Wednesday, February 08, 2006

CAN I... ?

Hi, As i told in my earlier post, the Kirukkals start from today :). Special thanks to Ramya for helping me with the hindi words used in this story...... and lil devil for reviewing and suggesting some changes. :) Frank comments sollungappa......... sariya?

UPDATE : Lil devil was telling, the formatting got screwed up especially when viewing in Internet Explorer. Even I thought the same, So some template change....

The Story goes below............

CAN I.... ?

It was 9'0 in the night. Dark clouds covered the moon giving an appearance of a Vanilla flavored icecream filled with chocolate sauce. There was a slight drizzle and the weather was chill. The M5 route bus was travelling along the ups and downs of Old Mahabalipuram Road dearly called as OMR (it shud have been called OMG [ Oh My God !!]rather, given its current condition and the scare it gives to the motorists). Rahul and Atul, both employees of a MNC Software company in the OMR, (In Chennai, most of the Software companies have set up their office alongside OMR only...If you are walking in the OMR, accidentally slip and fall down, chances are that a security guard of some IT company is gonna ask your ID card :) ) Both were boarding the bus returning home after a long day at office. To wile away the time, they were chatting between themselves. What else two Software guys would be talking, either whine / gossip about their PL's and PM's or talk about the attractive girls. Our guys, tired of whining about their peers, turned to see their fellow travellers. One girl in yellow chuidithar, attracted Rahul's attention.

Rahul : abey Atul, Usko dekh, that girl nice hai na?

Atul (turns and sees) : Oh yeah , looks exactly like your PL Kavitha ;)

Rahul : Arrey yaar, dont spoil my mood. This girl is damn cute. Dekh dekh...the the way she plays with the rain drops in the window. So cute, so innocent.

Atul : Dosth.. tum theek ho? Arrey whatz this, there is a drizzle outside and now started from ur mouth too?

Rahul : arey, chup raho yaar.. Valentine's day is coming up and me having no girl friends to celebrate. I am gonna try my luck with her this time.

Atul : You are mad or what? What you are gonna do?

Rahul : I am going to start a convo and slowly pick up

Atul : pick up what, the cashes?

Rahul : you dumbo, Her friendship da........

Atul : Remember dude, this is not mumbai.... In South India, esp.. Chennai, girls are very sensitive... They will not react kindly to a stranger coming and flirting straight away...

Rahul : Arrey I know yaar, have seen quite a few Murali films in our dappa T.V. I know the nuances of how to start a convo etc.,

[ As Rahul was busy ogling at the yellow chudithar, the bus stops at the next stop... The lady next to Miss. Yellow Chudithar gets down at that stop and now the seat next to her is vacant]

Rahul : Hey see, Angel Love is with me. A nice opportunity to start the conversation. I shall go and occupy the seat next to her

Atul : Khayal rakho.... She might get you caught in eve teasing case..Who knows she might even be a lady police

Rahul (chuckles) : She cannot be, I have heard that they are dressed in white. Can't u see My angel is dressed in yellow

Atul : For me it rather looks like a white chudithar that has gone yellow over the years. Probably they might not be having Surf Excel at home

Rahul : stop the nonsense, Atul, whatever it is I am gonna take the seat next to her

Atul : God be with you friend, lets meet at police station. Can i have ur advocate's number

Rahul : Shut up da...

Rahul walks up to the yellow chudithar girl. She still keeps playing with the rain droplets in the window. Sighting Rahul near her seat, she smiles at him. Rahul tries to smile back , but he couldnt, out of tension, yet he forces himself to smile. As a result the smile comes out as a stupid laughter......... Controlling himself... Rahul points to the seat next to the girl and tries to ask "Can..I take that seat next to you....". But the tension made him stutteringly say "Can...I..." only.. The smile vanishes from the girl's face... She asks...."What??"...... Rahul is taken aback by the tone of her voice. Still, holding his cool and stupid laughter a.k.a smile , he points to the seat near her, and asks ""
*Smash*.... Before Rahul could complete the sentence, She slaps him..... Rahul stood there stunned. The co-passengers were shocked by this incident, sim drop silence prevailed for a second, and people started murmuring between themselves.

Sensing the situation, Atul quickly pulls Rahul away from the place and gets down at the next stop. "Hey da Rahul... I told u na... Tamilnadu girls are a sensitive lot. They wouldnt like a guy sitting next to them however modern the they look ....." As Atul keeps talking, a shell-shocked Rahul walks behind him .

Meanwhile our heroine Miss.Yellow chudithar's friend Laila who sat in the last row all these time, comes down to her

Hey Shriya (Miss. Yellow chudithar's name is Shriya) , whatz the matter pa. Why u slapped him...?

Shriya : Hear this pa, This guy and his friend was standing there all the while pointing to me and chuckling to themselves. Initially I thought they are ogling at me and since they were also cute (blushes), I didnt mind about that much..When that old lady got down at the previous stop, I even thought of asking the smartest of them to come and sit near me (blushes again)

Laila : Then?

Shriya : Then what, that guy actually came here. I thought he is going to sit near me. But that stupid na, thought I am a foolish enough to play like a child with the rain drops. He kept on laughing at me. I kept quiet and cooled down myself... That idiot would have thought I am a north indian girl and dont know tamil....And and...

Laila : And what?

Shriya : Huh...I love rain so playing with it....How can he call me a KENAI or loosu for doing that?

Laila : ?!!!??!!!!


interfer--on said...


Yer story in a limmerick :D

Two guys were feeling romba sad,
No gal, no valentine's day - a fad,
Came la belle in churidhar, yellow -
And hero wanted was, to say "Hello",
But all he got was-thappads,très bad.

Similiar to *shoot da cat* joke of preindependence era ( englishman n his tamizh servant)

Rsu, who dabbled in tamizh as if there's no tommorrow - nice to see thou poutin' lil hindi of prathmic standards of dhakshin bharat hindi prachar sabha ;))

Smyta said...

:-)) ROTFL...

RS pottu thakku..

Waah kya baat hai...sahi hai beedoo..lage rho India!

Smiles etc.,


Ramya said...

Ada ada... idha expect a pannala...! Super. Hindi pasangaloda engleeeesh a thani...

dreamz said...

lol..Subbu. Super. I was wondering y shd the characters in ur story speak hindi....Did not expect the end. Good one. Hope to read more...:)

rsubras said...

@interfer - Comment superah irukku vinny .... kalakkare po.. Keep coming

@smyta : Thanks...aana enna solla vanthenu than :-S

hindi words lam nan ramya kitta kettu kettu eluthinen...mathapadi main hindi nahin maloom hai :)

@meow : for hindi dialogues full and ful unakku than

@dreamz : Thanks thanks..Glad u liked it

Sharada said...

hey subs..nice one..keep writing

The Soliloquist said...

" Arrey I know yaar, have seen quite a few Murali films in our dappa T.V. I know the nuances of how to start a convo etc.," --> since when did northies watch murli movies??, i myself dont watch them ;-)

"Who knows she might even be a lady police ...""She cannot be, I have heard that they are dressed in white..." -- this lady police in white was is an old phenomenon.. how are young northies who wud ve been in chennai for say 2 yrs max supposed know/remember that?

"sim drop silence " ? should be pin drop? or is it sim as in mobile sim.. and why wud anyone drop it?

And why do the gals always have to talk in "this pa, that pa" terms??

Subbu, even if u give me explanations for the above, i m not going to praise this post cos of two reasons:

1. ur setting and scope has begun to get restricted to sholinganallur software cos..
Agreed u r currently observing a lot there, but u do have a life beyond that,and u had a college/school life too..
2. The whole story revolved around can i -> kenai joke.. which is old and stale. Same format as the previous post, girl mis interpreting guy.. The originality in that one is found missing in this.. u ve started writing for audience..
And intefer : Back to reading blogs, eh? nice limerick ;-)

interfer--on said...

hoi suks sans duks,

Romba creative criticism daaa. :((

Uddu maa subbu-vai....let him play da reader's card for a while... can't be resplendent like ye n cater to the Wren n martin ka genre re ;)))

rsubras said...

@ sharada - Thanks for coming..keep visiting

@ solilo

Thanks for your frank comments...... Need more of those :)

>>since when did northies watch murli movies??, i myself dont watch them ;-)

saturday,sunday free ya irukkara time la entha mokkai pottalum paarpanga :p that too in chennai we have no paid channels that show hindi, so tamil thaan paarka vendi irukkum

>>should be pin drop? or is it sim as in mobile sim.. and why wud anyone drop it?

sim as in mobile sim than..chumma oru effect ku..... sim drop panna kooda satham varaathe..athu pola

>>this pa, that pa" terms??

enakku girls pathi avvalava theriyaathu solilo :) naan paartha varai vaa pa po pa ila vaa di po di nu than pesikaranga.... di podarathu nalla irukkuma yosichen..athan pa potten...

>>Agreed u r currently observing a lot there, but u do have a life beyond that,and u had a college/school life too..

ipathan elutha aarambichirukken.. mudhalla therinja vishayatha pathi thaane elutha mudiyum..actually i thought of writing in Bangalore environment.... but bangaluru pathi onnume theriyaathe..athan namaku therinjatha eluthalam nu ninaichen

>>u ve started writing for audience..

agreed agreed... afteral elutharathe audience kaga thane :-> stil still i shudnt bcome repetitive.. illena vijay ku vantha aathi maathiri onnu vanthudum enakku :p

Praveen said...

why blood? :)

unknown said...

good one...
how u r writing like this....?

visithra said...

Happy Birthday ;) have loads of fun today ok ;)

My days(Gops) said...

nice one...
happy b'day

Aravind said...

Happy Birthday!

Jeevan said...

Wish u a HAPPY Birthday Subra, enjoy.

Ragamaalika said...

.... experience speaks .....:)

Snow white said...


Anonymous said...

Hey Subbu,
Poi solama sollu intha Rahul character nee thaana?


Anonymous said...

Hey your blog was pretty sad..should not have put that hero down man..anyways pass your email id..hoping to see more of your blogs..

Anonymous said...

well mine is