Monday, September 19, 2005

Thotti Jaya - Part II (Pirated version)

Over a period of time, Jimbu grew tired of this thug job. He realized there were more risks in fighting. Hence he decided to tread another way, i.e to help lovers in unite irrespective of their caste, economical status etc., Unfortunately for Jimbu, In his village, youth people concentrate more on their careers than on love. Hence all marriages in Jimbu’s village were decided by parents themselves. But Jimbu, not willing to give up searches in nooks and corners if there were any lovers around, waiting to be united by a hero.

One day our little SS Jimbu was returning from his office ( athaanga namma 5-Star Tea kadai). Since his boss did not have sufficient funds to pay his wages for that day, he gave Jimbu some butter biscuits to compensate for it. Jimbu was munching those biscuits on his way home. The Village panchayat leader Mr.Sonaachalam was coming from the other side for a walk with his pet dog, a she-dog named Jaya. Jimbu threw one of those “butter” biscuits at Jaya which prompted Jaya to release itself from the clutches of Sonaachalam and grab it. At the same moment, a local street dog Jambu a.k.a Thotti (named after it’s residential address which is the municipality dustbin) too comes running for the same biscuit. As they both grab the biscuit at the same time they see each other and immediately there happens a love at first bite…er..i mean.. love at first sight…An irated Sonaachalam shoos away Thotti and grabs Jaya with her chain and walks away home. Jimbu immediately realized the time has come to show his heroic skills. Dogs, they are, but isn’t love a universal feeling, irrespective of caste, creed, status and breed too………..Hence Jimbu decides to give a helping hand to Thotti (a) Jambu and Jaya in uniting them.

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