Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Thotti Jaya - Part I (Pirated version)

Jimbu, the little super star, is our hero in this film. Jimbu’s life time aim is to become a Superstar somehow, just like the other current bunch of heroes. So as a first step he does all weird things which he feels as ishtyle not caring whether ppl actually like it or not. He works as a edupudi, (servant who does odd jobs) in a Tea kadai. When the Tea Master is not available , Jimbu himself will prepare tea / coffee and in one such occasion the opening song lead comes up.

“Kalakkuven kalakkuven, Sugar pottu kalakkuven, Paalai oothi kalakkuven paaru,
kuzhappuven kuzhappuven water serthu kulappuven, coffee pottu kalakkuven paaru”

Jimbu does all finger ishtyles with the coffee tumbler during the course of song At the end of the song though, he wud been spilled the coffee all over. (And how he gets dose from the master is a separate story)

Over a period of time though Jimbu realizes that mere styles would never help achieve superstar status. He needed to do something special to achieve that. Poor man, he doesn’t even know how to make a special chaaya, leave alone doing anything else special. Hence he decides to analyse the track record of how Super stars have developed. On research he found out that in general, top heroes would either be very innocent guys who doesn’t even know how to have a lolly pop but will fight 1000 ppl single handedly in climax or they would be some kind of thug who does all kinds of criminal activities till 10 mins but in the end would be glorified by people and police. Jimbu preferred to be a thug and hence he also worked as a part-time adiyaal to his Tea Master. His job would be to collect the money from people who have created accounts in his Tea shop.

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