Saturday, September 10, 2005


[ Mr.X : is the detective of the famous ABC Detective company, guduvancherry branch.. Miss.Y is his associate.. they are currently engaged in solving a murder case]

Miss.Y : Whom do u think might have done this murder sir?

Mr.X : : who knows???

Miss.Y : you are supposed to do that and that wat you have studied spending more than six lakhs in USA

Mr.X ::shut up, even my father who spent that amount havent questioned me. who are u to question?

Miss.Y : I am your assistant dear X

Mr.X ::how dare u call me by my name

Miss.Y : I suppose your parents kept that name for calling purposes only

Mr.X ::you are supposed to call me as Boss

Miss.Y :oh Mr.X, if i call you boss, i get the feeling that you are the leader of an underground mafia gang. O.K... I shall call you boss..but one condition. you should completely shave your head. Only then I will feel comfortable calling you boss

Mr.X ::Grrr.........I am going to fire you

Miss.Y :cool it X, you dont have that power.. I got this job thru strong recommendation from this company's top executive. If I wish, I could remove you from this job easily thru the same guy.

Mr.X :: sheez.. i have to work with these kind of fellas

Miss.Y : err..execuse me..wat were u saying

Mr.X ::nothing Miss.Y nothing...

Miss.Y : athu...! o.k coming to the point, who do u think is the culprit behind this murder

Mr.X :: actually i dont know...

Miss.Y : Mr.X be serious

Mr.X :: hey i am serious only. if u want me to be more serious,then I should be in ICU unit lying serious

Miss.Y : good for the detective society

Mr.X :: come again??

Miss.Y :oh nothing Mr.X.. tell me wat difficulties you have in solving this case

Mr.X :: YOU...

Miss.Y : what??

Mr.X :: meant to say you have to first understand the clues given to us by police. They are disjointed. I couldnt come to any conclusion

Miss.Y : But i've come to a conclusion

Mr.X ::what conclusion. tell me...

Miss.Y : you are a criminal waste for solving criminal cases. it is high time I take up the mantle

Mr.X :: what do u mean?

Miss.Y : I mean you have to resign this job and hand over the responsibilities to me. here sign this resignation letter

Mr.X : : I cannot sign this letter

Miss.Y : oh you are a kainaatu case?? dont worry. i have stamp pad put down your thumb impression in this letter...

Mr.X : : i wont do this... i wont resign

Miss.Y : Miss.Y will not listen to silly things.. (in RED Ajith style) Miss.Y will give a time for everything... (suddenly raises her voice to high pitch) BEFORE IT STOPS RAINING

Mr.X :: what would u do if i dont do still

Miss.Y : dont worry. Miss.Y will give extra time too in that case.... atleast (high pitch again) BEFORE THE WET PLACE OUTSIDE GETS DRIED

Mr.X : : hey Y,...come on yaar..let us have a deal..allow me to solve this case alone. this would be my final case

Miss.Y : hmm..okay this should be your final case. hereafter you shouldnt solve any more case

Mr.X :: dont worry hereafter i wont solve briefcase also

Miss.Y :good boy, come on let us try to solve the case

Mr.X :: o.k this is the case our client's friend has been found murdered in his room.

Miss.Y : so he wants to find the killer to avenge his friend's death

Mr.X : : he wants to find the killer, not for revenge but to thank him

Miss.Y : WHAT??

Mr.X :: yes, he wanted to kill his friend anyway for he has to repay a heavy loan to him, but couldnt do due to fear of imprisonment. now he wants to thank that killer and award him cash prize..

Miss.Y : oh is this wat they call " A friend in need is a friend indeed"


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Good try!!!

rf said...

hey there buddy, nice work, cud do better, tat was easy for me to say but well since ur playin the blogger n me bein the reader i must criticise :p just doin moi job so dont mind, u did come up wit a nice theme n infact u have a gr8 sense of humour
im not done yet :p
the arguement 'tween X n Y was pretty cool too but very silly for instance when they were fightin bout "how to call Mr.X" or even the bit bout bein serious in the ICU its funny but doesnt make u laugh cos its pretty lame... cud have done better than tat
the first bit of the story went really well n in the end it was a big blunder cud have made it a lil more interestin by addin a twist to it, it started like a steven speilberg movie n ended like tr's movie so puhleeeeeeez try to be more creative... :)
put in a lil more effort n come up wit a gud one next time
all the best n continue ur work :)