Thursday, October 20, 2005

"C" - Mukhi - Part IV

Hi all, Thanks for your encouraging responses and cheering up. Konjam kuraigalaiyum sutti kaatunga.. As you might have noticed I have done a thorough change on the look and feel of the webiste. If something is annoying kindly do point out. I have moved "C"-Mukhi to a seperate blog space to accomodate other postings such as daily musings etc., I hope your support continues


[ A month later.... At the launch of VTPR software company rechristened as VTPRSoft. Only close associates were invited to this simple celebration of the launch.. Jyo’s PM Neela and her father, the MD were called as special invitees. Jyo and Prabhu welcomes them with glee. ]

Jyo : Welcome madam, it is a real pleasure to have you here with us. Please make urself comfortable inside.

[ Neela and her father goes inside]

Prabhu ( to jyo) : Hey, Why did u ask them to make themselves comfortable. What would you do if they go and take a nap at the Duroflex cot in the guest room.

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