Monday, September 26, 2005

Thotti Jaya - Final Part (Pirated version)

Jimbu decides it is no use arguing with Sonaachalam any more and time for him to get into action. So that night he enters Sonaachalam’s house and kidnaps Jaya. He takes Jaya to Thotti’s house (Kuppai Thotti thaan). He decides to get them both married. Hence he gets a new dog-chain, which Thotti ties around Jaya’s neck. At this moment, Sonaachalam’s henchmen, who come in search of Jaya, are shocked to see this “marriage”. In anger, they attack Thotti, but Jimbu falls before Thotti and Jaya and receives all the beatings himself, at times manages to give them one or two beatings as well. Meanwhile Thotti and Jaya run away from that place using this opportunity.

The next day, Jimbu’s friend Viboothi (cousin brother of Sandhanam) comes to visit him at the village hospital. He asks Jimbu “why should he indulge in something not important to him and get hurt like this”. Jimbu replies to this, “ Ha, whatever it is, I have achieved my aim. I have united a love pair.. Now I am a local hero, soon I will unite more lovers and become STD hero and subsequently an ISD Hero.. hahaha”. Viboothi is stunned at his reaction. “nobody can change u da, ok . meet u later. Take care. Bye”.

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

You have done good job esp last paragraph.. viboodhi & ISD / STD :))))

lilsweetdevil said...

Kudos to creativity!! Very interesting and funny! Keep up the good work ;) Very educative indeed.. People now can differentiate between Rewritable Disc and a Non rewritable one ;)