Wednesday, January 25, 2006

New.... New... New....


Hi all, New year la irunthu, after visiting so many of the regular blog sites, Praveen, Neha, Visithra blog site lam paarthuttu I wished to change the template of my site too. Athukkaga i searched all over the web for a cool template, users kannai uruthatha, each time en site visit pannumbothu refresh aagara pola oru template thedinen.. Nothing was satisfactory. I wanted a light yellow - white combo for the background. My search is still on.... For now I badly wanted a change in template, athukaga i settled for this one. Kindly pass on your comments...

Now for the post, well i was amazed at all of your responses to my earlier post "Guys must be crazy". It was really a half baked idea as I mentioned, but as i was narrating it to the ppl whom i chatted with that day, oru story ah develop aachu. Not only here, I posted the same story (in English as against Tanglish here) at my office bulletin board. The responses were stunning to say the least. For the first time I guess, a full story of mine was doing rounds in the virtual world as mail forward. Felt very happy in that :D. Prabhu might think this is a copy right violation, forwarding mails without mentioning the names, but being a novice in all this, I take this as a form of appreciation. Infact blogspot la search panni paarthappo, one guy have posted the same in his blog...... Konjam over than..but still OK 'n fine. :p Thanks all once again :)

I was having some doubts in my mind, ennada Girls ah kindal adichu post panrome, girls lam uthaikka poraanga ninaichen :). Athisayam, Aachariyam, Amazing, most of the appreciation came from girls only. Does that mean Girls let down themselves or is it that Girls are more sport than us, Guys?? (ICE vaikkalaingo girls ku, meiyyalume ketkaren)

Next post, I am planning to try my hand in some serious genre of stories. Serious na udane ICU range ko illa I will See U nu makkalai kobapada vaikkara range ko illeenga.. :) konjam philosophical ah oru Smyta maathiri, oru Somu maathiri , oru Vani mathiri, happy ending ah but romancing ah vo kadi comedy ah vo illama konjam philosophical ah eluthalam ninaikkaren.. Ennandreenga? Advice pannungappa....

I think post panrennu solitu, niraya peru blogs ku advt koduthitten nu...ellorum advt kaasu koduthidunga :D sariya? Blog rolling update panren..but yaaroda peravathu miss aachuna sollunga..

Appala, intha new template pathi defects um konjam comments section la log pannidunga.. I will try to fix those bugs :)


Saturday, January 07, 2006

Guys must be Crazy !!!

Foreword : I am still not able to get sufficient ideas for a new post... But since shout box layum comments layum pudhu post podu pudhu post podu nu miratti kettukittathala (:p) etho half-baked ah irukara idea va story ah develop panni post panren..... If you dont like it go and complain to them ( thapichukka ithuvum oru chance ;) ) . Well this is my first attempt at a "romantic" story........ hehe........ I thought of writing it fully in English..but some sentences nan ethirpaartha alavu varala (blame it on my english knowledge :p) So tanglish la elutharen...... Spl thanks to ramya and roshini for some minute help they did during this process.....

Guys must be crazy !!!

"These guys must be crazy yaar......." kannadi munnadi azhagu paarthu kondiruntha Asha sudden ah sonna.. PC la utkaarnthu busy ah Minesweeper aadittu iruntha Priya thirumbi paarthu ketta.. "thideernu enna Asha ularure........ Enna matter".........

Asha, "ada nijamma than solreen priya, these guys must be kaga enna lam than pannuvangalo.." ena poiyyaga aluththu kondaal

Priya, "aaha, thideernu enna love pathi lam pesare.......... Yaar antha loosu paiyan?"..

Asha, "hey chumma iru di...naane kobathula irukkaen...........nee vera"

Priya : ai ai theriyuthe......... sollumbothe angae jollu kottuthe......... yaaru antha paiyan sollu

Asha: namma pakkathu cubicle Vikram irukkane avan en pinnadiye suthi suthi vanthuttu irukkan

Priya : adipaavi, nama dept ponnunga ellorum jollu vittutu irukkara vikram ah....... unnaiya.......... hey kannadi pakkathula ninukite nee ippadi lam kathai vidariye..nyayama

Asha : hey nijama pa..... anniku paaren Food Court la naan saptutu kai kazhuva ponen... anga ethini tap irukku.... but this vikram en pinnadiye ninnutu after i went, antha tap laye poi kazhuvinan

Priya : big deal...ithu bsnl signal ah vida oru weak ah na signal ....... ithai poi love signal nu enala othukka mudiyaathu

Asha : iru iru, even i didnt think nething about it........ nethikku athe Food court la naan saptutu enthiruchi ponen....... mobile vittutene nu thirumba vanthu paartha that guy Vikram na, naan use panna paper towel ah eduthu avan pocket la pottukittan...ithukku ena solre?

Priya : (surprised) hey nijammava solre ?

Asha : ada aamam pa....athan sonnen. These guys are crazy...... love nu vantha ethu naalum panranga.. nee venumna inniku en kooda Food court vaa inniku....

That afternoon........Priya and Asha dine together in the Food court. Vikram who enters the Food court at the same time, sits behind them.

Asha : paarthiya paarthiya, paiyan enga vanthu utkaruran nu...

Priya : sari sari porumai......

Both finish their lunch and go to wash their hand. As they return they see Vikram standing near the place where they had their lunch

Asha : hey atho paaru di...paiyan enna panrannu

Priya : iru iru.....

Vikram looks here and there, after getting convinced no one is around, picks up the tumbler that was used by Asha.

Asha (with a triumphant look) : ippa ena solre priya.......

Priya : yeah yeah guys are crazy only........ i will go and catch that guy red handedly

Asha : hey venaam pa....... enaku vetkama irukku

Priya : ada che..... ithu enna murali pada love ah.. kadsee varaikkum solamalaye love ah continue panrathukku.. varen iru

Priya straightly goes to Vikram who is amused to see her..

Priya : dei vikram, enna velai da panre..

Vikram : er..enna priya?

Priya : kai la ennadda tumbler

Vikram : oh ithuva, ellam un friend asha voda velai...... ava sema careless theriyuma....... kai kazhuva pona tap ah thiranthu vittudara......... sapta pinnadi use panna paper towel ah kondu poi kuppai la podarathilla........ ippo paru kudicha tumbler ah kooda eduthu vaikkarathilla...... eppavum oruthar pinnadi poi ithellam panna mudiyuma........ Food court volunteer aana pinnadi ennalam pana vendi irukku paaru........

Saying this, vikram proceeds to next table to collect the left over tumbler.

"Thud........." etho crash aachu Asha kullae, she couldnt mutter any other word except repeating "GUYS MUST BE CRAZY..........."!!!