Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Birthday to Me :D

P.S : The story i had written have got a new post.. Read it here. So I have removed it and kept the other things as it is

General P.S: I dont want to start a half-written story and put a to be continued....but bday anniku oru post podanume nu podaren :D.. Thanks for all lovable people who showered their love and made my day special, to my cousin who called me first, to my friend who kept alarm to wake himself up at 12 to wish me, to my dear sis who inspite of her hectic schedule called and wished at 12, to rumziee for her first wishes on chat pri, to my dear colleagues who made my day by celebrating it more than I did, for the reception function that was so sweet, and last but not least for all the ppl who wished for thru smses, emails, phone calls and thru telepathy as well :) Thanks a tonnnnnnn for making this bday the most memorable.