Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Rumbum Rumbum arambam :)

Hi all, romba naala post ethuvum pannama ovvoru blog site ah poi kalaichittu irunthaen :) infact that was more fun than posting here :p) but then ulagam full ah suthinaalum veetai gavanikkalena yaarum mathikka maatanga nu enakku uraichathu...so appapo ethuna post panraen :)...kadi ku manikkavum........adikkadi post pannanum na ippadi kadicha than mudiyum :p

[Written in 2002, while i was studying for GRE... wordlist ah memorize panlam nu sollitu oru 10 words ah eduthu athai vachu oru dialogue construction :) ]

Ram : Hi Joseph

Joseph : Hi Ram, how do u do?

Ram : Yesda, I am doing fine. How are u doing?

Joseph : I am doing coarse........

Ram : What?

Joseph : er..I am doing a short-term course on Networkingda........

Ram : Hey, Why are u looking dull?

Joseph : nothing da brother-in-law

Ram : who is ur brother-in-law da u SCAMP

Joseph : We are conversing in english rite, so instead of calling u Machaan, i am calling u brother- in-law

Ram : Idiot, answer me Why are u looking very dull

Joseph : Nothing da, It've been 1 year since I finished my Engineering. But still I am jobless. You finished just last month and now in a Multi National company. I am jealous of u daa..

Ram : Hey man, It's your mistake that u remain jobless.... What's the use being jealous of me

Joseph : What do u mean?

Ram : I mean that u are so mean.. You remained FRIVOLOUS about searching for jobs and thought that some Managing director would come and knock your door with order letter in a golden plate

Joseph : I didnt think like that daa

Ram : You should have attended many interviews, walk-in's and posted ur resume. Whatz the use of sitting idle at home and crying

Joseph : I attended a interview last weekda brother-in-law, I stood third among the applicants

Ram : geez, I hope u missed it by a whisker. Do u have any idea how many people attended the interview.

Joseph : yeah, 3 people attended the interview

Ram : psst. You are a SCAMPda.....You should have prepared well for the interview

Joseph : I did adequate preparation. But I couldnt talk well at the interview

Ram : I understand the problem, it's because you are INARTICULATE. You felt BASHFUL while seeing the higer authorities. Attend a personality development course man, that would help u

Joseph : No Ram, that was not the problem. The problem is I had a laddu in my mouth when I entered the room

Ram : What?

Joseph : My mother gave me some laddus for snacks so that I dont feel hungry.. As I was munching my third laddu, I was called. To maintain punctuality, I went without even finishing that laddu. I was punished for my Punctuality

Ram : You are a GLUTTON da..........Only GOD have to help you uncle

Joseph : uncle??

Ram : athaanda mamoo nu sonnen…….right, I have no time to talk with jobless josephs.. See u TATA

Joseph : you old fashioned idiot, why r u stil sticking with TATAs and BIRLAs.. when you are working for international company talk like an American.. I will tell now.. see u BILLGATES…..

Ram : kashtamda…….. bye….!!!


nivi said...

great way to learn the word list...worked? :D

Ramya said...

hehe... uncle n bro in law.! too good.! entertaining!!

rsubras said...

@ nivi : nice to see u here after a longggg time, hey btw do update ur site often pa sariya :)

@ ramya : thanks rams.... do come in often sariya

Sheks said...

i wud say "c u ashok leyland".

Ramya said...

sure!! neenga post pannunga, naa varen.!! Enga ponaalum unga comment irrukku... avlo vettiya?

RandomThoughts said...

Regional lnguages when translated literally do sound funny!

Good read!


Neha said...

haha!!! even i tried using such words in day to day life. dropped it after my bro told that I sound like some kinda performer :D

rsubras said...

@Rashmi hey welcome to the site..keep coming :)

@Ramya : hehe aama..enna panrathu...... :) paaren... comment panna orutharum udane reply panna matengaranga.. :D

@Neha : :) i think you are a pisthu in english rite? aana wordlist la evlo theriyum sollu

Aravind said...

Good one, subras!

visithra said...

english translation lol paavam english ungeh kithe maatikichu