Monday, March 27, 2006

Philosophical blog

Well, the feedback for my earlier serious story was mostly like "o.k o.k the story is fine........but stick to comedy...." :) almost everybody except one echoed the same response... me too not so comfy writing the philo type stories.... Theme thoniduthu.... but athai vachu story weave panrathu semma kashtamma irukku.... :) But manasula thonara plot lam main ah philosophical ahve irukku.... kittathatta Primary school Moral science text book range ku stories thonuthu :).. So i am planning to start a new blog and move the "Tell Me why" story and any future philo type stories to the new blog site

Monday, March 20, 2006


P.S : romba naal kalichu it is like a new let me start with a prayer :) .......

Sachin....... the man who made millions of ppl crazy about cricket, the man who gave the star and brand value to indian cricket, the man who braved his aching back to play for the nation's win, the man who preferred to collapse in ground for making the country win, the man who flyed to play for the nation days after his dear dad's demise, the man who still remains committed for the team..... is now in a kind of pressure .....after a spate of some low scores, ppl are baying for his head, comparing him with lesser folks,insulting him.. :( i remember last year the same time ppl were booing the prince of kolkata and eppadiyo velila thurathiyaachu.....aatai kadichu maatai kadichu ippo Master blaster ah ye kadikka paarkuranga.... :(

athuku Sachin Tendulkar sila centuries adikanum....... that too in a way that puts him ahead of pontings and smiths........ to prove why he is master class, why he is way ahead of others, why he is the greatest in world cricket.....

GOD........please..please..please...... :)

Now I hope ppl join me in this prayer club...