Thursday, September 22, 2005

Thotti Jaya - Part III (Pirated version)

Hence Jimbu, in order to promote the love between Thotti and Jaya arranges for their meeting daily in besant nagar beach. In one such romance between Thotti and Jaya, some mischevous boys in the beach pelt stones at Jaya. Unable to bear this Thotti stands in defense for Jaya and bear all the stones. Jimbu chases away the boys and comes and hugs Thotti for its action. Jimbu also sings a duet on behalf of Thotti to Jaya.

"Enna kaayam aanabothum en meni thaangi kollum..unthan meni thangaathu senthene..senthene....

Manithar unarnthu kolla, ithu manitha kaathal alla........ athaiyum thaandi punithamaanathu.........."

The Panchayat chief's servant Kabaali notices Jaya in the beach along with Thotti complains to his master. Sonaachalam immediatly arrives at the place with other hunter dogs which chases Thotti away and escorts Jaya to home.

Jimbu consoles a crying (read:howling) Thotti and goes to the Sonaachalam's house to arrange for a marriage between Thotti and Jaya. But Sonaachalam who is a caste conscious man, retorts back at Jimbu "I would even give my Jaya to a sori pidicha pomeranian rather than to a street dog like Jambu ". Jimbu gets angry at this. He asks angrily at Sonaachalam, "Dont degrade love. Love is not a CD-RW disc to erase an existing data and write again. Love is like a CD-R disc. you can write only once on it and any error during the recording process will damage the entire disc". Not convinced by Jimbu's punch dialogues , sonaachalam orders his men to get Jimbu out of his house.

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Anonymous said...

"Love is not a CD-RW" this being said to a village panchayat leader :))))

rsubras said...

only bcoz he cudnt understand what jimbu said he ordered Jimbu to be chucked out of his house

Vani Viswanathan said...

cd-rw appdi ipdi-nnu romba logical aana hero va irukaney!

Anonymous said...

Waiting for part IV :)