Thursday, October 27, 2005

Tamil koorum nal ulagam

என் இனிய தமிழ் மக்களே! உங்கள் பாசத்திற்குறிய சுப்பிரமணியன் பேசுகிறேன். தொடர்ந்து ஆங்கிலத்திலேயே பதிவு செய்து வந்த நான் தமிழிலும் பதிவு செய்ய ஆசைப்படுகிறேன். அடிக்கடி கடின தமிழில் கடிக்க முயற்ச்சி செய்கிறேன். :) தமிழ் வழி பதிவுக்கு உதவிய capriciously_me kum தமிழில் பதிவு செய்ய யோசனை சொன்ன ஜிங்கு சக்குக்கும் நன்றி. :) மற்றவை அடுத்த பதிவில்...


Deljee Hetchmintee said...

Naan un comment ai ippo dhan pathaen. Thanx for the compliment. But ennaku andha fwds pathi advice puriyalai.

Priya said...

good luck for your effort!!

aprom, oru chinna correction..
'muyarchi'la periya 'rr' kku aprom endha meiy ezhuthum (cch) varaathu!!

Vinayak said...

Results of the controversy : Kushboo and company

Seeing your Tamil blog I thought of adding this

1. Pre Marital sex is here!. That's the truth. There is no denying it. That's the gist of what Kushboo said (not me!) Its NOT just metros or Mumbai or Delhi that the "pre marital sex" is happening. There are also extra marital going on all over India

2. Tamil Nadu is NO exception. There are surveys that show that approx 40% of college students have had sex before marriage !!! Now please don't come back and tell me ONLY young MEN had sex, and that too all by themselves...

3. Tamil movies have as much sex portrayed in them as bollywood movies. In fact there is a great competition there in showing more sex

4. What happens in Indian cities gets noticed and has a multiplier effect. It's soon followed by others in smaller towns and villages

5. The dress, the dance, the music... the cinema ... these have always moved from cities to towns and from towns to villages

6. So would this "sex" thing move to every place in India...if it hasn't already

7. Please note that I am NEITHER supporting NOT opposing Pre marital sex. I'm just stating the ground reality as I understand it. Men should stop thinking women are all dying to live as virgins and get married to the one and only man on the wedding day

8. Kushboo being a film industry, talk show personality is AWARE of the ground reality / situation. She spilled it out. That's it. I don't think others are going to be open in future. That's even worse considering it would be clandestine pre maritals hence forth !

9. Womens lib is calling this "freedom of expression" and *supporting Kushboo*. Everyone has moved to the freedom of expression issue and given up the basic question... is the level of pre marital so common ? Another group is trying to make us belive that Kushboo is mistaken !!

10. So to me it looks like Kushboo has a point. Men who expect their wife to be a virgin are fools

11. Note that the MEN are against the women who spoke thus, rather than analyzing the statistics and the reasons behind kushboo's statement .. (i.e.) prevalence of pre marital sex in society today