Sunday, September 11, 2005


Disclaimer : this is a 100% original story (intended to be a pun)

E - E

Hero – Elango lets call him E

Heroine – Eshwari

Oru hero E, is a prolific chatter. He is a college student , and so his main interest is to flirt with girls online. (he is not sure of himself how the response wud be in real life ) Once during a chat session he meets Eshwari and falls instantly in love with her seeing her talk in the public chat. So he proposes to her in pms,. But Eshwari being a family girl declines to accept his proposal,but since that was the first proposal she receives, she tells him let fate decides if I have to be your lover. Saying this, she composes a new mail, writes her name,address and attaches her E-Signature and sends it to a yahoo group account with a message “This mail is from George Bush - Following population explosion, we are going to limit the no. of people to live in this world. To stay on in this world you must forward it to all the people you know", knowing very well if there is a warning in a chain mail, ppl wud blindly forward it without second thinking. She informs this to the hero, if fate be with us, the mail which I have forwarded wil reach your mail box within a year. If it does, meet me / call me and propose I will definitely accept. Our hero E accepts this.

After this meeting our hero really turns a maddy, daily connects online checks mail every 10 minutes only to be disappointed by absence of any new message. Any mails coming to him will only be from some rubbish groups which he had subscribed earlier.. in dejection, he unsubscribes from all groups. But the mail he was expecting was not to come. As every thrilling story goes , here too the mail which our heroine composed did happen to reach the hero’s mailbox but as luck had it, due to his junk mail settings, bfore the hero cud see it, it gets moved to trash and ultimately deleted. In the meanwhile our heroine also falls in love with our hero. As days pass by, the hero’s father arranges for his marriage. As usual the hero opposes to it strongly, but the greedy father goes on with the plans to get him married with a girl whose father is the md of a website hosting provider. As dowry, the girl’s father promises 2 gb of webspace and 24 hour free 1.5 mbps broadband internet to the hero’s father.. our hero however is uninterested in this, but he crumbles under pressure of his father, who emotionally blackmails his son, saying that the hero’s sister needs atleast 100 mb webspace to test her b.e project in .NET and he does not have enough money to pay for it. So the hero accepts to this marriage and the marriage day comes. Not wilig to give hope even at this stage he goes and check mails. The traffic was very slow and alas still the hero’s mailbox was empty . a very angered hero shuts down the computer and just as the computer was shutting down the messenger said a new mail received……………. Hero’s eye flashes..unbelievingly he again connects to net to see what was the mail…………. Voila…it is the heroine’s mail……………he got it he got it……………. He jumps in joy and his joy knew no bounds as outside the room he sees the heroein who also had been in search of hero..they marry and live happily surfing the net…


Anonymous said...

Good try. Felt like seeing Serendipity & JJ Movie.

~SuCh~ said...

kadiyo kadi.. but some parts like dowry thing were nice.. btw, how r u doing?? i m feelin kinda homesick now n then.. chk out my blogspot blog too.. ;-) - Suks.