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Enakkoru Girl Friend venumae - Part I

P.S : Once again a story that I am gonna write in parts... this one am splitting coz it comes too lengthy..... athaan... kindly execuse.... ivlo perisa potta some chinna pasanga wont read at all..athaan... :D..

P.P.S (ala SAT style) : This is certainly not a comical story nor a spoof nor a take on anyone..I had written some love stories in the past, but in each one of them, the hero will always be outsmarted by the girl and his love would end in failure. To make up for all those things (hehehe... fearing of the side effects of that paavam :D), I wanted to write one story atleast, wherein the hero gets a heroine and his love succeeds.... This story arose out of such a thought :).. So over to the story....

Enakkoru Girl Friend venumae

Raju was just staring at the monitor....He once again looked at the system time. It was only 10 minutes to 12. Uh..Oh.. at least 20 more minutes before he can call his friend Sasi for lunch. Gosh...he never thought bench life would be so boring so soon. No work to do, No friends to chat with, None of his friends were online at that time..Even his onsite friends have gone to sleep after the day's fight with their offshore counterparts...lazy gooses.....no soul is available to talk in mobile even... Suddenly everyone appeared to be so busy with their work, while for Raju, the clock appeared to limp like a boozed old man on its way to the next minute..

Till last week, Raju also was in a project, a critical project as they always say…In IT industry, even a project not worth it’s salt will be called as a critical project, if the client is demanding…..Raju was not having a even minute to spare, overflowed with so many tasks to complete. Phone bells never stopped ringing in Raju’s cubicle, from the onsite co ordinator who spit fire even fiercer than a dragon, from the Testing team bugging with bugs always, from his Project manager who pings him too often to know about the current status…
Particularly in the previous week, the work was just too much, with so much of his routine works got affected. He was not able to call his loving sister Nivetha also, whom he considers so much closer to heart more than anyone else. Nivetha is studying in IISc Bangalore, staying in a hostel. Raju never failed to call dear nivee at least once a day ever since she went Bangalore two years ago.. Hmm…from being such a busy bee to a zombie now in a space of 5 days … phewwww…IT life for sure is a pendulum Raju thought.

[ START BREAK ]: phew…. English laye ezhutharathu romba kashtama iruku…..so switching back to Tanglish… Harish,Prithz, Romie,KK, Kavitha04, ~Suchi and all peter English writers….Kindly execuse :D [END BREAK]

Raju restlessly looked at the time again. It is 12:09 now. He thought, ippave call pannathan, eppavum busy nu scene podara Sasi will come for lunch at 12:30 at least. So he dialed Sasi’s extension number from the intercomm. Sasi attends the call

Sasi : sollu machi

Raju : Wassup da

Sasi : Work than da… so many tasks to complete bfore EOD

Raju : Nee tasks for EOD nu solrae…naan Task-less ah Eee ottitu irukkaen…hmph…

Sasi : machan..epadi da kalakkare…

Raju : ayye..podhum…sari time for lunch…Vaa polaam

Sasi : dei busy da

Raju : nee busy da, enakku pasi da

Sasi : Barely 2.5 hours since u would have had your breakfast, athukulla lunch ah

Raju : enna panrathu, If there is nothing to do, eating is a good time pass at least

Sasi : ippadi solli solli than, overaa weight pottiruke nee… College la all rounder ah iruntha nee, ippo software company vanthu aalu rounder ah aayitae… :)

Raju : podhum, niruthikko, Sappida vaa…Come.

Sasi : dei machi..athu vanthu…hehee..

Raju : Come na, ennada pammare? Vaada

Sasi : athu illada… naan oru ponnukku route vittutu irunthaen la Roopa nu…. Ipothan work out aagara mathiri iruku… ava la lunch kooptirukken.. inniku ava kooda poren da.. Sorry machii…

Raju : adappavi….

Sasi : hey man, onsite la irunthu call panna solli ping panranga… I will talk to u later

Ipadi solitu tak nu phone ah vachidaran Sasi… Raju felt so awful….Oh God… not again he thought…!!!! Not so long ago, Raju’s lunch team was a big one..But as days passed by Girl friend, marriage nu vanthavudane Ovvoruthara kazhandukittanga…. And the latest to join that list was Sasi leaving Raju all alone.

Why is that the guy prefer to go with his girl friend all alone, Raju wondered….. Just because u get a new relation, u have to cut all the other existing relations..How stupid!!! Is a love relation so different, that u need to de-friend all others? Oh, Raju never liked this Love concept and from all what he has heard, seen, portrayed in the movies he has seen, he hated Love more than anything else…. Sasi kitta pesinathu la irunthu Raju got so irritated…Now he can’t go alone for lunch also… Office Food court la Single ah sappida pona..engayum utkara vida maatanga…. Sorry anga aal varanga nu solliye ovvoru idama thurathi vittuduvanga…cha cha…

Already idle ah irunthathunala irritated ah iruntha Raju, intha matter ku apuram semma upset…….. He felt like talking to his sister Nivetha… who is the only one in his entire world, who can make Raju feel better than anyone else…. Nivee kitta ithellam sonnale, manasu light ah aayidum.... Today is Wednesday thane...so she has classes only in the morning..shud be free now....ippadi think pannitu Raju comes out of his wing and calls up nivee at her mobile. Ring went at the other side... Raju was little bit tensed if Nivetha would be blasting him for not calling him for a full week...itz oki adjust pannikalam... sweet girl she is nu ninaichukittae Raju waits for Nivetha to pick the phone up....Nivi picks it up

Nivetha : hiiii anna

Raju : hey nivetha……nee eppadi irukkae?

Nivetha : am fine na… neenga eppadi irukeenga

Raju : am fine too ma…. Hey sorry da nivi, 1 week ah semma work…. oki va….ingayum angayum nagara kooda mudilae…bend eduthuttanga…. Saturday Sunday kooda office vanthaen theriyuma… athan da call pannala… am so sorry, amma vum appa vum sollirupanga ninaikkaren

Nivetha : yea yea they told… I was ok anna…. Don’t worry

(Raju is surprised…usual ah 1 day call pannalena kooda next day pannumbothu pichi eduthuduva.. now ethuvume sollaliye nu)

Raju : hey something odd with u today…sari pogattum vidu. Enakku Diwali ku oru T-Shirt vaangi vai nu sonnen la… vaanguniya?

Nivetha : oh anna sorry…. naan shopping panna ponappo, I was able to get only a shirt for u, T-Shirt vaanga mudilae…

Raju : Free vidu, nee vaanguna Shirt la Tea ya oothi athaiye naan T-Shirt aakidaren :D (chuckles)

Nivetha : haiyyo annna…verupethatheenga…. T-Shirts lam inga rumba costly ah irunthathu and aIso didn’t have enough money at that time

Raju : ATM la kaasu eduthirukkalamae

Nivetha : antha kodumaiya en anna ketkareenga…ATM pakathulaye onnu irunthuchu…but PIN number ah maranthuttaen.. athaan…

Raju : ada enna nivee…penn buthi PIN buthi nu solvaangale..appadi irunthuma maranthutte ;)

Nivetha : paduthatheenga anna…. Mokkai podarthai neenga stop pannave maatengala…..

Raju : hahaa… vaai bokkai aanalum en mokkai pogaathu :D…..sari, sari free… I wanted to tell u one important thing..…..

Nivetha (interrupts) : listen… I have an important thing to tell to u myself….

Raju : hey po foul…. Nan than phone panninen..and I only started… naan than soluvaen

Nivetha : ponga anna… Girls than first… Naan solrene anna….please please….

Raju : (konjalaga) chinna thangaiye nivetha...
nee sonnathellam ketpaen..enakku nee Vedha...
ippo first nan sola konjam enakku nee Way thaa..

Nivetha: hehhee.. poda anna...podhum ice..naan than solven....

Raju : aargh....sari sollu..sollu..solluuuuu....

Nivetha : solraen..solraen…. aana tell me this, u are a very good Anna thane… Watever that is happy for me is happy for u also thane…

Raju : enna pullae ippadi solli puttae…. Un santhosam than en santhosam..unakkaga… naan..naan…

Nivetha : (interrupts) podhum podhum…udane unga la la la tune pottudatheenga.. nan solla porathu la-la-la matter illa ooh-la-la matter…

Raju : enna nivee solrae?

Nivetha : mmm…purilaya (pauses)…Raju Anna..I think I am in love with namma Nandhini Aunty’s son Gokul…..

(To be continued..)


Unknown said...

first comment?

Unknown said...

konjam periya post. So will read later and comment

KK said...

Technically first comment naan than :) b'cause I read the full post first... :D

Enakku oru casatta ice cream parcel :)

KK said...

Kadhai super'a poguthu... appadiye office'la paakura maathiriye irukku...

//Nee tasks for EOD nu solrae…naan Task-less ah Eee ottitu irukkaen…hmph…//

Yeppadi thalaiva ippadilam yosikureenga?? bench'la irukeengala?? :D

KK said...

// Harish,KK, Kavitha04, Prithz, Romie, ~Suchi and all peter English writers….Kindly execuse :D//

Intha kootathula yenna serthu avangala avamaana paduthiteengale :D

Kavitha Jay said...

very intresting :)..

like the office atmosphere..great narration in the first part..

eagerly waiting for the next part..romba ishthu addikatha...seekarama potudu..

LOL @ KK..ithu elam too much...

u know some things sound way better if written in tamil...i love reading thanglish stories..can easily relate to our daily conversations..:D


muddled postdoc said...

Ahh I have a namesake in your story :)...
love the part where he is waiting for lunch time...Waiting for lunch as I read this :P
One thing though I guess although he feels isolated he also has understand that his friend needs have some alone time with the girl since its a new thing. :D

Aravind said...

enna rs, SJ Suryah kushi la solra madhiri end la "hero gets a heroine and his love succeeds" nu story starting ku munnadi solreenga? :P

Loved the EOD - Ee otti part! :D epdi epdi epdi??? room poatu yosipeengaLo? :P

Subramanian Ramachandran said...

yea first comment.. comment potta mattum podhadhu..padikkavum seiyyanum...so KK wins :p


Yeppadi thalaiva ippadilam yosikureenga?? bench'la irukeengala?? :D
hehehehe... ippo illa..but irunthirukkaen....athu oru kanaa kaalam :D

thanks for the cheers :D

yea yea...try panren seekiram poda :D

hehee yesssss ur name ur name :p

yea ur true....but when it so happens that some one who is close to u suddenly leaves u all alone and goes behind his/her love it might appear odd initially :)


dude...welcome....long time since u came here :)

epdi epdi epdi??? room poatu yosipeengaLo? :P

hehe...athellam thanaa varuthuu... :D

enna rs, SJ Suryah kushi la solra madhiri end la "hero gets a heroine and his love succeeds" nu story starting ku munnadi solreenga? :P

haha...munnadiye climax sollitu appalaikku kathaiya kondu porathu oru vagai.... athukkaga surya kooda compare panni why the insult :D

Raz said...

ippothiku! i wil jus tell a hi! en blog la unga comment :D mudiyala!!!

innum intha post padikala.. seekiram padichitu comment viduren!

Kavitha Jay said...

ooo..now its his sister ahh..soo enna panna poran arumaiyi anna...?..wait n see :)

"nee vaanguna Shirt la Tea ya oothi athaiye naan T-Shirt aakidaren"...ippdi oru oru line n mokkai ya potta naanga enna aavarathu...lol

it was fun reading it..i was actually laughing out loud for ur jokes...eppdi ithu ellam?????? :P


prithz said...

Yeabbaaaaaaaa!!! Raju ku peru mohan nu vechirndha, Radio Mirchi la vara madiri Mokkkkai Mooohan nu solirakalaamm!! Seriously, KK solra maadiri epdi dhan ipdi laam yosikarelo!!! Aandavaa!!

Unga kadhailalaam software naraiyya intermingle aagarthu, so some parts purila.. Ippodhaiku ennaku therinja word in software coding language is 'bench' :D

Raz said...

there is an underlying truth in ur story !
figure kidacha frnd a ellarumo cut panniruvainga :D
i am happy all my frndz r still single :)

havnt read ur other "soga ending" stories....
but i like the "happily ever after" kinda so i wil not try reading them!

Unknown said...

@ rsubras

//yea first comment.. comment potta mattum podhadhu..padikkavum seiyyanum...so KK wins :p//

idhu bongu! :(

Unknown said...

ippo dhaan padichu mudichen.. nalla irundhichu.

Andha Raju neenga dhaano? ;)

Nextu enna..eppadi.. therinjikka aavala iruku.


Subramanian Ramachandran said...


naan unakku software terms niraya kathu tharen.... nee enakku story ezhutha solli thaa sariya :D


//i am happy all my frndz r still single :)

Today's single is tommorow's doubles :p

//havnt read ur other "soga ending" stories....
but i like the "happily ever after" kinda so i wil not try reading them!

hey raz...no thappana illusions... soga ending eh kidayaathu.. antha idathula athu than happy ending :p


//Andha Raju neenga dhaano? ;)

en unakku intha veri :p.. actually Raju is a blend of so many characters I daily see, hear, listen, look and feel...

@maruthi who is currently reading the story and whom i expect to comment :D

reply nee pottathukkapuram panren..sariya

Marutham said...

Ayya vanakkam :)

Kadhai title elam weight'a iruke :P

Padikren padikren...padichute iruken.
Half way thro..
full'a padichutu podren

Dreamzz said...

kadhai nalla irukku! seekiram nextu pls!

Dreamzz said...

//Why is that the guy prefer to go with his girl friend all alone, Raju wondered….. //
ROFL! athellam secret!

Dreamzz said...

//Nivetha : mmm…purilaya (pauses)…Raju Anna..I think I am in love with namma Nandhini Aunty’s son Gokul…..//
adra! superu!

Marutham said...

Enakenavo idhai partha kadhai mari therila..songa kadhai soga kadhai- feeling'sa kotti theerthukta maari iruke...

PS: Not abt t title boss...but vela orey busy adhu idhu..and love towards sis... idhelaam ;)

Apdiya enna? :P apdiye irundhalum unmaya othukava poreenga :P
i take back my qn ..
(Romba lollu - apdinu nenakreenga?? :P After a long time otlam pola irundhuchu...nanga enga avesatha theethuka indha edam kooda ilana epdi?? ) :P

Marutham said...

//If there is nothing to do, eating is a good time pass at least//

Ahaa... Apdiya.... sila samayam conscious'a ilama iwhen am pretty jobless naan edhavdhu sapda aramichruven pola..apram half way thro- enada idhu ivlo nerama (probably chips) sapdrom... idhu nama ilaye..apdinu sudharichu i stop.

PS:I very very rarely eat snacks. Avlova pidikadhu ;) . So idhu dhana vishayam....

Marutham said...

Nivetha : solraen..solraen…. aana tell me this, u are a very good Anna thane… Watever that is happy for me is happy for u also thane…//
Ahaaa..sari ilayeeeeeeeee

Marutham said...

//I think I am in love with namma Nandhini Aunty’s son Gokul…..//
ahaa :O
i know wat t pasamalar wud feel now...

i hope atleast sissy understands that love doesn't mean isolating urself from rest of ur relationships :)