am doing a short-term course on Networkingda........

Ram : Hey, Why are u looking dull?

Joseph : nothing da brother-in-law

Ram : who is ur brother-in-law da u SCAMP

Joseph : We are conversing in english rite, so instead of calling u Machaan, i am calling u brother- in-law

Ram : Idiot, answer me Why are u looking very dull

Joseph : Nothing da, It've been 1 year since I finished my Engineering. But still I am jobless. You finished just last month and now in a Multi National company. I am jealous of u daa..

Ram : Hey man, It's your mistake that u remain jobless.... What's the use being jealous of me

Joseph : What do u mean?

Ram : I mean that u are so mean.. You remained FRIVOLOUS about searching for jobs and thought that some Managing director would come and knock your door with order letter in a golden plate

Joseph : I didnt think like that daa

Ram : You should have attended many interviews, walk-in's and posted ur resume. Whatz the use of sitting idle at home and crying

Joseph : I attended a interview last weekda brother-in-law, I stood third among the applicants

Ram : geez, I hope u missed it by a whisker. Do u have any idea how many people attended the interview.

Joseph : yeah, 3 people attended the interview

Ram : psst. You are a SCAMPda.....You should have prepared well for the interview

Joseph : I did adequate preparation. But I couldnt talk well at the interview

Ram : I understand the problem, it's because you are INARTICULATE. You felt BASHFUL while seeing the higer authorities. Attend a personality development course man, that would help u

Joseph : No Ram, that was not the problem. The problem is I had a laddu in my mouth when I entered the room

Ram : What?

Joseph : My mother gave me some laddus for snacks so that I dont feel hungry.. As I was munching my third laddu, I was called. To maintain punctuality, I went without even finishing that laddu. I was punished for my Punctuality

Ram : You are a GLUTTON da..........Only GOD have to help you uncle

Joseph : uncle??

Ram : athaanda mamoo nu sonnen…….right, I have no time to talk with jobless josephs.. See u TATA

Joseph : you old fashioned idiot, why r u stil sticking with TATAs and BIRLAs.. when you are working for international company talk like an American.. I will tell now.. see u BILLGATES…..

Ram : kashtamda…….. bye….!!!

Friday, December 02, 2005

"C" - Mukhi Part VII

It is a long time since i had updated this "C"-Mukhi thing.... I can say i am veryyyy busy :p, but the truth is, i am just running out of ideas....esp in the part that requires more creativity (jyothika part)....Let's see if i cud come up with anything....... :) Advices and suggestions are welcome...


A tensed Prabhu rushes into Rajini’s cabin.

Rajini : Hey Prabhu, why do u have to look so serious and tensed like Saurav Ganguly?. I didn’t say you will not be included in the team, did I?

Prabhu : Oh come on Rajini, we have got a serious problem

Rajini : What is it?

Prabhu : We had been testing the software product by Antony Software Technologies as per our contract with MilliSoft rite? The company chairman Mr.Antony is on the line now. He is warning us to close the bugs that we have logged into Millisoft’s defect tracker for their product… otherwise…

The story is continued here

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Ooh la la la

Hi all, Long time since i posted , was away for a week to my native place for a (cousin) thangai's wedding athan. I was back last week itself, but then laziness got over me and I was more comfortable to go and kalachify in fellow bloggers' posts thru comments :) . Chanced upon this post from visithra's blog... I always wanted to tag other ppl but eppadi panrathunnu enakku sariya theriyama irunthathu and also I didnt want to do the usual 5,4,3... tag......... ithai paartha pinnadi got an idea to tag.......... i wud list some songs or some lines from tamil songs from which she would weave out a story. For now i am tagging visithra but site visit panra elorume ithai try paneenganna it would be nice and cool :) . I would like to tag Soms also coz he was one of the guys in school who intro-ed this using-songs-in-funny-situation to me....

Rules : (1) Can use addnl songs apart from this if necessary, but only 1 or 2 addnl songs than allowed
(2) Can be of any genre, shud not be misled by what the song's theme
(3) Sequence of songs can be of any order
(4) Can leave out any one of the songs if it is spoiling the plot


1. "Netru illatha maatram ennathu" - (Pudhiya Mugam)
2. "Thee pidikka Thee pidikka" - Arinthum Ariyaamalum
3. "Konja neram Konja neram..." - Chandramukhi
4. "Uyirin uyire.........." - Kaakha Kaakha
5. "Mayilirage Mayilirage..." - Ah Aah (or Maramkotthiye from the same film)
6. "Oru vaarthai solla oru varusham........" - Ayya
7. "Oru maalai ila veyil neram" - Ghajini

Good luck :)

Sunday, November 06, 2005

"C" - Mukhi Part VI


(Few months later)
[Location : VTPRSoft Office]

Business at VTPRSoft had been smooth and steady. With the expertise of Rajini and the management skills of Prabhu combined with diligence of Jyothika, the company had been doing enormously well. Also the recruitment has yielded some best talents that augured well for the company. Within a month after resuming its operations, VTPRSoft earned a good reputation as service oriented company. Owing to Rajini’s efforts, the US Software giant MilliSoft certified VTPRSoft as its most valuable partner and made VTPRSoft as the official Testing center for all the software products that are developed for them by the Indian vendors.

Read more here

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Tamil koorum nal ulagam

என் இனிய தமிழ் மக்களே! உங்கள் பாசத்திற்குறிய சுப்பிரமணியன் பேசுகிறேன். தொடர்ந்து ஆங்கிலத்திலேயே பதிவு செய்து வந்த நான் தமிழிலும் பதிவு செய்ய ஆசைப்படுகிறேன். அடிக்கடி கடின தமிழில் கடிக்க முயற்ச்சி செய்கிறேன். :) தமிழ் வழி பதிவுக்கு உதவிய capriciously_me kum தமிழில் பதிவு செய்ய யோசனை சொன்ன ஜிங்கு சக்குக்கும் நன்றி. :) மற்றவை அடுத்த பதிவில்...

Tuesday, October 25, 2005


P.S : Followed by the stupendous success (???) of Super Story in 1995 Get together function, next year Get together kum myself and my friend Sudarsan got together again for a sequel to Super Story :) Again a last minute preparation, again a toss deciding whether to stage it...... And again nalla kai thatti cheer pannanga (oru velai engalai thatta mudiyalai nu ninaichirukkalam :p )...It was an enjoyable experience though...


Director : Sir, ullae varalama?

Producer : vaaya vaa utkaaru
Director : enna Sir, sema jolly ah irukeenga poliruku, oru varushathula aale maariteenga

Producer : ellam unnalathaanya , tamil naatu makkalai neethan sariya therinji vachurike.
Namma Erusic Park super hit aayiduchilla

Director : naan sonnenla Sir, Ippa paarunga, namma erumbukku rasigar mandram vaikkaral alavuku
Erusic Park super hit.

Producer : Sari, namma combination marubadiyum work out aaganum..adutha padam edukka poren…ithe type la oru kathai sollu

Director : Sir, ethukku kathaikku veena alaiyanum… namma
Erusic Park aiye Part 2 eduthiralam

Producer : Eppadippa?

Director :
Namma Erusic Park la erumbu sagara maathiri kaatinathukku niraya peru Feel panni eluthirunthaanga illa? . Infact oru rasigar over enthu aayi enga veetu kita vanthu erumbukku uyir kodukkalenna petrol oothippennu mirattinar

Producer : adappavi , nijamava??

Director : aama sir, namma tamil naatula mattum thaan intha maathiri over emotional , vethukku uyirai vidara pasangallayellam parka mudiyum. Ivangala vachi thane namma maathiri aalunga business lam oduthu.. athunaala intha padathula naama erumbukku uyir kodukkalam

Producer : eppadi yya?

Director : naama first part la vita idathularnthu padathai aarambikkalam. Paiyan sogathoda erumbai thookumbothu thideernu erumbu oru thadavai
peru moochu vidara satham paiyanuku ketkuthu…..aaha erumbukku uyir pogalennu paiyan santhosamaagi athai apadiye thookkikittu hospital la kondu poi serthudaran

Producer : adada pullarikkuthu

Director : intha samayathula sithiyum , avanga aatkalum jail ernthu thappichirraanga. Avangaluku erumbu uyir pizhaichitta vishayam theriyuthu.

Producer : eppadi theriyum?

Director : oru spy erumbu arisikku aasaipaatu, vishayathai pottu udaichiduthu. Udane sithi aalai hospital ku anuppi erumbai kolai panna solraanga. Anga appollo la heavy police protection. But irunthaalum eppadiyo intha adiyaal kathiyai eduthikittu erumbu irukkara IC unit ku poiidaran… erumbai kaatarom cut panrom, kathiyai kaatarom cut panrom

Producer : dei vendam. Ithu pona varushaa samaachaaram. Appave rumba bore adichitte..marubadiyum sonne konnuduven

Director : kelunga sir, appadiye erumbai kutha pogumbothu , thideernu paiyan adiyaaloda kaalai kadichudaran.

Producer : ennayya solre #@$% ?

Director : aama sir, paiyan thirukkural a appadiye follow panravan… erumbu thanakku eppadi uthavi senjatho athe maathiri paiyanum appadiye seiraan

Producer : O.K O.K continue pannu

Director : kaththi keezhe vizha paiyan adiyaal kooda sandai podaraan.. appadiye hospital 13th floor la irunthu keezhe vizhunthu matha adiyaalungaloda sernthu sandai podaaraan… ellorum
America varai poi sandai pottukittu marubadiyum appadiye sandai pottukitte india varaanga

Producer : avanga ethukku
America poraanga?

Director : enna sir solreenga, oru tamil padathula foreign location kamikalaina padam eppadi odum?
Thaviravum , intha mathiri chance la thane enna maathiri aalunga America poga mudiyum

Producer : athu sari, eppadi povaanga?

Director : en sir, kaasu kuduthu paarkara makkale ketkaatha kelvi ithu kaasu podara ungalukku en?. Sari ungalukkaga solren……… sandai pottukitte meenambakkam airport poraangala……….villains lam odi poi America pora aeroplane la eridaranga ., paiyanum vidaama thuratharan…aeroplane top mela aavesama sandai podaaranga..

Producer : adey adey ennada ithu??

Director : ethanai naal thaan sir, ella films climax layum train top mela erikittu aavesama sandai poduvaanga….. naama pudhu trend uruvaakkalam..athuthaan aeroplane top la eri sandai pottukitu American streets lam sandai pottutu marubadiyum athe formula la Chennai varaanga

Producer : nee vidu mavane..vidu vidu

Director : ippa oru kattathula marubadiyum , villains paiyanai pidichudaraanga…chithi paiyana thuppakkiyala mirataraanga...thuppakkiya kaaatrom cut panrom paiyanai kaatrom cut panrom
Producer : dei naaye kathaiyai solluda…

Director : intha nerathula marubadiyum erumbu chithi kaalai kadikkuthu, chithi thuppaki keezhe vizha , vazhakkam pola marainjirukkara police vanthu elloraiyum arrest panniduthu

Producer : dei padupaavi, ICU unit la irukkara erumbu eppadi keezhe vanthathu?

Director : irunga sir, angae thaan suspense a udaikkarom, police DIG vanthu solraar. Intha erumbu actuallah police train pannapatta erumbu. Chithiyoda illegal activities a detect pannna erumbu nu unmaiyai solraar……

Producer : thalaiyai suthuthudaa saami…..

Director : ithu thaan sir, pazhaya pada formula…. Sari , pona part la kathi erumbu mela vizhunthappo erumbukku en onnum aagalainu sollunga paarkalam?

Producer : athaiyum neeye sollidu raasa

Director : enna erumbu bullet proof jacket pottirunthuchu

Producer : thambi…engae un kaalai kaatu

Director : sir sir tension aaagatheenga…epadi irukkuthu kathai?

Producer : enda dei, intha padam odungarae??

Director : sir, munthaiya padatha vida superaa odum…. Evvalavukku evvalo kenathanama edukkaramo avvalavukku avvalavu padam super hit aagum…ithu thaan success formula….purinjatha?? namma story thaan sir ennikume Super Story.. HOW IS ITT ???????

Sunday, October 23, 2005


P.S - "C" - Mukhi ku konjam break koduthuttu matha stories um konjam post pannalam nu ninaikkaren..... This is a play scripted in 1995 for our apartments get together :) all credits to flat mates a.k.a friends 'n sisters for encouragin and cheering and esp to my friend Sudarsan who had the courage to play the Producer part. As the usual show was going on, we decided to stage it at the last moment and enacted it without rehearsal....... GOD's grace or our flat ppl's kindness nalla clap panni encourage pannanga....Yeah yeah guess pannavanga ellam correct ah than paneenga..... "Kaatula Mazhai" drama la irunthu inspire pannathu thaan and Ramanarayanan + Shamli type ah stories than (antha kaalathula ithu sema combo) second inspiration :)

O.K, mela bore adikkama OVER to the play :)

as usual,

STATUORY WARNING : (My) Joking is injurious to health


Director : sir, ullae varalama

Producer : vaaya vaa utkaaru......

Director : enna sir , evvalo tharamana padamellam edutheenga.....ellam oothikiche.....

Producer : ennaya panrathu....ellam en neram....ithuthaan last attempt........ithula success aaganum.. oru nalla kadhai sollu

Director : enna sir, padam odanumnu solreenga.....nalla kadhai venumnu solreengale.Jurassic Park themela oru super kadhai vachurukken. adhai padama edukkalam. Dinosaur vachu Jurassic park maathiri erumbai vachu naama Erusic parknu padam edukkalam

Producer : ada, title nallarukke. kadhaiyai sollu

Director : namma hero oru chinna paiyan. pala kodi sothukku ore vaarisu. avanukku oru chinnamma thavira vera yaarume illai. chinnamavukku avan sothu mela oru aasai.

Producer : hum.....tamilnattula chinnamanaale aduthavanga sothukku aasaipadaravangala aayitaanga

Director : adhanala avanga paiyanai romba kodumaipadutharaanga. oru kattathula paiyan sithi kodumai thaangama railway trackla poi thalayai vaichidaran. dhoorathula train varuthu....thalaiyai kaaturom cut panrom, trainai kaaturom cut panrom..ippadi cut panni cut panni......

Producer : film role ellam waste panna porom

Director : illa sir, makkalukku suspense kodukkarom...train, thalai, train, thalai...ippadi suspense thaangama makkal seat nunikku vanthu........

Producer : appadiye veetukku poiduvaangala?

Director : illa sir, interestaa paarpaanga...itho train pakkathula vanthudichu........innum 1 minutethaan......

Producer : adappavi, en herovai konnuttiye.....

Director : irunga sir, train appadiye pakkathu trackla poiduthu........

Producer : Super...

Director : ippo ithe trackla innoru train varuthu..marupadiyum traina kaatarom..cut panrom..paiyanai kaaturom cut panrom........

Producer : unnai intha padathula irunthu naan cut panna poren....

Director : kelunga sir, innum 30 seconds thaan.........paiyan kan muzhichu paarkaraan.... oru erumbu thandavaalathula maatikkuthu....thaan sagarathukku munnadi oru uyirai kaapathidalamnu erumbai thookaran paarunga train poiduthu

Producer : appadi podu aruvaalai

Director : aruvaalai appadi potta unga kaalil vizhunthudum sir...

Producer : dey madaiya ..nee kadhaiyai sollu

Director : paiyanukku buddhi varuthu..thannai intha erumbu kappathiduchunnu sollitu, adhai than veetukku eduthuttu poi valarkkaran......erumbu super erumbu.......kadichu kadichu avan veetula irukkara chinnamma & other villains a veetai vittu thurathiduthu....

Producer : erumbu??!#@

Director : aama sir, superaa illae? paiyanum erumbum bayangara friends aagi paatellam paadaraanga......

Producer : vidu, vidu nee evvalu thoorathukku vidarennu naan paarkaren..

Director : Chithiyum , avanga adiyaatkalum paiyanai pazhi vaanga neram paarthukittu irukkanga...Oru naal raathiri, Chithi set panna adiyaal paiyanai kathiyaal kuthi kolai panna varaan.........kathiyai kaatarom cut panrom, paiyanai kaatrom cut panrom

Producer : nee kathaiyai solluppa

Director : Adiyaal kutharappo, erumbu avan kaalai kadichiduthu.... kathi udanae erumbu mela vizhunthuduthu.......erumbu hero perai sollikitte kathuthu adhu echo aagi paiyan kaathula vizhunthu, udanae elunthirikkiraan paiyan....

Producer : #@$!!!??

Director : erumbu paarthu sentiment aagi kaneer vadikkaran..erumbu than blood eduthu paiyanukku veera thilagam iduthu......udanae veeram vanthu adiyaalaiyum , avanoda 1000 aatkalaiyum thani aala ninnu adikkaran...... Oru kattathula ellorum paiyanai pidichiraanga........Chithi paiyanai kutha vaaranga....kathiyai kaatrom cut panrom, chithiyai kaatarom cut panrom

Producer : dei naaye, ennai kolai panna vachudaathe

Director : irunga sir, ippothaan veetukula marainjirukkara police vezhila vaaranga....

Producer : avanga yen olinjirukkanum?

Director : tamil cinema ilakkanappadi police sandai mudiyara varaikkum olinjirukkanum....adhellam yen yedhukkunu kelvi ketka koodathu... paiyan nera erumbukitta poran.........oru nimisham flashbackla pazhaiya incidents ellam nyabagathukku varuthu........appadiye paiyan azhumbothu padathai mudikkarom

Producer : Sentimental touchaa?? sari padam eppadi pogum

Director : summa pichikkittu odum sir

Producer : engae theatarai vitta??

Director : ada ponga sir, onnu therinjukkonga..namma tamilnattu makkalai porutha varaikkum arasiyal, finance company, cinema, saamiyar ivanga naalu perukittayum ethanai thadavai naalum emaara readyaa iruppanga.......enna graphics kalakkala irukkanum...............ivanga irukkara varaikkum namma story thaan sir ennikkume Super Story....................HOW IS IT????


Saturday, October 22, 2005

"C" - Mukhi Part V


[ Next day evening at Neela's office ]

A grand farewell was arranged at the Office. Since it matched with onam occasion, the whole office wore a festive look. As the folks were requested to come in ethnic wear the environment was like a grand gala fashion show. Some guys and girls mistook the word ethnic wear and were dressed in stone age wears.

Party starts. As usual a song sequence
(Tune : Ra..Ra. ramaiyah)

[ contd here ]

Thursday, October 20, 2005

"C" - Mukhi - Part IV

Hi all, Thanks for your encouraging responses and cheering up. Konjam kuraigalaiyum sutti kaatunga.. As you might have noticed I have done a thorough change on the look and feel of the webiste. If something is annoying kindly do point out. I have moved "C"-Mukhi to a seperate blog space to accomodate other postings such as daily musings etc., I hope your support continues


[ A month later.... At the launch of VTPR software company rechristened as VTPRSoft. Only close associates were invited to this simple celebration of the launch.. Jyo’s PM Neela and her father, the MD were called as special invitees. Jyo and Prabhu welcomes them with glee. ]

Jyo : Welcome madam, it is a real pleasure to have you here with us. Please make urself comfortable inside.

[ Neela and her father goes inside]

Prabhu ( to jyo) : Hey, Why did u ask them to make themselves comfortable. What would you do if they go and take a nap at the Duroflex cot in the guest room.

Read in Full ) here

Sunday, October 16, 2005




….Jyothika patted on Prabhu “Prabhu… wake up. The flashback is over.Come lets go inside. See rajini, how nice he is pretending to listen to the story, yet day dreaming . Wake him up also….” She turns to vijayakumar, “Sir your story was very nice, now give the keys, we would go inside.” Read more here

Friday, October 14, 2005



A visibly peeved Neela who was waiting for the song to finish, starts shouting at Jyothika now......... "How many mails do u need me to send reminding the guidelines regarding Personal visitors. Dont u have any sense..where is that security....Security....Security.." . Rajini "Relax, why are u getting so angry.. I am the Network security Consultant of your company. Here is my visiting card". Neela glances at the visiting card and what Rajini said was indeed true. ................... [ Read more here ]

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

"C" - Mukhi


P.S : I would like to thank all fellow colleagues for cheering, encouraging me, appreciating me that made me write and continue to write this one...... (So be aware that even if it bores u, i am not the main responsibility :p ) . I wrote this for my office BB, then posted this in another forum (Part VI is running there rite now), some dialogues from this had been doing rounds as Forward mails and one friend had also posted this (which he recieved as a fwd) in his blog site.. Hence some of you might have already read this :)

FOREWORD : Buoyed by the success of Chandramukhi, distributors and producers decides to remake this film in some other languages to cash in on this success. But since already Chandramukhi and other Rajini films had been remade in almost all languages, the producers are now left only with cyber languages like "C", "Java" etc., Since our Superstar is popular across all languages , they decide to try in computer languages too. Hence Chandramukhi is remade as C-Mukhi with certain scenes from Rajini's earlier films also lifted here and there.


Read in full here

Monday, September 26, 2005

Thirupaachi - Soft Copy

Part - I
Part - II (posted on 27/09/2005)
Part - III (posted on 29/09/2005)

Vijay - our hero is a programmer in a very small local Software company in Chennai. Even though he is in a small software company and his educational qualification is not much., , he is a very popular figure there. Daily, only after vijay comes and switches on the UPS the office starts functioning ( vijay is not a watchman in that is just sentiment... if he starts UPS, that day the software runs without bug thatz all Smile )

Being a mass hero, there should be an Intro song for Vijay. Saraswati puja. Whole office waits for our hero to come and start the UPS to start working on a new project. Our hero enters with a bang and with a song too

"which platform u work, which platform i work, platforms doesnt matter,
Which language u code, which language i code, languages doesnt matter,
Are we from same College ? [chorus] No, No, No
Are we using same OS [chorus] No, No, No

You are from different stream, I am from different stream.....even then we r in the same team...."

[applause here....even though ppl doesnt understand the song, they shud applause bcoz hero is a mass hero]

Now that the intro song ends, we shud know about our hero's family.As usual our hero has a younger brother Ajay and a decent middle class family. Vijay has big dreams for his brother's future. His desire is that his brother should only work in the U.S and nothin less than that. Vijay's brother gets offers from Chennai software companies but vijay turns down those offers. Once a placement executive who is Vijay's family friend strongly advises vijay, watz wrong in working software companies in India and for his brother's qualifications ( B.E in 7 years) he cant dream of any companies outside their area Guduvancherry. Vijay gets so angry........ he pulls the guy by his collars and ask "see uncle...see my brother's fingers ....... his fingers have become swollen becoz of continuous typing (for college thesis) . do you want him to join a company here and continue the same typing?? .. shudnt he have a voice recognition software that eases his typing work?, should not he have atleast a coke vending machine during coffee breaks... which company in chennai has that? Let anybody tell anything, i would allow my brother to take up a job only if he gets in America..."... unable to answer vijay's questions, the placement executive quietly walks away. (and never returns to their house then....... it is a seperate story Smile )

As luck had it, Vijay's brother Ajay manage to get a job in U.S through a consultancy. Vijay becomes so happy about his childhood dreams atlast coming true. His brother IS going to US..So one fine day Ajay moves to US for his job amid some sentimental scenes with Vijay.

Over to US...... There are three criminals who terrorize the whole of United states. One of those is Spam Stephen. He terrorizes people by sending huge amount of spam mails and junk mails and hoaxes leading to mailbox overflow for the email users. Many number of small scale companies across United states were shut down bcoz most of their business transactions were done online but their mail server were down most of the time due to overflow.

Next is Cyber chat Christopher. He is a compulsive chat addict. His way of terrorizing ppl is simple. He would log on in different IDs in chat room and flirt openly with girl chatters. He teases and talk offensively if they dont respond his maneouvres. Anybody dared to question him would be hurled abuses that they would never forget in life.

The third person is the most dangerous of all, Virus Vincent. He can bring any company down instantly. He is the one who is the brain behind most of the trojans, worms spreading across the internet.

These three criminals individually or combined wreak havoc across software companies and computer users in United states. Under this circumstances, our hero's brother comes to US to join his new office....

(to be continued)


Ajay was given the role Systems Executive Trainee in his office. He was told that he is being put on the bench initially to start with. Hence When he saw his seat and his PC, he was surprised.He had imagined bench as the one similar to what he had seen in Nehru park in his city. His PM asked him to go through the Quality plan, CMM audits to get a feel of how the company worked and gave him some bunch of documents that otherwise would have made a good pilllow, to read on. By noon he recieved his email id and his joy knew no bounds when he received it. coolly he logged on the system and started sending mails to all of his friends back in india giving them his email id partly for communication and keep in touch and mainly for show off. Under the pretext of Analysis and Research ajay coolly logged on to yahoo messenger and kept on chatting. Also,
daily he chats with vijay and updates him with the cool life he is having at US. Vijay feels very happy and tears roll down from his eyes (hey! not due to jealousy, it is emotional tears.... ) on hearing this.

Life went cool and smooth for ajay, until one day....when he was asked to work... He was asked to code for a minor bug fix for the banking application, his company was developing. Ajay didnt even know the formula for Simple Interest. "Big deal", he thought, "No Struggle, no fear, Google is always near.." But an idea struck his mind. "why not ask to the friends, probably they can provide me with source code itself"..... Hence he logged into the yahoo messenger but to his surprise, none of his buddies were online. So he entered the "Programmers Lobby" chat room to ask from the "technical" experts. Even there, only few ppl were there and one of them was "Cyber Chat" Christopher. He was busy flirting with one 'sweetgirl_4_u'. Ajay noticed how they were chatting. Having
studied in Boys' school and Men's college through out his career, the way sweetgirl_4_u talked captivated his mind instantly. He had totally forgotten about simple interest and a compound interest developed with the girl he has never seen or talked with. Yes, this is what ppl call love at first (chat) site. Ajay thought of trying his hand at flirting with that sweetgirl, so he sent a pm to her asking her asl and waited in a romantic mood for her reply. Bang came the reply, not from sweetgirl, but from Christopher, swearing at Ajay in the worst possible slang. Ajay was flabbergasted but he didnt give up. He thought he could use this as an opportunity to gain sympathy from his love interest. Hence he posted this message in a pm to sweetgirl again. Ajay recieved another nastier PM , this time from sweetgirl herself. As it turned out, since there was no girls to flirt with, Christopher created a dummy girl id himself and was flirting with it. Before Ajay could reply anything or type anything further, Christopher used Booting software to kick Ajay out of chat.

Ajay felt hurt and pain in his heart. He wanted to cry over the insult and more for the "love" failure he had. Since he could not cry at the office , he signed into the yahoo messenger again and opened a dummy window and typed : ( ( (Crying) emoticon to console himself. At that moment, he recieves a pm from Vijay who comes online at that moment.... "hey ajay....hi bro.......are u fine".... Ajay was feeling so hurt he could not even reply a hi back to his Vijay. After a prolonged delay, Ajay types a hi to vijay. Vijay, in doubt, asks Ajay are u ok..... there is no problem right?.. Ajay replies "yes vij, i am happy only..i am happy..saying this he tries to smile by starting to type out smiley emoticons : ) , but he could not control his fingers as it trembles to type : ( : ( (violin background in this scene to create pathos music) . Thus Vijay understands his brother is in a deeep agony. He presses Ajay to tell his problems and a disgusted Ajay narrates the entire incident. This sparks off anger in Vijay as he consoles Ajay not to worry and assures he will take revenge against whoever hurted his dear brother. Hence he visits the same chat room along with Ajay where he got insulted. This time the sweetgirl id was not there, but there were Virus Victor and Spam stephen chatting with Christopher. Going by the rule for heroes, Vijay yells out loud in the public at Christopher and tries to warn him for misbehaving with his brother. Christopher cared a damn for him, while Victor laughing out loud uses the Booting software to kick vijay and ajay out of chat again. Also they send a trojan through messenger to Ajay's PC that corrupts his OS. Bruised and hurt, Vijay vows a revenge against them. He learns about the illegal things that has been haunting the internet world over the years and the same trio had also caused heavy damages to the company's data, Ajay is working.

Ajay calls Vijay over phone and tells, since his system got corrupted and network in his company is down, he cannot log on to internet for some days. Vijay meanwhile pledges to his brother that before Ajay steps into the internet world again, he would wipe out the entire Anti-social elements in the Internet world and make United States free of cyber crime forever................

Vijay somehow manages to get an onsite opportunity by pestering his boss. His policy is to fight the lion in its own den and fight a virus from its own source computer. Since all the three villains of this story reside in US, our hero too travels to US. But then a personal US travel would cost his life's savings and hence under the pretext of Official work he travels to US. He stays in his brother's house and browses through internet to find about ways to prevent illegal hacking and illicit things happening across internet.

Being just a novice programmer through out his career, network security and ways to exploit the holes in a system/program appeared new to him. But never mind, afterall he is the hero of this story and one fast paced emotional song is enough for him to master the techniques to overcome the villains. He checks for such situational song from his archives, there were only few songs taking a dig at his co-worker and not any success-inspiring songs.Hence he plays a song from the super class he derives from (Rajini). He gets motivated as the song progresses, and before the song ends, Vijay thoroughly masters the hacking techniques, system administration and all system related issues. Having learnt the nuances of hacking techniques and security exploits, vijay sets out on his mission.

(to be continued)


Vijay first targets the man who started it all, "Cyber chat" Christopher. He installs Yahoo tunnel in his laptop to avoid booting, and then logs in to the Yahoo messenger. There he pings Christopher, who was busy playing Quake game online, and challenges Christopher to fight with him. An irritated Christopher tries to boot Vijay out, but could not succeed. Christopher used his hacking skills to trace Vijay's IP address and sends a worm (malicious request). But our hero is now an IT genius, Just when christopher sends the malicious request , Vijay's computer switched to a different IP address and the malicious request instead hit Christopher's main computer server which was connecting to net using the same service provider and was assigned the IP address that Vijay's computer was initially using. Christopher was chatting from a cyber cafe and his brother Jim was accessing the net using Christopher's system at that time.Jim had turned off the firewall so as to play an online game. Hence the worm easily attacked the system and erased all the data in the computer. That system consisted of years of Christopher's code, thousands of credit card passwords he stole from various banks' sites and several other valuable resources. The Vijay lets out a victorious smile at Christopher (what else, a smiley emoticon only :) ), "this is the start of the end to your cyber terrorism....... I am not a hacker..i am a COMPUTER SECURITY EXPERT........". A dejected Christopher commits suicide in the Quake game by showing himself before another player who kills him with a simple rifle.

Vijay then decide to get hold of "Spam" Stephen over chat. Stephen had just finished composing another one in the Chain mail series that read
He was satisfyed that this mail will be on rounds for some while, spamming users' mailboxes. Vijay pings him just at that moment and provokes him by advising not to spam. Stephen would not listen and so Vijay challenges him, that in retort, by 12 pm next day he would send virus through mail to Stephen and crash his system. Stephen laughs at this, "We hackers and spammers first take care of our own system before attacking others'. I am ready for this challenge as well".

Even though Stephen laughs off Vijay's threat, he didnt want to ignore his warning and hence provides adequate security to his mail client. Also he downloads latest patches from all virus sites that scans mails for harmful scripts and attachments. Also he applies filter so as to block all mails other than those coming from people in his address book. Having applied all necessary security measures, Stephen logs on to the system and waits for the deadline Vijay gave, to finish. 11:50, there was no instance of any new mail till that moment. "That fool must have tried to intimidate me. He doesnt know all these nuances as I do. ha ha ha...". Just that moment, the door bell rang. Stephen goes over to see who was at the door. It is the Postman. He hands over couple of letters to Stephen. There were some Greeting cards, invitations etc., sent by his friends. Stephen comes back to his system and logs on. There were no new mails at his mail box and the time is 12:05. Vijay pings him just at that moment. Stephen mocks at Vijay calling him names for his failure to keep up his challenge. Vijay smiles, "Wait boss. Wait... I was waiting for you to message. I told you i will send Virus through mail and I have done that".. Stephen is shocked "But i have recieved no new messages.". Vijay " ha ha ha...... I know all you fellas are so attached to the PC that you will never think out of the box. I said I will send Virus through mail , but I didnt say I would send it through e-mail. I had sent a new variant of bio virus with the snail mail you had just recieved and opened. It would have entered through ur fingers and when you typed that message to me, through the keyboard, the virus would have entered the system. Now click on C: and see for yourself dude". A visibly shaken Stephen clicks on C:\ and the system immediatly asks "do you want to format the system, Yes or No", without waiting for stephen's response the system proceeds to low level formatting of Stephen's system with the keyboard locked to prevent cancellation of the process.

Having destroyed the PCs of two of the villains Vijay decides to take a break. Hence he calls Virus Victor over phone and fixes a date for attacking him in the next week. Trisha who was busy in Hyderabad comes over to US on a short term assignment to dance two duets with Vijay.

Having heard of the plight suffered by two of his accomplice Stephen and Christopher, "Virus" victor takes a serious view on Vijay's threat. The date fixed by Vijay falls on 31st december 2005, a day before which Victor planned to unveil his new lethal Virus. Victor calls all the members of the hacking communities across the world and asks for their help to protect him. Everybody decide to stand in unison to protect Virus Victor's system and hence make Internet always remain a haven for miscreants. The support group included virus writers, spammers, back door script writers, etc., They formed a huge secure network to protect Victor's system. All requests to Victor's system were blocked except from the proxy systems that were protecting it.

Vijay analysed the prevailing scenario and proceeds to attack Victor's system. He writes a worm program and does a port scanning on the systems that were protecting Victor's system. He identifies the weakly secured system in the network and attacks that system using the worm he coded. Thus he takes control of that system and sends request from his system through the system he gained control over. The firewall in Victor's system was configured to allow this request, since it appeared to come from a friendly computer. Having gained control over the master System, Vijay switches on the webcam in his machine and make sure it appears on Victor's machine as well. Victor was shocked to see his machine automatically logging on to yahoo messenger and the webcam opened. Vijay appears on the screen and addresses Victor. "Good Afternoon dude........See I have achieved what i had said. Now i am gonna click on this executable file on ur machine which is the most lethal virus that you are planning to release tomorrow". Victor is shocked...he runs towards his machine screaming "". Vijay laughs victoriously........ "Dont think that virus programs destroy only other ppl's systems. It will destroy your computer too..... A virus writers' end would come from Virus only. " Saying this Vijay remotely presses on the Virus .exe file from Victor's desktop, which, within a moment spreads to all the systems in the network and corrupts the BIOS of all the systems. At the moment, the clock ticks to 12:00. It is newyear and Vijay has thus eliminated all the evil forces over the internet and made it safe for general public.

A victorious Vijay embraces his brother, wishes him good luck for his job and returns to the country with a job well done and from then on everybody lived happily over the internet.


Thotti Jaya - Final Part (Pirated version)

Jimbu decides it is no use arguing with Sonaachalam any more and time for him to get into action. So that night he enters Sonaachalam’s house and kidnaps Jaya. He takes Jaya to Thotti’s house (Kuppai Thotti thaan). He decides to get them both married. Hence he gets a new dog-chain, which Thotti ties around Jaya’s neck. At this moment, Sonaachalam’s henchmen, who come in search of Jaya, are shocked to see this “marriage”. In anger, they attack Thotti, but Jimbu falls before Thotti and Jaya and receives all the beatings himself, at times manages to give them one or two beatings as well. Meanwhile Thotti and Jaya run away from that place using this opportunity.

The next day, Jimbu’s friend Viboothi (cousin brother of Sandhanam) comes to visit him at the village hospital. He asks Jimbu “why should he indulge in something not important to him and get hurt like this”. Jimbu replies to this, “ Ha, whatever it is, I have achieved my aim. I have united a love pair.. Now I am a local hero, soon I will unite more lovers and become STD hero and subsequently an ISD Hero.. hahaha”. Viboothi is stunned at his reaction. “nobody can change u da, ok . meet u later. Take care. Bye”.

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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Thotti Jaya - Part III (Pirated version)

Hence Jimbu, in order to promote the love between Thotti and Jaya arranges for their meeting daily in besant nagar beach. In one such romance between Thotti and Jaya, some mischevous boys in the beach pelt stones at Jaya. Unable to bear this Thotti stands in defense for Jaya and bear all the stones. Jimbu chases away the boys and comes and hugs Thotti for its action. Jimbu also sings a duet on behalf of Thotti to Jaya.

"Enna kaayam aanabothum en meni thaangi kollum..unthan meni thangaathu senthene..senthene....

Manithar unarnthu kolla, ithu manitha kaathal alla........ athaiyum thaandi punithamaanathu.........."

The Panchayat chief's servant Kabaali notices Jaya in the beach along with Thotti complains to his master. Sonaachalam immediatly arrives at the place with other hunter dogs which chases Thotti away and escorts Jaya to home.

Jimbu consoles a crying (read:howling) Thotti and goes to the Sonaachalam's house to arrange for a marriage between Thotti and Jaya. But Sonaachalam who is a caste conscious man, retorts back at Jimbu "I would even give my Jaya to a sori pidicha pomeranian rather than to a street dog like Jambu ". Jimbu gets angry at this. He asks angrily at Sonaachalam, "Dont degrade love. Love is not a CD-RW disc to erase an existing data and write again. Love is like a CD-R disc. you can write only once on it and any error during the recording process will damage the entire disc". Not convinced by Jimbu's punch dialogues , sonaachalam orders his men to get Jimbu out of his house.

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Monday, September 19, 2005

Thotti Jaya - Part II (Pirated version)

Over a period of time, Jimbu grew tired of this thug job. He realized there were more risks in fighting. Hence he decided to tread another way, i.e to help lovers in unite irrespective of their caste, economical status etc., Unfortunately for Jimbu, In his village, youth people concentrate more on their careers than on love. Hence all marriages in Jimbu’s village were decided by parents themselves. But Jimbu, not willing to give up searches in nooks and corners if there were any lovers around, waiting to be united by a hero.

One day our little SS Jimbu was returning from his office ( athaanga namma 5-Star Tea kadai). Since his boss did not have sufficient funds to pay his wages for that day, he gave Jimbu some butter biscuits to compensate for it. Jimbu was munching those biscuits on his way home. The Village panchayat leader Mr.Sonaachalam was coming from the other side for a walk with his pet dog, a she-dog named Jaya. Jimbu threw one of those “butter” biscuits at Jaya which prompted Jaya to release itself from the clutches of Sonaachalam and grab it. At the same moment, a local street dog Jambu a.k.a Thotti (named after it’s residential address which is the municipality dustbin) too comes running for the same biscuit. As they both grab the biscuit at the same time they see each other and immediately there happens a love at first bite…er..i mean.. love at first sight…An irated Sonaachalam shoos away Thotti and grabs Jaya with her chain and walks away home. Jimbu immediately realized the time has come to show his heroic skills. Dogs, they are, but isn’t love a universal feeling, irrespective of caste, creed, status and breed too………..Hence Jimbu decides to give a helping hand to Thotti (a) Jambu and Jaya in uniting them.

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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Thotti Jaya - Part I (Pirated version)

Jimbu, the little super star, is our hero in this film. Jimbu’s life time aim is to become a Superstar somehow, just like the other current bunch of heroes. So as a first step he does all weird things which he feels as ishtyle not caring whether ppl actually like it or not. He works as a edupudi, (servant who does odd jobs) in a Tea kadai. When the Tea Master is not available , Jimbu himself will prepare tea / coffee and in one such occasion the opening song lead comes up.

“Kalakkuven kalakkuven, Sugar pottu kalakkuven, Paalai oothi kalakkuven paaru,
kuzhappuven kuzhappuven water serthu kulappuven, coffee pottu kalakkuven paaru”

Jimbu does all finger ishtyles with the coffee tumbler during the course of song At the end of the song though, he wud been spilled the coffee all over. (And how he gets dose from the master is a separate story)

Over a period of time though Jimbu realizes that mere styles would never help achieve superstar status. He needed to do something special to achieve that. Poor man, he doesn’t even know how to make a special chaaya, leave alone doing anything else special. Hence he decides to analyse the track record of how Super stars have developed. On research he found out that in general, top heroes would either be very innocent guys who doesn’t even know how to have a lolly pop but will fight 1000 ppl single handedly in climax or they would be some kind of thug who does all kinds of criminal activities till 10 mins but in the end would be glorified by people and police. Jimbu preferred to be a thug and hence he also worked as a part-time adiyaal to his Tea Master. His job would be to collect the money from people who have created accounts in his Tea shop.

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Sunday, September 11, 2005


Disclaimer : this is a 100% original story (intended to be a pun)

E - E

Hero – Elango lets call him E

Heroine – Eshwari

Oru hero E, is a prolific chatter. He is a college student , and so his main interest is to flirt with girls online. (he is not sure of himself how the response wud be in real life ) Once during a chat session he meets Eshwari and falls instantly in love with her seeing her talk in the public chat. So he proposes to her in pms,. But Eshwari being a family girl declines to accept his proposal,but since that was the first proposal she receives, she tells him let fate decides if I have to be your lover. Saying this, she composes a new mail, writes her name,address and attaches her E-Signature and sends it to a yahoo group account with a message “This mail is from George Bush - Following population explosion, we are going to limit the no. of people to live in this world. To stay on in this world you must forward it to all the people you know", knowing very well if there is a warning in a chain mail, ppl wud blindly forward it without second thinking. She informs this to the hero, if fate be with us, the mail which I have forwarded wil reach your mail box within a year. If it does, meet me / call me and propose I will definitely accept. Our hero E accepts this.

After this meeting our hero really turns a maddy, daily connects online checks mail every 10 minutes only to be disappointed by absence of any new message. Any mails coming to him will only be from some rubbish groups which he had subscribed earlier.. in dejection, he unsubscribes from all groups. But the mail he was expecting was not to come. As every thrilling story goes , here too the mail which our heroine composed did happen to reach the hero’s mailbox but as luck had it, due to his junk mail settings, bfore the hero cud see it, it gets moved to trash and ultimately deleted. In the meanwhile our heroine also falls in love with our hero. As days pass by, the hero’s father arranges for his marriage. As usual the hero opposes to it strongly, but the greedy father goes on with the plans to get him married with a girl whose father is the md of a website hosting provider. As dowry, the girl’s father promises 2 gb of webspace and 24 hour free 1.5 mbps broadband internet to the hero’s father.. our hero however is uninterested in this, but he crumbles under pressure of his father, who emotionally blackmails his son, saying that the hero’s sister needs atleast 100 mb webspace to test her b.e project in .NET and he does not have enough money to pay for it. So the hero accepts to this marriage and the marriage day comes. Not wilig to give hope even at this stage he goes and check mails. The traffic was very slow and alas still the hero’s mailbox was empty . a very angered hero shuts down the computer and just as the computer was shutting down the messenger said a new mail received……………. Hero’s eye flashes..unbelievingly he again connects to net to see what was the mail…………. Voila…it is the heroine’s mail……………he got it he got it……………. He jumps in joy and his joy knew no bounds as outside the room he sees the heroein who also had been in search of hero..they marry and live happily surfing the net…

Saturday, September 10, 2005


[ Mr.X : is the detective of the famous ABC Detective company, guduvancherry branch.. Miss.Y is his associate.. they are currently engaged in solving a murder case]

Miss.Y : Whom do u think might have done this murder sir?

Mr.X : : who knows???

Miss.Y : you are supposed to do that and that wat you have studied spending more than six lakhs in USA

Mr.X ::shut up, even my father who spent that amount havent questioned me. who are u to question?

Miss.Y : I am your assistant dear X

Mr.X ::how dare u call me by my name

Miss.Y : I suppose your parents kept that name for calling purposes only

Mr.X ::you are supposed to call me as Boss

Miss.Y :oh Mr.X, if i call you boss, i get the feeling that you are the leader of an underground mafia gang. O.K... I shall call you boss..but one condition. you should completely shave your head. Only then I will feel comfortable calling you boss

Mr.X ::Grrr.........I am going to fire you

Miss.Y :cool it X, you dont have that power.. I got this job thru strong recommendation from this company's top executive. If I wish, I could remove you from this job easily thru the same guy.

Mr.X :: sheez.. i have to work with these kind of fellas

Miss.Y : err..execuse me..wat were u saying

Mr.X ::nothing Miss.Y nothing...

Miss.Y : athu...! o.k coming to the point, who do u think is the culprit behind this murder

Mr.X :: actually i dont know...

Miss.Y : Mr.X be serious

Mr.X :: hey i am serious only. if u want me to be more serious,then I should be in ICU unit lying serious

Miss.Y : good for the detective society

Mr.X :: come again??

Miss.Y :oh nothing Mr.X.. tell me wat difficulties you have in solving this case

Mr.X :: YOU...

Miss.Y : what??

Mr.X :: meant to say you have to first understand the clues given to us by police. They are disjointed. I couldnt come to any conclusion

Miss.Y : But i've come to a conclusion

Mr.X ::what conclusion. tell me...

Miss.Y : you are a criminal waste for solving criminal cases. it is high time I take up the mantle

Mr.X :: what do u mean?

Miss.Y : I mean you have to resign this job and hand over the responsibilities to me. here sign this resignation letter

Mr.X : : I cannot sign this letter

Miss.Y : oh you are a kainaatu case?? dont worry. i have stamp pad put down your thumb impression in this letter...

Mr.X : : i wont do this... i wont resign

Miss.Y : Miss.Y will not listen to silly things.. (in RED Ajith style) Miss.Y will give a time for everything... (suddenly raises her voice to high pitch) BEFORE IT STOPS RAINING

Mr.X :: what would u do if i dont do still

Miss.Y : dont worry. Miss.Y will give extra time too in that case.... atleast (high pitch again) BEFORE THE WET PLACE OUTSIDE GETS DRIED

Mr.X : : hey Y,...come on yaar..let us have a deal..allow me to solve this case alone. this would be my final case

Miss.Y : hmm..okay this should be your final case. hereafter you shouldnt solve any more case

Mr.X :: dont worry hereafter i wont solve briefcase also

Miss.Y :good boy, come on let us try to solve the case

Mr.X :: o.k this is the case our client's friend has been found murdered in his room.

Miss.Y : so he wants to find the killer to avenge his friend's death

Mr.X : : he wants to find the killer, not for revenge but to thank him

Miss.Y : WHAT??

Mr.X :: yes, he wanted to kill his friend anyway for he has to repay a heavy loan to him, but couldnt do due to fear of imprisonment. now he wants to thank that killer and award him cash prize..

Miss.Y : oh is this wat they call " A friend in need is a friend indeed"