Saturday, April 14, 2007


Ellorukkum vanakam :) Anaivarukkum en iniya Tamil puththaandu vaazhthukkal. Sarvajith tamil aandil Sarvamum Santhosamai amaiya GOD Bless us all :D

Update : romba naalachu la athan intha get up change....intha blog template um courtesy my sis than :)

(1) For our Nation - Our nation should be prosperous, happy and blessed by GOD free from any kind of dangers, Natural disasters, safe from Terrorist attacks. Our nation and we the people should live happily and safely - VAAZHGA VALAMUDAN

(2) For our family - Appa, Amma, Thangachis, Thambis, Annas, Akkas and our dear friends everyone should be safe, healthy and happily with the blessings of GOD. For them VAAZHGA VALAMUDAN

(3) For the Exam Ilavarsans and Exam Ilavarasis - All the best for everyone of them - VAAZHGA VALAMUDAN

My new year resolutions for the blog :D

(a) To complete Ja-Jini and C-Mukhi and start with new spoofs (viz., Java-G) and new stories too :D

(b) Adikkadi ethuna interesting post pottu to get more readers :D

Well, intha post pottathukku kaaraname, just an hour ago i happened to read my dear sis' new post..........chanceh illa.......sooper ah eluthirukka... sooper and lovable one that was.... comment panrathoda, paaratrathoda ninukkama i thought of asking ppl to read it by putting the link in my blog too..etho ennala mudinja oru publicity velai :D, poi padichu paarunga, am damn sure u will love the story as much as i did :), nalla irunthuchuna comment pannunga angae... You can read the post in this link


prithz said...

Happy tamil new year to u anna!

Yean manam my blog la dhan going nu paatha.. unga blog la kooptuvechu going pandrele :D no fair!

Sandhya Ramachandran said...

Iniya Puthaandu nal vaazhthukkal! and enga ellarukkum wish panna neenga 'Vaazhga valamudan'! :)

read your sister's post! AWESOME!!! :D

Ramya said...

Iniya tamizh puthandu nalvazhthukal and vaazhga valamudan to all !

And pree, kandippa un post a koodiya sikiram padikaren ! :D :D

Ramya said...

Oh btw, template super !
Very very pleasant to look at ! :)
Apdiye enakum edha indha madiri irundha.... :D :D :D

nivi said...

Happy tamil new year to you too :)

Karthik B.S. said...

Happy tamil new year to you, belated though.

NIce template u have.

Karthik B.S. said...

Unga paasa thangachi blog'ah spoof senju oru post potirkaen.. paarungo! :)

Karthik B.S. said...

avaloda blog anniversary falls on April 23 la adhaan oru chinna dedication on Preethi.