Friday, December 23, 2005

Blogger's Block

hi all, once again oru periya confusion as to what to write for the post, . i badly want to post atleast one post a day....but dont have ne stuff to write....... ellame half made stories, cliches etc., than varuthu..

O.K, visit this link ... You could read a spoof on Ayitha Ezhuthu written by (naan illae naan illae) the famous bloggers on the net, Praveen and Ferrari :). This one they wrote in old TFM days ( when these guys along with curses, curryleaf, paran (where is he these days?) used the TFM page which is supposed to be a discussion forum for Tamil film music, as a chat site (hehe antha gang la naanum irunthaen)

Prabhu and Praveen used to write spoofs on upcoming tamil movies in those sites. One such spoof is this one on Ayitha Ezhuthu. This was written just a month before the film actually got released. For those who have not seen the movie, read this, and you could never guess that this is not the original thing. These guys posted this stuff in tfmpage (in a thread for "Top Star" Prashanth :) ) I did the copying and editing stuff (after informing them only) and put in some other forums and also in this rediff blog site. To see the original post here is the link. This is the last page in that post.. old responses pottukitte pinnadi pogavum.........

O.K back to where i had begun.. Give some ideas for a new post.. ipothaikkku rendu idea vachirukken....... one for Ilaya thalabathy Vijay in C - Kasi and our own thalaivar's Java-G... but full ah idea form aagale....... C-Mukhi vera antharathula thonguthu........ story eluthalam nu than blog site vanthen......... kadseela ennaiyum pulamba vittutangalae ( "Mudhalvan" Arjun climax la solvaar la antha style la padikkavum :) )

Wednesday, December 21, 2005


Yayyyyy......... 10 days to Go for the happiest year we are all gonna have, Let us share the cake and enjoy a peaceful, safe, healthy and blissful year

An year full of vigour,
An year full of sugar :)


Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Rumbum Rumbum arambam :)

Hi all, romba naala post ethuvum pannama ovvoru blog site ah poi kalaichittu irunthaen :) infact that was more fun than posting here :p) but then ulagam full ah suthinaalum veetai gavanikkalena yaarum mathikka maatanga nu enakku appapo ethuna post panraen :)...kadi ku manikkavum........adikkadi post pannanum na ippadi kadicha than mudiyum :p

[Written in 2002, while i was studying for GRE... wordlist ah memorize panlam nu sollitu oru 10 words ah eduthu athai vachu oru dialogue construction :) ]

Ram : Hi Joseph

Joseph : Hi Ram, how do u do?

Ram : Yesda, I am doing fine. How are u doing?

Joseph : I am doing coarse........

Ram : What?

Joseph : er..I am doing a short-term course on Networkingda........

Ram : Hey, Why are u looking dull?

Joseph : nothing da brother-in-law

Ram : who is ur brother-in-law da u SCAMP

Joseph : We are conversing in english rite, so instead of calling u Machaan, i am calling u brother- in-law

Ram : Idiot, answer me Why are u looking very dull

Joseph : Nothing da, It've been 1 year since I finished my Engineering. But still I am jobless. You finished just last month and now in a Multi National company. I am jealous of u daa..

Ram : Hey man, It's your mistake that u remain jobless.... What's the use being jealous of me

Joseph : What do u mean?

Ram : I mean that u are so mean.. You remained FRIVOLOUS about searching for jobs and thought that some Managing director would come and knock your door with order letter in a golden plate

Joseph : I didnt think like that daa

Ram : You should have attended many interviews, walk-in's and posted ur resume. Whatz the use of sitting idle at home and crying

Joseph : I attended a interview last weekda brother-in-law, I stood third among the applicants

Ram : geez, I hope u missed it by a whisker. Do u have any idea how many people attended the interview.

Joseph : yeah, 3 people attended the interview

Ram : psst. You are a SCAMPda.....You should have prepared well for the interview

Joseph : I did adequate preparation. But I couldnt talk well at the interview

Ram : I understand the problem, it's because you are INARTICULATE. You felt BASHFUL while seeing the higer authorities. Attend a personality development course man, that would help u

Joseph : No Ram, that was not the problem. The problem is I had a laddu in my mouth when I entered the room

Ram : What?

Joseph : My mother gave me some laddus for snacks so that I dont feel hungry.. As I was munching my third laddu, I was called. To maintain punctuality, I went without even finishing that laddu. I was punished for my Punctuality

Ram : You are a GLUTTON da..........Only GOD have to help you uncle

Joseph : uncle??

Ram : athaanda mamoo nu sonnen…….right, I have no time to talk with jobless josephs.. See u TATA

Joseph : you old fashioned idiot, why r u stil sticking with TATAs and BIRLAs.. when you are working for international company talk like an American.. I will tell now.. see u BILLGATES…..

Ram : kashtamda…….. bye….!!!

Friday, December 02, 2005

"C" - Mukhi Part VII

It is a long time since i had updated this "C"-Mukhi thing.... I can say i am veryyyy busy :p, but the truth is, i am just running out of ideas....esp in the part that requires more creativity (jyothika part)....Let's see if i cud come up with anything....... :) Advices and suggestions are welcome...


A tensed Prabhu rushes into Rajini’s cabin.

Rajini : Hey Prabhu, why do u have to look so serious and tensed like Saurav Ganguly?. I didn’t say you will not be included in the team, did I?

Prabhu : Oh come on Rajini, we have got a serious problem

Rajini : What is it?

Prabhu : We had been testing the software product by Antony Software Technologies as per our contract with MilliSoft rite? The company chairman Mr.Antony is on the line now. He is warning us to close the bugs that we have logged into Millisoft’s defect tracker for their product… otherwise…

The story is continued here