Friday, September 05, 2008

"A" For Apple

It is prithz who has tagged me this time... intha maathiri tag nu vanthathan blog panrathukke mudiyuthu :) illati ore somberis of india than.... :D, so here goes the tag


The Tag name is A for Apple
Give preference for regular sites
Ignore your own blog

P.S : I had been an avid surfer of net for the past 9 years or so.... athunala sila olddddie sites (some sites which is not active anymore or which i am not visiting much) mention pannuven..makkal tension aaga koodathu :)

- +2 la 70% mattume marks eduthuttu veetukku pona enkitta en amma ketta mudhal kelvi, intha mark ku annauniversity la seat kidaikkuma pa nu (with real innocence and curious for her son)...enaku semmmaiya feelings aayiduchu... so UG padicha naalu varusham college ku anna univ vazhiya pogumbothu ore ekkathoda paarthuttu irupaen... :) UG mudichittu, GOD's grace, PG degree, ithe Anna Univ la padikkira opportunity vanthappo, the pride and sense of satisfaction i felt was soooo immense.... athunalaye this site was soo special for me... :)

- B nu naan en address bar la type pannina, athu intha oru site visit panrathuku mattum than :)

- Vani's blog....used to write sooper stories once upon a time...updating frequency kurainjaalum, whenever she writes a post, she writes it with full of enthu
- After Chennai implemented CAS and Cricket telecast lam buss aana, pinnadi, cricbuzz site than engaluku heaven maathiri... the ball by ball update is much faster than cricinfo..and what makes it much more interesting is the live chat thatz being provided in the side... Namma close friends kooda Suda suda milagai bajji saaptutu chepauk stadium la T20 match paartha enna excitement kidaikkumo antha excitement thara koodiya site... ippolam even when the match is available for telecast in the channel, i prefer following the match in Cricbuzz :)
- Am a long time rediff chatter...and a chatting experience of around 6 years there :) variety of friends and variety of experience, i cud say, in a way, Rediff chat was instrumental in shaping up my personality...... improving it and improved my attitude.... ippo oothi mooditanga andha chat aiye.... GTalk or YM not withstanding, public chat in always rocked.......

- Neat and decent gift mart site... Singapore gifting sites laye oralavu economical and that offers good range of gifts na athu intha site nu sollalam
- Sila samayam yaar kooda na chat pannitu irukkumbothu tak nu oru azhagana vaarthai thonum..aana artham than theriyaathu.... udane intha site poitu athoda meaning, usage lam paarthuttu, chat la use panni asathida vendiyathu than :)

Divya's site - - Advice Aunty Ambujam oda site ithu..... :)

- This blogger is a genius gal.... visit panni ava blogs ah padinga..ungalukke puriyum.....about her writing skills

- namma romie is a columnist in this website.. athunala i will visit here appappa.....
- around 9 years ago, much bfore the advent of gmail, this mail server was the lightest and fastest mail service available...


G for Google - I was a reluctant user of Gmail initially.. but now... the Google family than enakku internet la sagalamum

Mail - Gmail
Chat - GTalk
Blog - Blogger
Time pass - Orkut
Picture - Picasaweb

and the omnipotent and the ubiquitous Google for all search engines..... been a google user from the early days of Google... (some where around late 1999 nu ninaikaren)
- one of a best friend's blog..she doesnt blog much these days (or for that matter, she never had blogged much since she started blogging :p) but she has her own way of writing... and one particular piece of story written by her was just awesome....

- Ennoda mudhal mudhal mail id was created in hotmail....... (way back in 1998 i suppose :D), antha email id was it was so much of pride those days, having an email id.... :D create pannina, 3 months login pannama iruntha id poidum nu enakku appa theriyaathu...but hotmail was like my early days in the i have fond memories when i think of this link :)

Harish's site -
- Vaarthai jithan...and many a times my inspiration to several posts.... serious ah aarambichu appuram curious ah kondu vanthu kadseela hilarious mudikkara vithai harish ku kai vantha kalai :)
oru kaalathula, i will visit this site often to acquire knowledge :), this is an online encyclopedia nu sollalam, avvalo information irukkum

- When i first made a reservation for train tickets using this site, i was feeling so happy, that i saved a lot of time for my father, in getting these tickets booked online rather than having to wait at the railway station queue.. but ippo most of the ppl ithula matum than book panraanga...making the life of so many citizens standing in the queue, difficult...

one more drawback booking tickets online is.... if u miss a train for some reasons, u will not get any refund with an online ticket... experienced this fate atleast twice so far :(
- has always been my source for news anytime.........

- phone from PC site...

actually J la not much websites coming to my mind... but naan enoda email la naan J nu type pannalae sister email id varum..... so J antha vagai la sollalam... :)

- Saga KK's blog... thalaivar blog panrathillae these days

- Azhagazhaga stories ezhutharathilayum sari, or like in early days, chronicle of her day to day life ezhutharathilayum sari, the richness, the sweetness, the beauty of words and the soul behind each of her post chanceh illatha oru delightful experience....

N - the name of this mail server was naan ithulayum oru account vachirunthen..once upon a time

O - orkut provided a new way to link with long lost relationships, friendships etc.,
- (Logic 1 - one, starting with O :D) - I wanted to mention this site this is one of my most favorite.... ever reliable site to send e-greetings........ has a variety of options to choose from and sila wordings lam so apt ah irukkum....

- My manaseega guru in blogging... Prabhu had been my long time TFM page (willl come later in this post) friend.... prabhuvoda blog posts and the numerous blog links from his sites paarthu than naan blog pannave aarambichen
- Wishing for someone, and taking pleasure in celebrating for some one requires a big heart...and G3 has it is in loads.... but akka en ipa blog panrathillae therila...


Ramya's site -
- Roam Roam Romie yoda blog.... she can adorn her post with lovely narration and can decorate it with marvellous words.... Girl with loads of talents............ site black and white ah irunthalum, post ovvonum colorful ah irukkum.... courtesy her choice of words and subjects for the post

- Gillie yoda blog.... perukketha maathiri super blog thaan...
- en friend oda blog... complex words lam pottu, puriyatha maathiri ezhuthuva...aanalum nalla ezhuthuva :)
- appapa intha site poitu en blog ku yaar vanthaanga nu therinjukkarathula romba aarvam enakku :)
- This is inactive now, but oru kaalathula i was an active vistior to this site :)

- Tamil torrents site, movies, music ethunaalum inga irukum
- Very long association with this site.... being an ardent ARR fan, i had been a regular visitor to this tamil film music discussion page... matha MDs fans oda arattai, sandai ellam nadakkum ingae... this is the place where most famous blogger like prabhu, praveen, magix ivangallam uruvananga... It had been a fun and a very good experience at this site

- oru mobile vaangrathukula intha site pala thadavai visit panni marubadi marubadi paarthen :)

- If you want to see an ardent blogger, who religiously updates her blog regularly, look no further than visithra :)

- To update my system with the latest patches from microsoft

- where else to visit for videos... ultimate time pass site :)

- Gift site...

Actually i found it difficult to recollect the names of sites for all the alphabets....yosichu paartha, i shud attribute it to my addiction to Google..ethu thevai naalum Google vazhiya ve poittu irukarathai kammi pannikanum :)

I would like to tag Lalli, Romie (Sagittarian) and Divya (manasukkul mathaapu)

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Forever - with Love

It is a long time since i had posted. Some stories are in the pipeline, but the line is kind of blocked, so could not get the story flowing. :) Execuses for the same. I thought I will break my long sojourn with blogging with a post on the day I cherish the most :)

What fun in life without Love... It is love that makes our life beautiful, It is love that makes any relation stand out among all others........ and it is love that makes any festival a special one. Raksha bandhan - is one such festival, which strongly bears the signature of the Indian Tradition. This, imho, is the day when Girls honor a guy they lovingly respect, and from whom they can always expect.

A sisterly relation is one of the most beautiful relation in life. It is unique in its own way it makes your responsible, at the same time lovable..... You stand up for them on their behalf, or you can help them seek their better half. Knowingly or unknowingly, sisters are the one who groom you to be a better groom for your bride. For a girl, a real brother is one, who is always there for her, care for her and when needed also dare for her. As far as I am concerned, I may not entirely be like this, but definitely I will try to be like one... :)

I pray and wish for all the sisters who had sent me rakhi... Heart felt thanks to all those DEAR sisters :)

Monday, April 21, 2008

Jumping in Joy

Normally I am the kind who enjoy watching others enjoy.. jumping, dancing etc.,.. For the sake of dignity :D and keeping my good boy image, i refrain from doing it..although i encourage ppl to do such stuffs....

But yesterday was an exception..... It was ARR show...ARR all the way...To talk about the arrangement, it cant get worse than that.... Imagine yourself immersed in the wave of people, not having enuf place to even stand, forget about sitting...and with sultry air, booing and shouting crowd...But then....this is an ARR show..and when ARR weaves his magic, you forget everything else.... I've heard of phrases, Jumping in Joy....but alas I was doing just that along with thousands of people gathered at St.George ground.... Nothing else mattered when the sheer joy of Rahman's music and the bliss of watching A.R.Rahman performing live....

I am no voracious writer to narrate the concert, Also there was just too much to say.... It is one kind of an experience.....Words cant do justice to that....It is something that is to be experienced :)

Ella pughazhum oruvan oruvanukke... Rahman might refer to Almighty, but the stealer of show yesterday was the mighty Rahman :) More than anything else, the feeling of "I-was-there-to-watch-ARR-on-stage" made me feel more cheerful...such is the power of the man... :)

Thanks to Ramya,Sandhya,Aravind and Ayshu for the tickets... :) and thanks to ARR community for the concert pics :)

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Kaadhal Neethana !!! - COMPLETED

P.S - Ithukku Rendu rendu part than... second part ezhuthale..within this weekend ezhuthanumnu irukkaen :D

Warning : once again, intha story la vara niraya terms, Software makkal than purinjukka mudiyum... thappa eduthukatheenga others :D

Warning 2: I like CHO's writing style very much...oru flow la ezhuthittu irukkumbothu sometimes he digress and expresses his opinion and then comes back to the story.... not that i followed his style here...but i tried a bit of that :)

UPDATE: Sorry for the enormous delayyy… Thanks to GG, Divya for constantly checking :D. For a story sense I have renamed the hero’s name to Sri from his earlier name.

Click here to read the IInd part directly

"Success!!! Success!!! Mission Achieved"

Project leader Ramki punched in the air in joy and the team (Test lead Kishore, tester Sampath, developers Priya, Sri endra Sridhar, Ranjith and Rohini ithaanga team ppl...thani thani ya intro kodutha kadhai pathu muzham vanthudum :D) who gathered around him joined in the celebrations by clapping their hands...Indha celebrations paarthuttu ithellam etho Rocket launching center layo, illa etho Scientific Research center layo nadakkaratha ninaichukatheenga... This scene happens in our very own Chennai in a software company. Matter onnum illa...The day was Wednesday, Project ku weekly delivery day. Athaan from the morning maangu maangu nu velai parthu, oru vazhiya after many builds and rebuilds, code ah pack panni onsite ku deliver pannitu, onsite co-ordinator ku mail anupi vachittu than intha celebration.... Semma tired ah feel panravangala appapa fired up panrathukku ippadi weird ah celebrate panrathu oru chinna pazhakam avlothan..

"sari sari podhum unga celebrations lam..." Project Manager Ramanathan thannoda cubicle la irunthu enthirichu vanthaar... "Deliver panniyaachu la...Ellorum veetuku kilambunga.... Time is 10 to 12... 12'0 clock CAB ah pidichathane veetukku seekiram poga mudiyum..mmm.mmm...seekiram kilambunga..Ramki make sure that ppl leave as early as possible” sollitu Ramanathan avar veetukku kilambinar...

Test lead Kishore, Ramki pakkam vanthu "paarthiya da Ramki, namma Ramu ku than team members mela evvalo karisanam.... kalai la irunthu aththai panniya iththai panni ya nu egathukkum torture koduthuttu irunthaaru..."

Ramki, "ada machaan athu illada... inniku anuppara delivery la irukkara bugs lam nalaikku onsite la irunthu anupuvanga la..athai fix panrathukku ellorum vanthudanum la..athan karisanam ponguthu avarukku"

Kishore, "sariya sonnae maams...Call center makkal kooda paravalla... Iravinil aatam, pagalinil thookam nu avangalukku life oduthu..nammala mathiri pasanga pozhappu than ippadi aayiduchu.... Christopher North ippo irunthiruntha Sun never sets in a software company nu sollirupaar"

Ramki chuckled..appo Rohini interrupted in their convo to ask, "sari annanungala.. unga mokkais lam kaalai la vachukkonga.. naangalam kilambattuma..thookam varuthu?"

Kishore "ei rohini...athan thimingilame sollitu poiduchu la kilambunga nu..appuram en intha sura meen kitta ketkare... Kilambu ma..."

Rohini "priya..vaa vaa.. Car poyida poguthu..vaa naama kilambalam..Dei Ranjith nee vare la" kettutu Rohini leaves with Priya...Ranjit, "aama sec iru...system shut down pannitu varen" nu sollitu Ranjith kilambaran...

Ramki "sari vaada..naamalum kilambuvom...aama enga un tester Sampath...inga than irunthan, tak nu kaanama poitaan"

Kishore, "athu onnum illada...etho namma onsite aadhiseshan kaalai la oru doubt kettirunthaan..athuku reply panni mail anupittu kilambaren nu solitu avan cubicle poirukkan avlothan.....sari antha chinna paiyan Sri engae"

Ramki..."therila da Restroom poiruppan ninaikkaren...sari nee bike la thaane vanthirukke...enga veetu la mariyathaiya drop pannitu po...ECR road la polaam"

Kishore.."machan...athu ECR road ah irunthalum Easy ah na Road illada bike la porathu night la..vaa naamalum CAB laye poidalam.."

"Hmm..sari ok..then lets run..." monitor ah switch off pannitu Ramki started with Kishore

Sampath mail anupichittu thirumbi varumbothu antha idame silent ah irukku, as everyone had left... Sri mattum avan place la utkarnthu monitor ah ye paarthutu irukkan.. He approached him

Sampath: Dei maaple... ellorum kilambittanga.. nee mattum kilambama enada pannitu irukae?

Sri remained silent... Sampath avan pakathula vanthu paarkiran... Sri mugathula oru depressed look...

Sampath: dei Sri..enna aachu unakku..oru maathiri irukkae...ennada sogam... kaalaila namma thimingilam thittinathu ninaichu feel panriya... managers na apadi thane..ithukkelam feel pannalama?

Sri: cha athellam illada..

Sampath: oh oh..inniku build la nee panna module la ethum bugs varum nu kavalai padariya??

Sri: ada che... unakku intha project, software, office ithellam vittutu out of the box thinking eh varaatha

Sampath: hehee..enakku Black box, White box testing than soli koduthaanga..athennada Out of the box... :D..sari sari machi muraikkathe... enna matter... en intha sogam

Sri: hmmmm...(takes a deep breath)... machaan..konja naalave ore feelings da...sariya sappida mudiyale..thoonga mudiyale...

Sampath: yaaruda unnai disturb panra antha ponnu

Sri: deii......eppadi da oru ponnu than ennoda intha sogathukku karanam nu kandupidichae..nee genius da

Sampath: mannangatti... unnai maathiri 20-25 age group la ulla pasanga, naatai pathi, nammala suthi irukkara makkal pathi ya ninaichu kavalai pada poreenga..ungala feel panna vaikkira ore vishayam oru ponna than irukka mudiyum..sollu yaaru antha ponnu..

Sri: hmm....solraen...namma team Priya irukka la..ava thaan

Sampath: adappavi......ennada solrae..nijammava...

Sri : aama da...avaloda kuzhandhai mugam, eppavum smiling ah irukkara face, ellorukkum help pannanum nu ninaikara character, pesunaale paadura maathiri irukkara ava kural

Sampath: dei dei paarthu da...jollu kottuthu

Sri: machaan..mudiyala da... eppa paarthalum ava thinking ah ve irukku da... she is disturbing me so much da...ava thought vanthaa...appadiye enai naan maranthu poidaren... ava kannai paartha, enakku appadiye appdiye lightning struck aana maathiri aayiduthu....avalai pathi ninaichitte irukkanum nu thonuthu da..

Sampath: hmm hmm... konjam overaa than eri pochu nu ninaikaren unakku :)

Sri: poda...evvalo kashtama iruku theriyuma enakku...I am trying to avoid seeing her during office hours for fear of getting over emoted..aanalum mudiyala da... face kaati koduthudumo nu bayama iruku..enakku mugamudi pottuka therila...athunala mugatha moody ah irukkara mathiri vachikkaren...infact appapo namma thimingilam Ramu illena sura meen Ramki ivanga thittarathu vasathiya iruku...intha veshathukku

Sampath: hmmm da.. I can understand ur feelings and pain da... en da unakkulaye vachu kashta padare..sollida vendiyathu thane ava kitta

Sri: athu thaane bayame.. ennathan manasula intha kaathal ngra feeling baarama irunthalum, avala pathina dream appappo aarthala iruku... ava kitta naan solli oru velai ava reject pannita....... haiyyo athu ithai vida periya baarama irukkum da machaan..

Sampath: nee enda appadi ninaikare... probably avalukkum pidikkalam la..

Sri: pssst...nambikkai illada.. naan podhuva girls na avvalava pesurathu kidayathu.. aarambathula training la irunthappo, romba shy ah irunthathala, priya ulpada, yaaru vanthu pesunalum sariyave pesama avoid pannirukaen...athaan paaren namma team la ellar kittayum jolly ah gala gala nu pesara ponnu, enkitta avvalava pesa maata..inga pakkathula Ramki kitta adikkadi doubt ketka vara ponnu...intha pakkame paarkama, kandukkama poiduva... inimael ava kitta pesi, friendship aagi, opinion create panni....vidinjidum

Sampath: already vidinjiduchi :) machaan..time is 1 am already...

Sri : podaa.. ipadiye pala nights intha love success aaguma, failure aagiduma nu yosichu thoongama irunthirukaen..

Sampath: sari da..sari da serious ah ve ketkaren... enkitta solli te la naan unakku help panren da love success panrathukku

Sri : ennada panna pore...

Sampath: cinema la hero friend lam hero ku enna idea kodupan....heroine kitta vambu pana oru rowdy ah set up panni, antha idathula hero va fight panna vachu, opinion create pannra maathiri idea koduppan la

Sri: athukku?

Sampath: athe maathiri...naan thane ava module testing panraen..athula design side ah paaru thappu thappa niraya bug pottudaren...ava HTML la konjam weak...nan solrathu nijammave bug ah nu kooda paarka theriyaathu... Ramki kum sariya kandippa unkitta than varuva doubt ketka... avalukku nee help pannina un mela oru image varum..athai vachu love valarthukko

Sri: dei donkey... nalla kodukkirae da uruppadatha idea.. unkitta kettaen paaru.... reebok shoe ah laye ennai adichikkanum...

Sampath: sari da sari da feel pannathe..ennoda range ku idea sonnaen avlothan..

Sri: poda dubukku..naane paarthukaren...

Sampath: kizhichae... nee murali maathiriye silent ah irunthu appuram arali vidhaya araichu kudichiduvae... naan solraen kelu... sariya thappo...ava kitta propose pannidu, aanathu aagatum

Sri: dei machaan..ennada solrae

Sampath: aama da..athu than ore vazhi...vidinja Valentine's day...Feb 14.. sentimental ah correct ah 12 manikku un love ah nee first time velila open pannirukae..indha naalai vittudathe...inike greeting koduthu avalukku propose pannidu..illena evanavathu munthikka poraan..

Sri: dei avasara paduthathe machaan.... enakku amaiyara vaazhkai thana amaiyum da

Sampath : poda dubukku... machaan...Vazhukkai thaan da thanaa amaiyum...Vaazhkai lam naamala than amaichikkanum.... u give a try on val's day man... work out aagum

Sri: eppadi da nadakkum nu solrae??

Sampath: kandippa nadakkum.... Independence day anniku konjam kooda desiya unarve ilama kavunthu paduthuttu thoongara makkal kooda, Kaadhalar thinam anniku semma kaadhal unarvoda iruppanga.. anniku ne poi priya kitta propose pannina work out aagara vaaipu irukku..adhuvum illama weekly delivery project nammathu... ithula Thursday than konjam relaxed time..Friday la irunthu next Wednesday varaikkum, adutha build semma tension ah pogum..pesarathukku time eh irukkathu...So make or break tomorrow...

Sri: sari da.. nee solrathum correct u than... let me get things clear.. enakku en feelings ah kattu padutha mudilae..athuvum ava ramki kitta vanthu vanthu pesumbothu, psst..enakku pidikkalai da..romba posessive ah feel panraen...i know it is wrong...but i cant help this...anyway....u have given me a glimmer of a hope.. kandippa naan nalaikku propose panraen... sari vaa naama veetukku kilambalam

(With this resolve, Sri and Sampath leaves for the day....)

Next day…. Actually same day than...Sri yum Sampath um Thursday athigaaaaaalai 1 manikku thane kilambinaanga… sari, Logically speaking, thoongi enthirucha than oru naal mudinju adutha naal aarambikuthu nu vachukalam… apdiye paarthalum Sri ku athu same day thaaan..avan than night full ah thoongave illiyae…. Priya kitta thannoda love ah propose panna porom ngra ninaippu avanukkulla semma excitement undaaki vittuduchu….. Priya Yeah solvaala, illa poya nu solvala nu ore tension.. Fears apart, romba naala suppress panni vachiruntha love ah Priya kitta express panna porom ngra feeling avanoda udambula ovvoru cells aiyum excite aaki vittirunthathu…. Excited state la irukkara atoms ah LASER state nu solvom la, appadi paartha, namma Sri anniku oru Super LASER state la than irunthaan… purandu purandu paduthalum, thookam vara maatennu murandu pidichitte irunthathu… athanala 6 manikku lam enthirichu, kilambi, 8 am ku lam office ku ready aagitan…

Office ku pogara vazhi la, oru gift shop ku poitu ethuna greeting card vangalam nu paarthan Sri… He was of the view, that 8 am was too early for a gift shop to open…. Oru doubt oh da than kilambinaan… But he was surprised, when he saw so many gift shops opened and that too crowded by lover guys and wanna be lover guys… Athu sari… intha maathiri nalla business nadakkanum nu thane, intha maathiri hype kilappi vitturukkanga… appuram en early ah thiranthu vaikka maatanga…. 24x7 timing la yae thiranthu vachiruppanga, inniku Valentines day ku irukkara public support ku… innum indha day anniku Govt leave vidarathu onnu mattum than baaki…. Oralavu decent ah na kadai kulla nulainju irunthathu la oru Greeting Card ah pick up panni eduthuttu vanthaan…. Aduthu love Gift ku romba thevaiyana Roses than avan enga thedinaalum kidaikkave illae... sari love proposal ku roses ah vida, ezhuthara Proses thane mukkiyam nu thannaiye console pannitu office ku kilambi poidaran

Time was 8:30, Few staffs mostly, the house keeping people and the other project ppl were in office at that time..athuvum Sri project la the previous day overnight work pannathunala, ppl will start coming only after 10 or 10:30... athu varaikkum thaniya tension oda eppadi utkarnthirukkarathu nu yosicha Sri, Sampath ku call pottan....

Ring went on the other side, kittathata after 10 rings, Sampath picks up the call

Sampath : Hello.. (in a feeble voice)

Sri : ennada pannitu irukae

Sampath : (yawn) thoongitu irukkaen da..

Sri : adinga...hurry up da..innum enna thookam..kilambi office vaada...

Sampath: dei manasaatchi irukka da unakku... 2 ku thaan da en veetukku vanthaen... athukkula ezhuppi ethukku da thookathai kedukkare.. onsite aadi seshan phone pannana.. nethikku nama anupicha thula ethum prachinaiya ?

Sri : vayitherichala kottatheda.. athai pathi yaaru kavalai patta... nee thaane inniku en love ah propose panna sonnae... etho oru thairiyathula prepare pannitu vanthirukkaen..tensed ah iruku da.. konjam company kodukka vaada

Sampath: nu vanthutta, office velai ekkedu kettu ponalum kavalai pada maatengalae...podaanga... unakku love propose panrathukkelam ethukku da company... neeye yosichu ethuna pannuda.

Sri : dei dei bayama irukku da..ithellam enakku romba pudhusu da...

Sampath : naan mattum enna 5, 6 ponnungalai love panitu, naan avanillai nu sollitu irukaena.. poda loosu... love la mattum yaarum apprentice ah iruka kodathu da.. entha prachinai vanthalum affront with ease ah neeyae samaali

Sri : Guruuuuuuu..paarthiya...intha maathiri encouraging ah pesarathukke nee venum da.. dei maaplae... nee kulikka kooda venaam... inniku valentines day nu avanavan kanda kanda scent ah pottutu eh naaruthu... so appadiye kilambi vaa..

Sampath: aaargh..kaalangrathla kadichu en thookathai keduthuttae... unnoda thollaiya pochu...sari vidu.. varen innoru 15 mins la....

Sri : thanks da..nee than da en uyir nanban...

Sampath: aama naan uyir nanban..nee uyirai edukkira nanban.... phone ah vai..

Sri phone ah cut pannitu, Priya ku nu vaangina greetings la ethuna ezhuthi kodukalame nu ezhutha aarmbikiran....yosichu yosichu ezhuthinathula time ponathe therila.... Sampath Office ku vanthu avanai ulukkina pinadi than Sri thannoda dream world vittutu intha world kullaye vanthaan...

Sampath: dei loosu ennada panrae?

Sri : hehe.. en aalu ku propose pannanum la..athukkaga oru chinnatha kavithai ezhuthinaen da..

Sampath: enda project ku code eh nee net la irunthu eduthu copy paste panni than poduvae.. ithu eppadi

Sri : sonthama ezhuthinaen da... meyyalumae...

Sampath: kodu, padichu paarkalam...

[Sampath reads out the poem Sri had written for Love Proposal]

pen mayilae...
un penmaiyilae,
mana menmaiyilae,
anbulla thanmaiyilae,
karuvizhi kanmaiyilae,
sarukkinaen naan, en thinmaiyilae,
ulamara unai nesikkiraen unmaiyilae,
sammatham thanthu en vaazhvelam varuvaya en anmaiyilae...

Sampath : ada ada ada..eppadi da eppadi da….. kalakkirukkae po…. Intha poem padicha Priya urugiduva po..un mela

Sri: iru maapu…namakku en intha irumaapu… etho manasula irukkaratha vaarthaiya pottiruken da..avlothan… I didn’t try to add any decorations to this……….

Sampath: rite da rite da..puriyuthu… .sari, all set da machi… poi letter ah koduka vendiyathu thane… Priya ponnu office vanthudicha

Sri: yea yea..da vanthtutta….

Sampath: apuram enda delay panrae.. kondu poi kodu po

Sri:machaan..poru da… konja neram aagatum…..tensed ah irukku da..

Sampath: ennada tense… Present tense la tense aane nu vachukkoyen..unoda future tensed ah ve irukkum….. delay panama un love ah relay pannu po….

Sri: dei mama.. (gets a bit nervous)

Sampath: machii…. Inniku un villain Ramki 11 manikku than varuvaan…avan vanthuttan na un kaariyame kettuthu…either unakku work mela work koduthu utkara vachiduvaan.. illangati antha priya ponnu kitta vazhiya aarambichiduvaan…avan vazhiya munnadi nee propose pannara vazhiya paaru…

Sampath ipadiyaga force panni Sri ya greeting cards oda anuppi vaikkaran avan cubicle ah irunthu…. Sri ku than Ivvalo neram romantic mood la irunthavan tak nu real life ku crash land aana mathiri aayiduchu.. thayangi thayangi Priya cubicle nokki nadanthaan..Eduthu vacha ovvoru step layum avan heart beat, Simbu padathula varra dan danakka beats ah vida semma fast ah adikkka aarambichathu… Priya enna vidai tharuvaa…. piriya vidai tharuvala…illaena avalai vittu naan piriya vidai tharuvala…. Would she or Would she not….. ippadiye nervous ah pala questions sumanthukittu Priya cubicle pakkama ponan… anga cubicle pakkathula iruntha pillar orama poi ninnu, priya ku theriyama ava cubicle la vera yaaravathu antha neram irukkangala nu paarthan…. Oru velai Priya, thannoda letter ah paarthu ethuna extreme ah react panna, mathavanga munnadi maanam pogama paarthukalamae…!!! Ellam oru disaster control measure thaan….

Priya seemed to be busy with something… ava friend Rohini was near her.. Priya va suthi gift wrapper, balloons, greeting card cover, sketch pens lam irunthathu…. She seemed to be writing something in that card….Sri wondered… naan than ivalukku propose panrathukku greeting card oda varen… intha ponnu card ah vachittu enna pannuthu…….. oru velai ivalum Valentines day kaga propose panna poraalo… ninaikkumbothe Sri manasu jollunu…sorry… jillunu :D aayiduchu, because, when he suspected she is writing a Val’s day card, he assumed, she is writing to her… Eppavume namakku heart thane takes precedence over mind… but soon sanity prevailed and his mind started thinking practically…. “oops…appadi na appadi na…. she is going to propose to some one…avalum love panraala…. Yaarai yaarai…” questions swarmed his mind… avanukku help panrathukkagavo ennavo, Rohini ithe kelviya Priya kitta ketta

Rohini : Hey Priya, enna pa panrae.

Priya : (busily writing in the card) mmm..sattiyum, paanaiyum panraen… paartha therilae… Greeting card fill pannitu irukkaen..

Rohini : athu theriyuthu… Gifts, chocolates, Greeting cards…. Ithellam unkitta paarkumbothu rumba Pudhusa irukkae

Priya : (still writing) hmm..hmm..ellam pudhusa than aarambikkum…. Enna panrathu…….

Rohini : sari sari…athelam vidu.. yaarukkaga intha greetings, gifts lam….sollu sollu

Priya: (Rohini ya nimirnthu paarthu, with a smile) en pa..unakku theriyaatha… innaikku enna naal nu (smiles again)… naan marubadi solanuma..

Rohini : heyy..nijammave theriyaathu…….. sollen….

[Sri yum 512 kbps (kilo (heart)beats per second) heart oda answer for the same million dollar question ku wait pannitu irunthaan………… He closed his eyes tightly….and prayed to himself… Priya en perai sollanum..en perai sollanum…en perai sollanum]

As if to add to the suspense, Priya paused for a few seconds and then said with a shy smile

Priya: namma Project Leader Ramakrishnan alias Ramki

[Bang……there it is…. The worst Sri feared has just come out of Priya’s mouth…. As a shocked Sri listened, the convo went on between Priya and Swapna]

Rohini : heyyyy…nijammava……… sollave illiyae

Priya: ithellam poi solitu iruppangala…. Sari sari… help me with wrapping these gift into this oki… I want to surprise Ramki when he arrives in office tomorrow (blushes)

Rohini : periya aalu than nee sariya plan podare po… eppa pa ithellam

Priya : (smiles and blushes) hmmm..hmm athai yen ketkare… pona vaaram project la oru tough module la avar kitta help kettutu ponen la… kittathatta oru 5 hours work panniruppom..appo than.. (pauses..smiles)

Rohini : killadi nee..kalakkare po….

(ippadi ponnunga rendu peru pesittu irukkaratha sogame uruvaa kettutu iruntha Sri ku oru kattathuku mela porukka mudilae… Priya kita propose panna vanthappo, ava enna solvaalo, ethu solvaalo nu bayanthuttu than vanthaan… but human psychology is, when u do something, expecting something to happen, you get tensed and nervous about doing it, but when u realize it is not going to happen, the expectation on that “something” is removed… In that situation, all the tension and pressure gets relieved, and you tend to do the same thing with more vigour… Ithai than Sri Krishnar BhagvatGita la Seiyyum seyal meethu pattru vai, Seyalin vinai meethu patru vaikathe nu artham vara maathiri Kadamaiyai Sei, palanai ethirpaarathe nu advise panninaar…… , namma story layum egappatta tension la iruntha namma hero Sri ku, Priya-Swapna conversation kettu, mudhalla sogathula idinju poi ninnalum, konja nerathula, ithe maathiri thelivu piranthathu…. Theerkama Priya munnadi poi ninnan)

Sri : (brimming with emotion) Priya, nee intha maathiri Greetings, gifts………. Cha.. unkitta naan ithai ethir paarkave illae

(Priya was like stunned… ithu varaikum avvalava pesaatha Sri ippo thideernu vanthu pesaran, athuvum kobama, but samalichikittu she replies)

Priya : Why, whatz with it… Intha maathiri oru special day la ippadi lam celebrate panna ena thappu???

Sri : irukkalam…aana nee ippadi pannuvaenu naan ethir paarkalae.. unnai paartha romba soft spoken ponnu maathiri theriyuthu… aana nee love la vizhuvae, Valentine’s day anniku greeting, gifts lam eduthuttu, neeye poitu oru paiyanukku thanthu propose pannuvaennu naan ethir paarkave illae..nichayama ethir paarkalae….

(emotion la, romba unarchivasapattu kotti theerkaran Sri)

Priya: hello hello mister wait……. Pesi mudichiteengala…. En sir….. February 14th Greeting card eduthuttu poi oru paiyanukku kodutha….. athu Love proposal ku mattum thaana… en February 14th anniku yaarukkum pirantha naal vara koodatha… appadi vantha avangala yaarum wish panna koodatha???

[Shocked was the reaction… this time it was a pleasant shock!!!]

Sri : enna enna…. Appadina…inniku Ramki ku….

Priya: aama namma PL Ramki ku Feb 14th ah na inniku birthday…. Surprise ah avarukku gift and greetings koduthu surprise pannalam nu naan, Ranjith, Kishore ellarum plan pannom….

[Sri could not believe his ears…. He could not control his tears also….tears of joy]

Sri : oh!!!

[Rohini interrupts]

Rohini : Sari da Sri, apadiye iva Ramki ku Valentines’ day card kodukkarane vachukkuvom…athunala unakku enna….?

[Shaken by this unexpected question, Sri composes himself to answer)

Sri : enna….enna…enna…. I LOVE YOU Priya

[solllitaaan… manasula irunthatha solliye puttan Sri…. No violin music, no drum beats etc.,Rohini becomes speechless, Priya was shocked…and without blinking her eyes replied back]

Priya: whaaaaaaat…. You too???

Sri : you too va… appadina…vera yaar yaaaru unnai Love panraanga Priya?

Priya : ada mandu…. Naan than ivvalo naala ungalai love pannitu irukkaennu ninaichitu irukkaen… neengaluma ennai love panreeenga….

[intha idathula thamthana thamthana music pottukonga… namma hero Sri manasula than intha music…]

Sri : neeya…neeya…neeya pesare Priya… nee ennai love panriya…. Nee adikkadi Ramki place ku than varuviya… oru velai Ramki ya than..athavathu..vanthu..vanthu…

Priya : haha en mennu muzhungareenga…. Naan Ramki place ku, ethavathu karanam vachittu adikkadi varathu unmai thaan…. Aana nee avar place pakkathula irukkarathunala than naan anga varen grathu ungalukku theriyuma… unga kitta pesanum pesanum ninaichu, aana ungalai paarthavudane antha idathai vittu vanthuttathu theriyuma

[Sri was stunned on hearing this… he could only stutter]

Sri: appo..appo… ellar kittayum free ya pesara neee, enkitta mattum ithu varai pesama avoid pannathu…athu..athu…

Priya : haha.. ithu koodava puriyala ungalukku… naan podhuvaga gala gala , sidu moonji kitta kooda jolly ah pesara type..appdi irukkara naan, unga kitta pesa mudiyalai na..appave purinjikka vendaam… ungala paarthavudane ennala mathavanga kitta irukkara maathiri irukka mudilae..athu en nu solla theriyaatha oru vetkam… training batch la paarthathula irunthu, ur quiet ness, ur sharp mind, ur tendency to help others ithellam ennai rombave impress panniduchi… sari ennikana oru naal love ah express pannalam nu vachittu irunthaaen..aana neengale express pannuveenga nu naan kandipa ethir paarkale

[ avlothaan… Sri clean bowled… he is lost for words…all his lips cud mutter is “Priya…” ivanga rendu peroda love dialogue la maathiri nadula ninnutu onnume pesama iruntha Rohini, decency karuthi antha idathai vittu poidara.. ]

Priya : Sri…

Sri: Priii….

[ippadiyaga mathiyana velai la oru software company la ellar naduvulayum intha Romance thodara, Greeting card, Roses, Valentines day nu ethuvume thevai illama rendu hearts exchange nadanthathu… Ellorum Sri-Priya love ku Vaazhga Valarga sollunga paarkalam… naan ippo Subam poda poraen… Nandri Vanakkam…. ]


Saturday, March 15, 2008


Ellorukkum vanakkam... This is a tag post...and am Tagged by namma Rasakka

I am Copy pasting the rules here

In the 8 Facts about Yourself, you share 8 things that your readers don’t know about you. Then at the end you tag at least 8 other bloggers to keep the fun going. Here are the rules.

* Each blogger must post these rules first.
* Each blogger starts with eight random facts/habits about themselves.
* Bloggers that are tagged need to write on their own blog about their eight things and post these rules.
* At the end of your blog, you need to choose eight people to get tagged and list their names.
* Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’re tagged, and to read your blog.****

Hmm..this tag was interesting... First when i saw this point,

>>sharing 8 things that your readers dont know about u,

I pondered on what might be those points that readers doesnt know about me........ Enna sollalam...... Ennai pathi Negative points sollalam na... mind la thonichu.... namma negative ah clean panni, develop pannina positive image kaamikalam(athavathu padam kaamikalam :p) athai vittutu negative ah expose pannina, nallava irukkum..waste ah poidathu? :)....sari pogattum Nallatha ethuna solalam na.. naan vera romba modest ah :D, so I dont like blowing my own trumpet :D.....sari ithu rendum ilama, Sharing 8 things readers dont know about me ethu nu yosicha, enaku enonoda ATM card PIN, Credit card number, Mail password ippadilam nu than thonichu.... kittathatta athai than pottirupen... appuram than cool down aagi... Sari ithu kashtam, rules ah slight ah bend panni, 8 facts ah, 8 incidents nu maathi Autograph type la nyabagam varuthe nyabagam varuthe nu yosichu paarthen..old memories ethuna podalame.. past memories nu yosichu kittathatta poorva jenmame nyabagam vanthiduchi :D, mudinja alavu try panirukken... I hope i satisfy the blog rules :)

1. College I year padikkumbothu oru term exam la (Chemistry) ethuvume therilaya....appathan romba blatant ah copy adichen... pakkathu seat la irunthu paper vaangi... romba guilty ah irunthathu.. but appo oru promise pannikitaen..inimael epavume Xerox copy thavira vera copy um adikka koodathu nu (coffee illa...copy :)) mudinja alavu athai follow um pannirukken nu ninaikkaren...

P.S : Office la panna vendiya work ku, Googling panni code copy paste panni naan code ezhutharathu ithula serthi aagathu :)

2. When I was young (12-14 yrs old) In our apartments, naanga pasanga lam aaluku konjam kaasu pottu (1 Re each), sports tournament nu nadathuvom, among around 6 of us... Running race, Slow cycling ippadi sila events.. and ithula jeyikaravngaluku prize.. Prize enna theriyuma..50 paisa gun, 1 rs ku oru pambaram ippadi lam... It used to be fun and interesting at the same time...Ellam T.V influence thaan :)

3. Athe T.V influence la, cricket vilayadum bothu kooda, rather than having a monotonous cricket matches within ourselves, we used to conduct Triangular tournaments among ourselves (courtesy Sharjah Tournament 1991-92), 6 peru iruntha, 3 teams of 2 person, 9 vantha, 3 persons each nu... It will be two rounds of league matches and one final.... Again this was more interesting than the usual cricket matches...and Summer vacation la laam it was great fun

4. Anyone of u remember Maggi club?? Those days it was there.. If u are under 14, u can be a member of that club...I used to be a very active member of Maggi club..Maggi noodles adikkadi antha wrappers la Maggi logo mattum cut panni, delhi la irukkara avanga office ku post panninom na they will make u a member.. Depending on the number of wrappers u send, they will send u interesting games, board games maathiri irukkum..semma interesting games athellam.. those games were a great hit among my friends in our apartments.... enkitta irunthathu la extra wrappers anuppi I even made some of my friends as members.. Athula en friend kaga one time try pannumbothu, I didnt have enough wrappers in what we did was, we went around our locality, kuppai kottara idama poi, we collected (rather porukkufied :D) maggi wrappers .. appadi kashtapattu member aakirukken avanai... :p

5. Ithuvum chinna vayasula than... in our apartments.. Newyear eve la laam enga apartments la night la ovvorutharum avanga flats munnadi kolam poduvaanga.. Kolam podura Flat sisters ah ottanum nu, naanga pasanga lam ovvoru flat kolathaiyum comment adichu mark pottom (Idea ku 20 marks, Neatness ku 20 marks etc.,) Ippadi Jolly ah ottarathukku nu aarambichathu, Aunties lam serious ah eduthukittu, ippa every year athaiye Kolam contest nu official ah kondu vanthuttanga anga :)

6. Ithu ennoda sontha oor la... We used to go to our native place during my school holidays.. anga ulla friends innoru gang.. enga street friends lam sernthu association nu onnu aarambichom....En friend oruthan veetula 3 pasanga..athula eldest paiyan than first president....antha anna college ponavudane, another senior guy became president.. intha association pinnadi develop aagi, we used to conduct elections lam.. :).. naan leave la mattum than ooruku porathunala naan foriegn secretary..matha posts ku lam election... ballot boxes lam vachu election nadathinom :)... Ithula comedy enna na... nadu la oru time anga president ah iruntha paiyan family kum innoru family paiyanukkum oru sandai vanthu, antha paiyan intha association la irunthu vilagi, he formed a potti association...athula mostly avanga family pasanga than members (they were around 5-8).. ithu serious ah ve pochu... they wont play with us..we wil not be playing with them... arasiyal maathiriye iruku la... but ithellam nijammave nadanthathu... appuram enna aachu na, konja naal kalichu rendu side um utkarnthu pesi merge panninom association ah :)

What we used to do on behalf of the associaton was, enga street ah clean panrathu, library mathiri chinnatha maintain paninathu, apuram street orathu la oru idathula kuppai pottutu asingam pannitu irunthaanga... To clean up that, what we did was anga oru poodam maathiri vachu, we made that as a temple... Temple nu sonna asingam panna maatanga la... athan... Yearly once, antha idathula pongal lam vaippom, with the help of the street residents....

7. When I was 10 years old, we moved to the apartments I was referring to above.. I owe watever positive qualities (atleast the trigger for those positive qualities) I have now to that apartments. Romba romba bekku maathiri irunthaen when I moved there.... Even to start playing with the people there, pakkathu veetu chinna ponnu than kootitu pochu... intha anna vaiyum game la serthu konga nu :D... Appadi irunthu, niraya nalla vishayam enakku la develop aanathuku antha flat than major reason :)

8. Since I was kind of very much an introvert during my younger days and also being a single child, I used to do so many things to myself..rather than share / mingle with ppl.... appadi aarambichu than poem ezhutharen nu solli kirukka arambichathu... Rhyming varathukkaga naan pannina attagasam....haiyyo solla mudiyaathu :D...My first poem was this

(Father to Son)
O my dear son,
your eyes are like sun,
your mind is like a gun,
So please eat this bun.

(Son reply)

O my father,
you dont bother
if you want me to eat this bun
then i wud have to surely run

:D uthaikkanum nu thonutha?? but i liked this "poem" of mine..oru diary onnu maintain panni, i used to write all such stuffs... athuvum mathavanga kitta kaamika bayam.... enga flat pasanga romba nallavanga... naan diary lam POEM nu ezhuthi ulla etho etho kirukki vachirunthathala naan poet nu solla aarambichittanga..without even reading what i had written inside... ippadi vera ethi vida aarambichavudane, kittathatta oru English karadi ya (a.k.a Vijaya Rajendar) suthittu irunthaen in my young age :D

Another sample

My name is subramani,
my heart is like sweet honey,
I care about attitude and not money
Mothathula en baaniye thani...
What's your opinion, tell if any...

:D :D :D

Thanks to Raz...... I really enjoyed writing this post..... re collecting the happy incidents in ur life really refreshes u...and sometimes, ippadi lam irunthirukkena nu I am surprised at myself now... :).. I dont know if any of you like this post or not..but I really liked doing this tag.....

I would like to tag my friends GP and GG.. Happy Tagging guys!!!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Azhagana Chinna Devathai…..

P.S : Another story, this time a new one :D, but sans any P.J or twist or komeedy... There is no turn, just an attempt to keyboard down (i mean "pen down" :D) a simple "Brother-Sister" love story.

P.S -2 : Thanks to Ramya, as the opening para was written by her... I wish I could write the entire story short, elegant in her and few other bloggers' style, but writing a crispier story is definitely not my cup of lime juice (Sorry I dont like Tea :D)..

This is an story written entirely in English with a Tamil title..not that I planned like that, but I couldnt get an apt title than that... That song from Samuthram is my favorite :)


Anand stood in front of the mirror in the wash room, scratching his jaw line lazily… Popping his knuckles, he examined his face carefully in the mirror. Leaning closer, he grabbed his chin and looked more closely at the stubble that was starting to appear on his cheeks...He was a proud man today. It was his D-Day.., Anand - member of his college's elite basketball team, a symbol of macho man…, chance to be every girl's poster boy at college….

It was for this very moment, Anand had been waiting for years. Getting into his college team was no joke as Anand had found it out every time he loses out to the top players in his team during the selection process…. Despite being a captain and a champion in his school Basketball team, Anand was mostly finding himself in the sidelines not being able to make it to the College main team. But, lady luck finally smiled on him this time, as a last minute withdrawal from Kumar, who is the team's short forward, owing to viral fever helped Anand pave his way into the team after 3 years …. Couldn't be a better time than during the State championship, for Kumar to develop viral fever, Anand thought…. Smilingly he looked at his watch….Gosh!!! Time is already 7:30 and he had to report for the mandatory practice today at 10:30 am for the all important state wide tournament. Dilip, the coach of the Basket ball team was very strict on the players and their attendance to the practice sessions. He can even go to the extent of firing the player from the team, if they fail to turn up or not punctual. Bearing this in mind, Anand quickly did with his things and readied himself in a hurry… One two buckle my shoe… three four here comes the star….. Anand whistled in joy as he laced up his brand new Nike shoe….

"Ma!", he called up his mom who was in kitchen busy with her morning chores. "Ma… I am leaving for college for the Basketball practice session. I might be back by lunch…. Buh Bye….Tell Appa and Nivi also"

"Nandhu…." Amma responded from the kitchen, "One minute dear..., I want to talk to you…Can you please hold on".

"Oh…Amma… what is that ….Tell it later no…. I am already late...Can't u keep your stuff later?" Anand groaned impatiently…

"Wait my darling…I would be right there…" Anand's mom hurried to the hall …. "Nandhu.. Where have u started, so early in the day?"

"Huh... Ma, I had told you 1000 times already... I am having my basketball practice session today…your son is now a team member of the College basketball team and is going to be a champion player pretty soon…. "

"Ohh nandhu...thatz wonderful" smiled Amma, paused for a while and continued, "I am so proud of you… But sorry dear, today you got to do something more important than this Basketball practice session, and so you are going to stay home" Amma calmly told with a gentle smile on her face...

Anand was shocked…. "What…. Amma are u crazy...What are u telling??"

Amma continued in the same vein… "You know rite… Your Chithappa's (Uncle -> Father's brother) wedding anniversary today and he has arranged a function at his home. Appa and I need to go there…. You must be aware that your sister Nivetha is having her model exams next week. This is an important exam for her, as this is going to decide what group she can take in her 11th standard next year. Hence she will not be able to come with us…So you need to stay at home and taking care of her. You can go to your practice session on another day."

Anand miffed angrily "Come on ma… don't play….If I skip this practice session, then finished… I would be out of the team…, I am not going to throw away my three year dream for the sake of her stupid exams…. I am leaving…."

Amma, "Nandhu, come on dear,... you should not be talking like that… Please understand the seriousness…There would be so many telephone calls and also many ppl will be ringing at the door. It would be a distraction for her studies if she is going to attend all that… Further you got to understand, your sister would feel uncomfortable studying alone at home….So Take care of her…"

Anand gestured his disapproval by shaking his head, "Nothing doing.. Playing for the College Basketball team is my first preference.. I am not interested in doing a receptionist job sitting at home…I am going to go… Do whatever u want" and started to leave..

"Oh, is that so…", Amma stopped smiling, "Thatz great… let us see how Appa is going to get ur dream bike Pulsar" …

"Ammaaaa!!!!... This is atrocious…… unfair on me" a baffled Anand fumed angrily, as his mother she told in a stern voice and went inside to resume her kitchen duties. But he was unable to protest anymore to his mom for his Amma knew, how much a Pulsar bike means to her son, even more than the College Basket ball team selection. While all his friends raced in style in their 125 cc bikes, Anand had to be content only with his 98' model Bajaj Kawasaki all these days. Only now Appa has given his consent for a brand new Pulsar bike through his mother's strong recommendations. Anand knew when Amma says something she means it and hence he was not able to do anything when she played the Pulsar trump card. If he does not abide by his mom, not only he will lose out the opportunity to get his dream Pulsar, but it will have other repercussions as well…

Anand went inside his room, banged the door with a noise and locked it. He was dejected over not being able to attend the practice sessions. "Nivetha….Nivetha….all 'cause of this girl…...How many things I need to put up as a brother………… It had been like this always….cha…."

Anand was so happy when Nivetha was born fourteen years ago. He longed so much for a sibling, since it was boring being a single child for all of his 8 years and especially because all his friends were having fun with their siblings…. However, the euphoria over Nivetha's entry into his life lasted only a few years, ever since Anand was thrusted with the responsibility of taking care of his sister… Anand had his own reservations about whom to mingle with and who not to, He was proud of himself for being choosy, but Baby Nivetha, with her charming smile, did not seem to bother about all those and got attached with everyone she came across. It became Anand's duty to go around in search of her to every house, around the apartments and to bring her back home…… Irrespective of wherever she is, even if it were to be at his "enemy's" house, Anand had to do that…. He hated doing, but he had to… no other go!!!

As Nivetha grew, Anand's responsibilities also grew. He had to drop her at the school, then pick her up in the afternoon after school hours…If she had any special classes, Anand had to wait till the class ends and then take her home…Akka will never bother about her brother waiting idle for her, wasting the time. She would come leisurely at her own pace, but would fight with him even if he comes a minute late to pick her up. Ohh!!!!!!! She gets so wild when she gets angry with him… The mistake would have never been his, but he would be at the receiving end getting punches and pinches from her….. Even after all this, only Amma would only force him to approach and make up with her

Nivetha created other problems too to Anand…… She was very studious with her studies and always held the first rank in her class. Hence comparisons between his and her studies would become a topic of discussion at home… Anand failed to understand his folks' reasoning…. Given a chance, Anand could score centum in all of Nivetha's second or third standard subjects…. but if little Nivi writes his College exams, can she even score 10 marks??… Then how could she be called as studying better than him….. Why don't these ppl understand…?

"Hmmmmmmmmm"…sighed Anand….. He looked at his watch….It was showing 10:30 am… The practice would have started…. He was not there, rather wasting his time at home... How sad!!!... Anand quickly switched off his mobile, before coach Dilip call him up and blast him for not attending the practice session… He is out of the college Basketball team anyway, then why to hear to all the crap from him, he thought, as he came out of his room to the hall.

The entire house was quiet, Amma and Appa must have left for Chithappa house and Nivetha should be studying in her room… What I would do now, he wondered…. "If she does not have any exams, at least I could play with her or chat with her leisurely….Now if I go and try to talk to her when she is studying, she will surely blast me"…."Man, this is Totally unfair!!…" he thought…"When she had something to say or share, she would tell all that stuff and I would be patiently listening to her, but when I had to tell anything, she will not even have the interest to listen or at times, she would just shut the door and tell She is busy….".

Hmmm….Got bored, he browsed through the day's newspaper. There was nothing interesting in the Sports section that day and Anand was not interested in reading other sections anyhow…. He glanced at the week's Young World section…… Nivetha's article, the one she has sent for the Children's day essay contest was featuring in that issue of Young World. Anand was not interested in reading it…. He had read it several times before it was posted for the contest. The contest asked the contestants to submit an essay on their most valuable person in their life….Nivetha chose to write on her close friend Rathi in her article. He felt she should have rather mentioned about their parents, but then thatz her choice….

As Time passed, Anand felt bored being idle and thought he could peep into Nivetha's room to see what she is doing… So he slipped into her room. Nivetha was in the balcony discussing seriously about the human respiratory system over mobile, with her classmate….. Anand looked around the room…The books were neatly arranged in the book shelf and only two books, which she was studying currently was lying in the studying table…. Compare it to his table, it would have been scattered with so many books, any book even remotely related with the subject he is studying….Nivetha would often chide him for keeping his studying table messy and warned him not to touch hers…Anand would reply "I am just creating the mood to study and that is my way of studying :D"

Anand looked further in the room... He saw a red color diary, half closed with the pen on the last written page lying in Nivetha's bed… It was her diary which she uses to write her poems, drawings, etc that she submits to contests or competitions…… What she could be writing now, during this important exam time, he wondered…… Driven by curiosity, Anand took the diary and looked into the last page which she had left opened…It was the essay "My most valuable Person" and she has written one paragraph for that…. "Oh it is the same stuff that came in the Young World magazine…" Uninterestingly Anand flipped to the previous pages, when he noticed his name in that last page… He was shocked… "Hey, this does not look the same thing which she posted…I read it several times before posting it…", a confused Anand read the passage from the beginning

"My dear Anand anna.. The most valuable person in my life… he is more than a brother, I would say he is my second dad….in that he cares much like our dad does, more lovable bcoz I need not fear him or respect as much as I do to my appa. He tirelessly hears to what I say, advices me a lot even though he know, I would not listen to any of that.... I must say, am proud to be his sis. He, for me, is the best among the best…....

Tears rolled down as Anand was reading through the passage….He did not expect this from Nivetha… He knew that Nivetha has affection for him... but hearing that from her, this was the first time ... Anand never thought feeling something that he already knew, would make him feel sweeter,something similar to when Nivetha was born fourteen years ago…

"Annaaaaaaa", Nivetha's voice brought Anand back to his sense, she had just finished her call with her friend. "Annnnnna...I am so happy to see u here now Anna..."

Anand quickly closed the diary he was reading .…."Ye…s…yess…. Nivetha…., .. how are u doing" he stuttered

"I am doing great na, Amma told you were angry with her for being asked to stay at home for the sake of me…Sorry nandhu na… Because of me you had to stay at home and skip the practice session no..."

Anand quickly shook his head in the negative "Hey never mind pa… I was.... I was actually ok with this…."

"Wowwwwwwww…really?? yes……. Yes… Anna Thanks a lot", Nivetha's face brightened with joy..

Anand just smiled in reply…Usually he would have teased her or tried to irritate her during her exam times…He had always treated Nivetha just like any of his best friends, only difference being she gives him that additional responsibility of taking care of her… Not that he didn't treat her as a sister…It was only that, at times, he felt he was overloaded with the responsibility of a "Brother", especially whenever his Amma thrusts the responsibility on him. But now he felt, for some one so lovable, it is a joy doing anything for them, than a burden. He felt stupid for whining about his sister earlier. Anyway now the ice had broken and had started melting now….

Nivetha continued, "Anyway anna, I will continue studying oki….Every 2 hours after I finish a chapter, we shall chat for some time…. Deal? "

"OK Nivi..done, You carry on, I will time pass by reading some story books", Anand pulled a chair and sat before her

"Sure… …. Anna, You know what…. If you are in front of me, my mind seems to work better… I donno why… It looks like magic.. All this time I was sitting and wondering about my Zoology assignment due for next week. As soon as you came …ideas are flowing… "

Anand smiled, "Nivi darling…come on, don't joke..oki?"

"Hey, I said it straight from my heart anna… seriously!! You don't know how badly I wanted to have you near me while I study…"

Anand was touched by her affection… How foolish of him to even think about as a burden for taking care of her… "How blessed I am to have such a lovable sister… Is it not a pride to be a brother, What more joy than to have a chance to make my angel sis happy!!!" he thought. After a moment of silence, Anand showed the diary he had in hand, and the passage she had written.. "Nivi, what is this you have written here, isn't it different from the one you had posted to Young World"

"Oh..that?... When that contest came up, my automatic choice for the most valuable person was you.... But then I felt our love was very close to my heart that I don't want to publish it publically...and hence I wrote on Rathi, my best friend from pre-KG days"

Anand did not reply to this…. Actually he had no reply to her.…So he just smiled at her in reply...Nivetha continued with her studies and soon, got absorbed into it completely. Anand patiently sat in front of her the entire day and gave her company as she studied meticulously for the exams. Anand used to complain whenever he was forced to give company to Nivetha during her exam preparation, citing it as a waste of time. But today he felt otherwise.. Even though she never took the break she told him, infact she didnt even care to talk with him while she studied, Anand loved every moment of the time he had spent for her, for he had just realized being by the side of a love one, when they need was more important than any other thing in the world!!!

P.S - Today (16th Jan) is Kanu pongal... I would like to dedicate it to my lovely sisters and my dear elder sister :)

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

பொங்கலோ பொங்கல்!!!!

[For those who are unable to read the following in Tamil, for a variety of reasons :) Here is a transliteration in Tanglish :)]

எல்லாருக்கும் வணக்கமுங்கோவ் ... தை பிறந்த இந்நாளில், பொங்கல் என்ற நன்னாளில், அனைவரது வாழ்வும் சக்கரை பொங்கலாய் இனித்திட, உளம் கனிந்த இனிய பொங்கல் வாழ்த்துக்கள் ... Happy Pongal Happy Pongal என்று யாரவது வாழ்த்து தெரிவித்தால் , தமிழ் திருநாளிற்கு ஆங்கிலத்தில் வாழ்த்தலாமா என்று தமிழனின் தமிழ் பற்று பற்றி கட்டுரை எழுத ஆரம்பிக்காமல், வாழ்த்தும் அவரது நல்ல உள்ளத்தை மட்டும் எடுத்துக்கொண்டு நன்றி தெரிவியுங்கள். திமிங்கில தமிழை தமிங்கிலம் (தமிழ் + ஆங்கிலம்) என்ன செய்யும்? வாழ்த்து தெரிவிக்க மொழி முக்கியமில்லை, தான் பெற்ற இன்பம் அனைவரும் பகிர்ந்து கொள்ள வாழ்த்தும் மனம் ரொம்ப முக்கியம்..என்னை பொறுத்த வரை அது தான் உண்மையான தமிழ் உணர்வு :)

ஏதோ என்னால் முடிந்த ஒரு சிறு கவி"தை" :D

பொங்கட்டும் பொங்கல்,
சுவை நிறைந்த இனிய பொங்கல் உங்கள் இல்லங்களில்,
மகிழ்வான இனிய உணர்வு உங்கள் உள்ளங்களில்,
திக் திக் என்ற நிலை மாறி வாழ்வு தித்திக்க,
பச்சரிசி பாகோடு அடுப்பில் உலை கொதிக்க,
அப் பால் பொங்க, மனம் அன்பால் பொங்க
இனிய பொங்கல் நல்வாழ்த்துக்கள்.....

Please pour in your thoughts on the whole Pongal festival, starting from Bhogi, Thai Pongal, Maatu Pongal and Kaanum Pongal... :) Let us celebrate Pongal in its truest spirit and spread the happiness around us :) Nallarukkanum nallarukkanum...ellorum nallarukkanum :)


ellarukkum vanakkamungov... thai pirantha innalil, pongal endra nannalil, anaivarathu vaazhvum chakkarai pongalai inithida, ulam kanintha iniya pongal vaazhthukkal... [Happy Pongal] [Happy Pongal] endru yaaravathu vaazthu therivithaal, tamizh thirunaalirku aangilathil vazhththalama endru tamizhanin tamizh patru patri katturai ezhutha aarambikkamal, vaazhthum avarathu nalla ullathai mattum eduthukondu, nandri theriviyungal. thimingila thamizhai thamingilam (thamizh + aangliam) enna seiyyum? vaazhthu therivikka mozhi mukkiyamilai, thaan petra inbam anaivarum pera vaaztha vendum engira manam romba mukkiyam..ennai porutha varai athu thaan unmaiyana thamizh unarvu :)

Etho ennala mudinja oru chinna kavi"thai"

"pongattum pongal,
suvai niranintha iniya pongal ungal illangalil,
magizhvana iniya uNarvu ungal ullangalil,
thik thik endra nilai maari vazhvu thithikka,
pacharisi paagodu aduppil ulai kothikka,
ap paal ponga, manam anbaal ponga

iniya pongal nalvaazhthukkal"

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Tell Me Why

P.S : One more repost :)I Initially posted it at this blog during March/April 2006. Now made some few changes, edited it and reposting :) Will def come up with a new post from my next posting :D, please put up with me this time :D

Warning: My first attempt at a serious story... This story does not contain any Mokkai, any P.J, not an iota of humor. Those who read this kindly suggest if I shud attempt more serious stories...or it wud be better if i stick to whatever i am doing now :D

"Manju...Manju..." Raghuraman called out for his sweet grand daughter, as he entered into the house. Anand, his son, replied "Manju is not doing well pa. She is sleeping in her bedroom " as he was sipping his evening Tea. "Oh, what happened to my sweet heart?", a worried Raghuraman queried. Anand, "Oh..Nothing Dad, You know rite, our Driver Shekar's house caught fire yesterday and he and his folks got injured?"

Raghuraman: (sighed) Oh yes, poor guy Shekar, he is quite a nice man

Anand : Well yeah, we paid a visit to him at the hospital

Raghuraman : Oh is that so? I could have come with you na.. Had u informed I would have left early from my friend's house

Anand : Well, I wanted to meet him as soon as possible, and hence went to hospital as sooon as I returned from office. We took Manju also with us so that she could console her best friend and our Shekar's son Gopal. Thatz the mistake we made. Little girl, she is not able to bear all these things whatever happened to Gopal and Shekar. She was weeping from that time. Just now she had slept

Raghuraman : Oh Lord, my sweetie has such a tender heart. (turning to Jaya, his daughter in law) Jaya, Did she take any food after coming from school?

Jaya : No Mama, we went straight to hospital after she returned from school.

Raghuraman Hmm.. poor girl. OK let us not disturb her today. let her sleep. Let's hope She will get back to her cheerful ways soon.

Jaya : yes Mama, Wait, I will bring you Tea. (Jaya goes to kitchen to bring him Tea)

Anand's family belongs to upper middle class section. Anand is a manager in a leading Leather factory. His family is a short and sweet family of Jaya and his cute little daughter Manju. His father Mr.Raghuraman lives along with them. A retired school principal, he is the friend, philosopher, guide and play mate for Manju. Manju love his thatha (Grandfather) so much so that she considers him as her Best friend and shares everything with him more than her school mates or parents. Every day, Raghu thatha would tell stories to her and will try to tell some Moral or Philosophical values through those stories. Both Anand and Jaya are nice people with good heart and helping tendency. Shekar is their car driver,a faithful and sincere person. He stays in the nearby slum just behind Anand's apartments. His son is Gopal, a sweet and smart chap. He lost his mom at an earlier age itself and only his father takes care of him. Everybody in Anand's flats like him very much and he is like a darling for them, always attending to any kind of help they are requesting him. Gopal is Manju's best friend as both are of almost same age. Anand, Jeya and Raghu thatha treated Gopal as their own child and shower kindness and sympathy on him.

Life was going smooth for everyone, till the previous night when a power leak in the colony transformer set off fire in the nearby slum. The fire wreaked havoc in the slum destorying all the huts there. Since the fire broke out in the night time, the poor ppl didnt have much of time to escape from the perils of the fire accident. Some people succumbed to the burns while many of them got hurt ranging from minor to severe burns. Gopal's house too didnt escape the wrath of the fire. Gopal could manage to escape with few minor burns but his father Shekar gets severe burn wounds in the fire. All the injured people including Shekar get admitted in the Government hospital. That day Anand and Jeya paid a visit to Shekar at the hospital. They took Manju along with them as they thought she would be able to comfort a grieving Gopal. But Manju was apalled at the condition of her dear Driver Shekar uncle and the grief of her best friend Gopal. She could not digest with whatever that happened and burst into tears. Nobody could console her, even the injured Shekar tried to convince Manju that he is alright, but none could stop her tears. Hence Anand and Jaya has to leave the hospital with a crying Manju. And as Raghu thatha said they let Manju sleep without taking her food, hoping sleep would give some peace to her.

[ Next day Morning ]

Raghuraman just gets up from sleep and comes to the hall. Anand is busy going through the daily paper

Raghu : Good Morning Anand...

Anand : Good Morning pa,

Raghu : Jeya, Did Manju got up?

Jeya (worryingly) : Yes mama, she did. But she still looks terribly upset, refusing to take food. I dont know what to do

Raghu : Oh God. I think this is getting serious. O.K Anand, with your permission, let manju take leave today. I shall take her for a walk along park and try to bring her to normal

Anand : Oh ok dad, you are the best person to handle her. Please do it

Raghu thatha takes Manju to park. A sombre Manju quietly follows her thatha. Both were silent during the walk. They reached the park. Seated in the park bench, Raghu thatha opens the conversation

Raghu : Oh dear, why are u so sad? See darling, sometimes you cannot help such unfortunate circumstances.

Manju remains quiet. After a long pause, she started

Manju : Thatha...., Tell me... tell me why?

Raghu : What darling?

Manju : Tell me.... Why does Gopal suffer? Why does Shekar uncle suffers ? What wrong they did? You have told me so many stories that only those who are bad or committed evil doing, suffers a lot. What did Gopal do? Why is he suffering, Why does he have to suffer? He is a born poor, he doesnt have a proper house, he only has torn clothes, he doesnt have toys to play with, he is not having good education, he lost his mother from his birth itself, he is not even having a good food daily. He is already being treated severely by God. Then why should he still suffer..Why thatha Why?

Raghu thatha remains silent.. Manju continues

Manju : Look at me, I am born rich, I have good parents who take care of me, I have so many nice clothes to wear on, I have a room full of toys to play with. Appa gets me all delicious food items whichever I ask for, We have car and so on. GOD hasnt given these things to Gopal. All he gives for him is pain, agony and suffering. Do say dear thatha, Is God really fair?

Raghu thatha maintains his calm composure and replies

Raghu : oh Dear, do not doubt about the fairness of GOD. GOD is really fair kanna. Just wait and see na, Gopal would not experience any more problems when he grows up in life. He is he is really gonna come up nicely in life. All the pains he had been suffering so far will only build his mental strength and resolve. Believe me dear... Nothing is permanent.... If life, at the moment appears darker for Gopal, there will be a day pretty sooner arriving for him. Be assured of that and dont worry!!!

Raghu thought this should put to rest the concerns Manju has for Gopal and his problems. He felt far more relaxed having talked with his grand daughter. But to his surprise, as he noticed Manju, her face gave an upset look and she started to break into tears. Amidst tears she asked

Manju : But, but thatha, if nothing is permanent, and God is fair, does that mean I would lose all that GOD gave me? Will GOD's fairness snatch away all the good things that I had been enjoying, As I grow up in life, will i suffer, the way Gopal is suffering right now?

Raghu thatha was speechless now... He did not expect this from Manju. He was unable to talk

Raghu : No is not like is is

Manju : Tell me thatha, if GOD is fair, that would mean I will lose all that I have got, Life had been happier to me so far, I did not have to pass through what Gopal had to pass through. By being fair, Will God snatch away all these things he gave me?

Raghu : No dear will not happen to you... your life will be happy always

Manju : Then thatha, is GOD unfair? If God is, then those who are suffering will continue to suffer is it? If, as you say, GOD is fair then all these tragic things would happen to me some day...... Now tell me thatha, is GOD fair or unfair?

Raghu thatha remains silent for a moment. He thinks deeply for a while and then replied

Raghu : Yes Sweety, GOD is fair, GOD is impartial

Manju : does that mean (starts crying)....

Raghu : Wait dear wait, let me ask you a question..answer it..... Do you believe that GOD takes care of every one of us?

Manju : (thinks..)mmm... Yes I do

Raghu : If that is the case, then why do you need a Mother and a Father to take care of you when GOD can take care of you

Manju : (thinks for a while... and then answers) Well....GOD cant do all things by himself....And he cannot do something for someone exclusively. So he gave me a Mother and Father to take care of me alone.

Raghu : absolutely!! u rite there sweet heart.....GOD's fairness is far different from what you think as fairness. If you think GOD has given u riches, good food, dresses and nothing for Gopal, you are wrong. GOD has given Gopal, so many things, that you and me does not possess,such as the ability to react smartly to situation, the ability to face tough situations etc.,

Also dear, If GOD made your family rich and your neighbour's family poor it is like GOD's way of telling you that you must use your wealth to make sure that they don’t suffer. If GOD gives you happiness he implies, you should share your happiness with others and you should make a sad guy around you happy. God cannot give everything to everybody. He gives rich and wealth to some people and at the same time expects those people to share these riches to people around them, who need those. Help ppl when they are in trouble, when they need it, with whatever abilities you are blessed with by GOD. If you forget this simple fact and start to act selfish without willing to help people when in need, then dear, you are right, you might suffer later in life. You would understand the fairness of GOD if you understand this also. :)

Manju was listening to her Thatha earnestly. Her face brightened up at last. She wiped her tears and smiled. As she saw a Granny who was struggling to cross the road, she ran to her and took her hand and helped her cross the road safely.. Raghu thatha smiled to himself. His grand daughter has understood life and understood GOD.

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வாழ நினைத்தால் வாழலாம்

P.S : This was a story I wrote longggggg back.. Infact it can be called as my first story :D, I wrote it when i was around 14 years old... had posted this story in blog earlier as well.. but appo nammalai niraya perukku theriyaathu :D (shooo... ippa mattum theriyuma nu ketka koodathu :D) sari pudhu year la oru confidence boosting post podalamae nu pazhaiya post ah thoosi thatti date ah maathi munnadi kondu vanthu vachirukkaen :)

Wrote in taminglish and converted the same into tamil using this link

கோபால் நமது கதையின் நாயகன். வாழ்க்கையில் தோல்வியைத் தவிர வேறு எதையும் சந்தித்திராதவன்.அம்மா ஆசை போல் பிள்ளையாய் பிறந்தாலும் அம்மாவாசையில் பிறந்தவனாயிற்றே!! அவன் வாழ்வில் எல்லாமே கோளாறுதான். கோபாலது ஆசிரியர் 'கூழானாலும் குளித்து குடி' என்பார், ஆனால் கோபால் குளித்து விட்டு வருவதற்குள் அவன் கூழை வேறு யாராவது குடித்து விடுவார்கள். அவனது ஆசிரியர் 'குரைக்கிற நாய் கடிக்காது' என்பார். சரி ஆசிரியரே சொல்லிட்டாரே என ஆசிரியரை நம்பி இவன் குரைத்துக் கொண்டிருந்த நாய் மீது கல்லைத் தூக்கி போட, அந்த நாய் இவன் உடம்பில் ஒரு கால் கிலோவை குரைத்துவிட்டது. அவன் படித்ததெல்லாம் சரிதான், ஆனால் அதுதான் படிக்காத நாய் போலும். எல்லாம் அவனது தலைவிதி. இந்த சம்பவஙகளுக்குப் பிறகு ஆசிரியர் சொல்வது எதையும் கேட்கக்கூடாது என்று தீர்மானித்து விட்டான்.ஆனாலும் அவனது விதி அவனை விடாது துரத்திக்கொண்டிருந்தது. வகுப்பறையில் ஆசிரியர் கரும்பலகையில் ஏதேனும் ஒரு திருக்குறளை எழுதி விட்டு, கோபாலிடம் இதை எழுதியவர் யாரென கேட்பார்.கோபாலும் பரிவுடன், 'நீங்கதான் சார் கொஞ்ச நேரம் முன்னாடி எழுதினீங்க' என்று அன்புடன் கூறுவான். இவனது பரிவை புரிந்து கொள்ள முடியாத ஆசிரியரோ , இந்த பையன் நம்மை நக்கலடிக்கிறான் என்றென்ணி இவனை வகுப்புக்கு வெளியே துரத்தி விடுவார்.இது போல ஏதாவது ஒரு பிரச்சினை இவனை வாட்டிக்கொண்டே இருந்தது. ஒவ்வொரு முறையும் தேர்வு மதிப்பெண் வாங்கிச் செல்லும்போதும் வீட்டில் யுத்தமே நடக்கும்.கோபாலது பெற்றோரோ தங்கள் பையன் அனைத்திலும் முதலாவதாக வரவேண்டும் என்று விரும்புவர். ஆனால் கோபால், பள்ளியில் இருந்து வெளியே வருவதில் வேண்டுமானால் முதலில் இருப்பானே தவிர, மற்றபடி பாடங்களில் எல்லாம் கடைசியில் இருந்து பார்த்தால்தான் இவன் முதல் நிலைக்கு வர வாய்ப்பு இருக்கிறது. இறுதி தேர்வில் மட்டும் எப்படியாவது திக்கித் திணறி தேறி விடுவான். அதுவும் அவனது அப்பா 'நீ பரிட்சையில் பாஸ் பண்ணலேனா உன்னை மாடு மேய்க்க அனுப்பி விடுவேன்' என்ற மிரட்டலுக்கு பயந்துதான்.

இப்படி நாளொரு மேனியாவுடனும் பொழுதொரு வருத்ததுடனும் கோபாலது வாழ்க்கை ஓடிக் கொண்டிருந்தது.இல்லை..இல்லை..அவனை பொறுத்தவரை நொண்டி நொண்டி போய்க்கொண்டிருந்தது. தற்பொழுது பத்தாம் வகுப்பு முடிவுகளை எதிர்ப்பார்த்துக் கொண்டிருந்தான். அன்றுதான் தேர்வு முடிவுகள் வெளியாகின்றன. காலையில் இருந்து ரிசல்ட் பயத்திலேயே உலாவிக் கொண்டிருந்தான். அவன் தந்தை வேறு 'ஒழுங்கா மதிப்பெண் வாங்கலைனா ஏதேனும் திருவிழாவிற்கு கூட்டிட்டு போய் தொலைச்சிடுவேன்' என்று மிரட்டி உள்ளார். அதனால் ஒரு கவலையுடனே தான் வீட்டில் இருந்து கிளம்பினான். பள்ளிக்கு அருகில் உள்ள பேப்பர் கடைக்கு சென்றான். அங்கு அவனது நண்பர்கள் அரட்டையடித்துக் கொண்டிருந்தனர்.யாரையும் கண்டுகொள்ளாமல் மெதுவாக ஒரு பேப்பரை வாங்கி கொண்டு தனது பதிவு எண்ணைத் தேடினான். ஆகா..! இதோ இருக்கு.. ஆனா என்ன...அவன் நண்பர்கள் பலரோட பேர் தான் விடுப்பட்டு போயிருந்தது. "பாவம் அவர்கள்" என்று நினைத்தபடி அவர்களருகே சென்று "என்னங்கடா, பாஸான என்னை விட பெயிலான நீங்க ஜாலியா இருக்கீங்க" என்றான். அனைவரும் பேசுவதை ஒரு கணம் நிறுத்தி விட்டு இவனைப் பார்த்து, இவனை பார்த்து நக்கல் சிரிப்பு சிரித்தனர். பாலாஜி சிரிப்பை அடக்கியபடி, "போய் மறுபடி சரியா பாருடா என்றான்". ஒரு கணம் திடுக்கிட்ட கோபால் மறுபடி சென்று செய்திதாளைப் பார்த்தான். அவனது எண்தான், சரியாகத்தான் இருந்தது. கம்பீரமாக தலை நிமிர்ந்த கோபாலுக்கு அதிர்ச்சிக் காத்திருந்தது. "தேர்வில் தவறியவர்கள் எண் என்ற தலைப்பில் இவனது எண் இருந்தது.ஒரு கணம் முறுக்கிய மீசையுடன் மிரட்டிய அப்பாவை எண்ணிப் பார்த்தான். ஒரு Full பாட்டில் விஸ்கி அடித்தமாதிரி இருந்தது.

நிலை தடுமாறி செய்வத்றியாது வீட்டிற்க்கு வெகு தொலைவில் உள்ள பூங்கா ஒன்றிற்கு சென்றான். தனது நிலையை எண்ணிப் பார்த்தான். அப்பா எப்படியும் செம காரமா திட்டித் தீர்த்திடுவார். அடிச்சாலும் ஆச்சரியம் இல்லை... அதுவானா பரவல்ல.. இந்த அம்மா மெகா சீரியல் மாதிரி சென்டிமென்டலா பேசியே ஒரு வழி பண்ணிடுவாங்க. இதை விட கொடுமை, அக்கம் பக்கத்துல என்னமோ அவங்கதான் என்னை படிக்க வைத்த மாதிரி, துக்கம் விசாரிப்பாங்க. இதெல்லாம் தேவையா... அதுக்கு பேசாம தற்கொலைப் பண்ணிக்கலாம். வாழ்ந்தால் மானத்தோட வாழனும்னு வள்ளுவர் ஏதோ ஒரு குறள்ல சொல்வாரே....அது என்ன?? ம்ம்.....'தோன்றின் புகழோடு..' அப்புறம் ஏதோ வருமே...''அடச்சே... இப்போ அதுதான் ரொம்ப முக்கியம்.... வாடா மச்சான் வயசுக்கு வந்துட்டே...கோட்டு அடிச்சு Suicide பண்ணிகிட்டே'....ஒரு புதிய தைரியத்துடன் மனம் அழைத்தது.. 'அதுதான் சரி...உதவாக்கரை என ஊரின் பழிச்சொல் கேட்பதற்கு தற்கொலையே மேல் - முடிவு செய்தான் கோபால்.

சரி எப்படி தற்கொலைப் பண்ணிக்கலாம் என்று யோசிக்க தொடங்கினான். 'பேசாம பேன்ல தூக்கு போட்டுக்கலாமா?' 'வேண்டாம்..வேண்டாம்.. நம்ம வெயிட் தாங்காம பேன் விழுந்துடுச்சுன்னா அப்பா கொன்னுடுவாரு'..'அப்போ பால்ல விஷத்தை கலந்து குடிக்கலாமா?'...'அய்யோ வேணவே வேணாம்..தப்பித் தவறி வேறு யாராவது அந்த பாலை குடிச்சிட்டாங்கன்னா முன்னே சொன்ன தூக்கை அரசே நமக்கு போட்டு விட்டுடும்..' 'கிணத்துல விழலாம்னா நமக்கு வேற நீச்சல் தெரியாது...'...'இவ்வாறு பலவறாக யோசித்த கோபாலது கண்ணில் தூரத்தில் தண்டவாளம் தெரிந்தது. காசு செலவழிக்காம இலவச தற்கொலைக்கு இரயில் தான் ஒரே வழி' என்று ஒரு வழியாக முடிவுக்கு வந்தான்.

மாலை ஆறு மணியாதலால் வானம் மெல்ல இருட்டத் தொடங்கியது. ஊருக்கு ஒதுக்குப்புறமாக இருந்ததால் அந்நேரம் அங்கு யாருமில்லை. இதுதான் சரியான சூழ்நிலை என்று கோபால் முடிவுக்கு வந்தான். சரியாக மணி 6:25 க்கு அந்த வழியாக திருச்சி ரெயில் வருவதை தினம் பார்த்து இருக்கிறான். 'நடடா தன்மான சிங்கமே! உன்னை உதாசீனபடுத்திய உலகை நீ உதாசீனபடுத்து" என்று மனம் ஊக்கமளிக்க தண்டவாளம் இருக்குமிடத்தை இருபது நிமிடங்களில் அடைந்தான்.

மணி 6:20. தண்டவாளத்தில் தலையை வைத்து உடலை குறுக்க கிடத்தி படுத்துக்கொண்டான். மனதுக்குள் எல்லா கடவுளையும் வேண்டிக்கொண்டான். இன்னும் 5 நிமிடம் தான். பின்னர் எல்லா தொல்லையில் இருந்தும் விடுதலை.

'ம்ம்ம்... எமலோகம் போன உடனே நமக்கு சொர்க்கம் கொடுப்பாங்களா இல்லை நரகம் கொடுப்பாங்களா?...சொர்க்கம் போனா அங்கே ரம்பை ஊர்வசி நாட்டியம் பார்க்க முடியுமா?"..."அது சரி, இப்போ ஏன் ரம்பா தமிழ் படத்திலே நடிக்கிறதில்லை??'......
'ரொம்ப முக்கியம்..போடாங்க.... கம்முன்னு கிட..யாரு நடிச்சா என்ன நடிக்கலைனா நமக்கென்ன?'...

மணி 6:22.. வெகு தொலைவில் இரயில் கடக்..கடக்..என்ற சத்தத்தோடு வருவதை உணர்ந்தான்.கோபாலது மனம் லேசாக படக்..படக்..கென்று அடித்துக் கொண்டது. ' இந்நேரம் நம்மளை காணாம அப்பாவும் அம்மாவும் கவலைப்படுவாங்களோ' ..'நல்லாக் கவலைப்படட்டும்...எவ்வளவு திட்டிருப்பாங்க....நல்லா வேணும்.' என நினைத்துக் கொண்டான். '

இன்னிக்கு என்ன கிழமை...அட இன்னிக்கு புதன் கிழமை..இன்றைய மெனு இட்லி சாம்பார் ஆச்சே...அம்மா நல்லா பூ போல இட்லி சுட்டு நெய் கலந்து தருவாங்களே..' நினைக்கும்பொதே நாவில் எச்சில் ஊறியது. 'ரிசல்ட் பயத்தில் காலையில் இருந்து ஒன்றும் சாப்பிடாததை வயிறு நினைவூட்டியது. 'அடப் போடா, மானஸ்தனுக்கு பசி எம்மாத்திரம்?' என சமாதானப்படு த்திக் கொண்டான். 'ம்ம்ம்.....' என்னதான் திட்டினாலும் பல நாள் அம்மா பாசத்துடன் ருசியாக ஊட்டியது ஞாபகத்திற்க்கு வந்து கண் லேசாக கலங்கியது. உடனே சுதாரித்துகொண்டான். 'டேய் கோபால், நீ இப்போ சாதாரண மனிதன் இல்லை, பொது வாழ்க்கைனு வந்துட்டா நோ சென்டிமென்ட்ஸ்..."

மணி இப்பொது 6:23... இரயிலின் கடக்..கடக் சத்தம் கொஞ்சம் அருகில் கேட்டது. கோபாலது மனம் படக்..படக்..கென்று அடித்தது. இரயில் தன் மேல் ஏறும்போது எப்படி இருக்கும் என்று நினைத்து பார்த்தான். ரொம்ப பயமாக இருந்தது. கண்களை இறுக மூடிக் கொண்டான். ஒரு முறை கதவிடுக்கில் தெரியாமல் அப்பா கதவை சாத்த தன் கை நசுங்கியது ஞாபகத்திற்கு வந்தது. அந்த ஒரு வாரம் அப்பா சரியாக சாப்பிடாமல் வருத்தப்பட்டுக் கொண்டிருந்ததும் நினைவிற்கு வந்தது. விரலுக்கே அப்படின்னா, இப்போ என்னாகுமோ..என்று நினைத்துக் கொண்டான். 'அது சரி...ஆனா அளவுக்கு மீறி திட்டுறதுனால தானே இந்த கோளாறு..' உடனே அவன் மனம், 'அட பைத்தியக்காரா, நீ நல்லாப் படிச்சா உங்கப்பாவிற்கா பணம் கொட்டப் போகுது..உன் நல்லதுக்குத் தானேடா எல்லாம்' என்றது.

இரயிலின் படக்..படக் ஓசை அருகாமையில் கேட்டது. 'என்ன இந்த மனசு இப்படி மாத்தி சொல்லுது..ஒரு வேளை நாம எடுத்த முடிவு தப்போ!.. சேச்சே...இருக்காது...அப்படியே அப்பா அம்மா திட்டறது பரவால்லேன்னாக் கூட, பத்தாவது பெயிலானதுக்கப்புறம் வாழ்ந்த நம்ம கவுரவம் என்னாகிறது. ஊர் உலகம் என்ன் சொல்லும்...இது மானம் காக்கும் செயலல்லவா...???' 'மண்ணாங்கட்டி...!!!' அவன் மனம் திட்டியது..'ஏன்டா புண்ணக்கு, இப்போ நீ செத்தா என்ன உடனே 'GOPAL PASSED 10th STANDARD'னு சொல்லிடுவாங்களா 'GOPAL PASSED AWAY'னு தான் சொல்வாங்கடா லூசு...தொடர்ந்து வாழ்ந்தாலாவது எப்படியாவது ஜெயிச்சு பேர் வாங்கலாம். செத்தா ஜென்மத்துக்கும் நீ பத்தாவது பெயில் தானேடா...' மனசு குத்தி காட்டியது.

'அடப் படுபாவி மனமே! பயந்தாங்கொள்ளியான என்னை ரேக்கி விட்டுட்டு இப்போ தத்துவம் பேசறியா...ம்ம்..ம்ம்..என் வாழ்க்கையிலே எல்லாமே எனக்கு கோளாறுதான்..' ' கோளாறு உன் வாழ்க்கைல இல்லேடா மரமண்டை..எண்ணத்துலேதான். எத்தனையோ பேரால் சாதிக்க முடியும்போது உன்னால மட்டும் ஏன் முடியாது?'... கோபால் 'ம்ம் ம்ம் இப்போ நல்லா அட்வைஸ் பண்ணு...புத்தருக்கு ஒரு போதி மரம் மாதிரி நமக்கு இந்த தண்டவாளம் போல..'

மணி 6:24 இரயிலின் கடக்..கடக்..ஓசை வெகு அருகில் கேட்டது.. கோபால் எழுந்திருக்க யத்தனித்தான். ஆனால் பயத்தில் அவன் கை கால்கள் அனைத்தும் அசைக்க முடியாமல் ஒட்டிக்கொண்டது. 'ஆண்டவா! இதற்குப் பெயர்தான் மரண பயமா? என்னை மன்னிச்சிடு இறைவா...என்னை காப்பாத்திட்டா கண்டிப்பாக உன் துணையுடன் வாழ்ந்து காட்டுவேன்.' என்று வேண்டிக் கொண்டான். ஆனால் என்ன செய்வது?. இரயில் கடக்..கடக்..என்றபடியே வேகமாக வெகு அருகில் வந்து கொண்டிருந்தது. அதை விட வேகமாக கோபாலது மனம் படக்..படக்..என்று அடித்தது.

இன்னும் சில நொடிகள் தான். 'கடக்..கடக்.கடக்...கடக்.கடக்..கடக்.....' எதன் மீதோ மோதுவது போன்ற உணர்வு கோபாலுக்கு ஏற்பட்டது. 'அட இவ்வளவு லேசா இருக்கே...நாம் இப்போ செத்துட்டோமா..... இல்ல நான் காண்பதென்ன கனவா...' குழம்பினான் கோபால்.... தனது பலத்தையெல்லாம் திரட்டி தலையை தூக்கிப் பார்த்தான். பக்கத்து தண்டவளத்தில் இரயில் வேகமாக திருச்சியை நோக்கிப் போய்க்கொண்டிருந்தது.... கடக்..கடக்..கடக்...கடக்...கடக்....