Friday, December 02, 2005

"C" - Mukhi Part VII

It is a long time since i had updated this "C"-Mukhi thing.... I can say i am veryyyy busy :p, but the truth is, i am just running out of ideas....esp in the part that requires more creativity (jyothika part)....Let's see if i cud come up with anything....... :) Advices and suggestions are welcome...


A tensed Prabhu rushes into Rajini’s cabin.

Rajini : Hey Prabhu, why do u have to look so serious and tensed like Saurav Ganguly?. I didn’t say you will not be included in the team, did I?

Prabhu : Oh come on Rajini, we have got a serious problem

Rajini : What is it?

Prabhu : We had been testing the software product by Antony Software Technologies as per our contract with MilliSoft rite? The company chairman Mr.Antony is on the line now. He is warning us to close the bugs that we have logged into Millisoft’s defect tracker for their product… otherwise…

The story is continued here


Praveen said...

hehe..have just read this part, got some catching up to do...jothika enna trojan-a? :D

Smyta said...

Millisoft..hahahahahaha :))

Rajni's GOGGLE company illaya?

Smiles etc.<


rsubras said...

praveen : full ah padi :) give some suggestions for further writing...i think u are commenting here the first time..tanxu .......

smytes : tanx to u too....and so nice of u for having commented in my earlier post about long gap in posting as well

hahahaa..but ithu prabhu voda company aache.athan VTPR soft nu peru

Ramya said...

Hey, Ejaams goin on... will come bk for sure and read all the posts. And thanks for dropping by and the budday wishes. Until then.. ciao