Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Ooh la la la

Hi all, Long time since i posted , was away for a week to my native place for a (cousin) thangai's wedding athan. I was back last week itself, but then laziness got over me and I was more comfortable to go and kalachify in fellow bloggers' posts thru comments :) . Chanced upon this post from visithra's blog... I always wanted to tag other ppl but eppadi panrathunnu enakku sariya theriyama irunthathu and also I didnt want to do the usual 5,4,3... tag......... ithai paartha pinnadi got an idea to tag.......... i wud list some songs or some lines from tamil songs from which she would weave out a story. For now i am tagging visithra but site visit panra elorume ithai try paneenganna it would be nice and cool :) . I would like to tag Soms also coz he was one of the guys in school who intro-ed this using-songs-in-funny-situation to me....

Rules : (1) Can use addnl songs apart from this if necessary, but only 1 or 2 addnl songs than allowed
(2) Can be of any genre, shud not be misled by what the song's theme
(3) Sequence of songs can be of any order
(4) Can leave out any one of the songs if it is spoiling the plot


1. "Netru illatha maatram ennathu" - (Pudhiya Mugam)
2. "Thee pidikka Thee pidikka" - Arinthum Ariyaamalum
3. "Konja neram Konja neram..." - Chandramukhi
4. "Uyirin uyire.........." - Kaakha Kaakha
5. "Mayilirage Mayilirage..." - Ah Aah (or Maramkotthiye from the same film)
6. "Oru vaarthai solla oru varusham........" - Ayya
7. "Oru maalai ila veyil neram" - Ghajini

Good luck :)


visithra said...

lol eh which soms? u put your own link ;)

shall get back with this ;) let me think ok va ;)

or u tagging urself? hehehe

rsubras said...

visith :) naan correct ah than adichen...naduvula etho oru kuzhappam vanthudichi intha blogspot ku......

thanks for pointing out the is than..i have changed it.........

visithra said...

done ;)

rsubras said...

that was really nice one visithra..first time padichen enakku puriyave ila....english version padichittu second time padichen tamizh version ah...romba nalla irunthathu :)

i take the credit :p

visithra said...

take the credit ah? adada ithu 3 much ;p

Somu said...


Looks like good ol school days are making a come back... looking at the way songs have changed in recent times, am sure to cook a story with the limited choices of songs is gonna be a challenge ! I need time to think... Hope I can get that :o))