Saturday, March 15, 2008


Ellorukkum vanakkam... This is a tag post...and am Tagged by namma Rasakka

I am Copy pasting the rules here

In the 8 Facts about Yourself, you share 8 things that your readers don’t know about you. Then at the end you tag at least 8 other bloggers to keep the fun going. Here are the rules.

* Each blogger must post these rules first.
* Each blogger starts with eight random facts/habits about themselves.
* Bloggers that are tagged need to write on their own blog about their eight things and post these rules.
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Hmm..this tag was interesting... First when i saw this point,

>>sharing 8 things that your readers dont know about u,

I pondered on what might be those points that readers doesnt know about me........ Enna sollalam...... Ennai pathi Negative points sollalam na... mind la thonichu.... namma negative ah clean panni, develop pannina positive image kaamikalam(athavathu padam kaamikalam :p) athai vittutu negative ah expose pannina, nallava irukkum..waste ah poidathu? :)....sari pogattum Nallatha ethuna solalam na.. naan vera romba modest ah :D, so I dont like blowing my own trumpet :D.....sari ithu rendum ilama, Sharing 8 things readers dont know about me ethu nu yosicha, enaku enonoda ATM card PIN, Credit card number, Mail password ippadilam nu than thonichu.... kittathatta athai than pottirupen... appuram than cool down aagi... Sari ithu kashtam, rules ah slight ah bend panni, 8 facts ah, 8 incidents nu maathi Autograph type la nyabagam varuthe nyabagam varuthe nu yosichu paarthen..old memories ethuna podalame.. past memories nu yosichu kittathatta poorva jenmame nyabagam vanthiduchi :D, mudinja alavu try panirukken... I hope i satisfy the blog rules :)

1. College I year padikkumbothu oru term exam la (Chemistry) ethuvume therilaya....appathan romba blatant ah copy adichen... pakkathu seat la irunthu paper vaangi... romba guilty ah irunthathu.. but appo oru promise pannikitaen..inimael epavume Xerox copy thavira vera copy um adikka koodathu nu (coffee illa...copy :)) mudinja alavu athai follow um pannirukken nu ninaikkaren...

P.S : Office la panna vendiya work ku, Googling panni code copy paste panni naan code ezhutharathu ithula serthi aagathu :)

2. When I was young (12-14 yrs old) In our apartments, naanga pasanga lam aaluku konjam kaasu pottu (1 Re each), sports tournament nu nadathuvom, among around 6 of us... Running race, Slow cycling ippadi sila events.. and ithula jeyikaravngaluku prize.. Prize enna theriyuma..50 paisa gun, 1 rs ku oru pambaram ippadi lam... It used to be fun and interesting at the same time...Ellam T.V influence thaan :)

3. Athe T.V influence la, cricket vilayadum bothu kooda, rather than having a monotonous cricket matches within ourselves, we used to conduct Triangular tournaments among ourselves (courtesy Sharjah Tournament 1991-92), 6 peru iruntha, 3 teams of 2 person, 9 vantha, 3 persons each nu... It will be two rounds of league matches and one final.... Again this was more interesting than the usual cricket matches...and Summer vacation la laam it was great fun

4. Anyone of u remember Maggi club?? Those days it was there.. If u are under 14, u can be a member of that club...I used to be a very active member of Maggi club..Maggi noodles adikkadi antha wrappers la Maggi logo mattum cut panni, delhi la irukkara avanga office ku post panninom na they will make u a member.. Depending on the number of wrappers u send, they will send u interesting games, board games maathiri irukkum..semma interesting games athellam.. those games were a great hit among my friends in our apartments.... enkitta irunthathu la extra wrappers anuppi I even made some of my friends as members.. Athula en friend kaga one time try pannumbothu, I didnt have enough wrappers in what we did was, we went around our locality, kuppai kottara idama poi, we collected (rather porukkufied :D) maggi wrappers .. appadi kashtapattu member aakirukken avanai... :p

5. Ithuvum chinna vayasula than... in our apartments.. Newyear eve la laam enga apartments la night la ovvorutharum avanga flats munnadi kolam poduvaanga.. Kolam podura Flat sisters ah ottanum nu, naanga pasanga lam ovvoru flat kolathaiyum comment adichu mark pottom (Idea ku 20 marks, Neatness ku 20 marks etc.,) Ippadi Jolly ah ottarathukku nu aarambichathu, Aunties lam serious ah eduthukittu, ippa every year athaiye Kolam contest nu official ah kondu vanthuttanga anga :)

6. Ithu ennoda sontha oor la... We used to go to our native place during my school holidays.. anga ulla friends innoru gang.. enga street friends lam sernthu association nu onnu aarambichom....En friend oruthan veetula 3 pasanga..athula eldest paiyan than first president....antha anna college ponavudane, another senior guy became president.. intha association pinnadi develop aagi, we used to conduct elections lam.. :).. naan leave la mattum than ooruku porathunala naan foriegn secretary..matha posts ku lam election... ballot boxes lam vachu election nadathinom :)... Ithula comedy enna na... nadu la oru time anga president ah iruntha paiyan family kum innoru family paiyanukkum oru sandai vanthu, antha paiyan intha association la irunthu vilagi, he formed a potti association...athula mostly avanga family pasanga than members (they were around 5-8).. ithu serious ah ve pochu... they wont play with us..we wil not be playing with them... arasiyal maathiriye iruku la... but ithellam nijammave nadanthathu... appuram enna aachu na, konja naal kalichu rendu side um utkarnthu pesi merge panninom association ah :)

What we used to do on behalf of the associaton was, enga street ah clean panrathu, library mathiri chinnatha maintain paninathu, apuram street orathu la oru idathula kuppai pottutu asingam pannitu irunthaanga... To clean up that, what we did was anga oru poodam maathiri vachu, we made that as a temple... Temple nu sonna asingam panna maatanga la... athan... Yearly once, antha idathula pongal lam vaippom, with the help of the street residents....

7. When I was 10 years old, we moved to the apartments I was referring to above.. I owe watever positive qualities (atleast the trigger for those positive qualities) I have now to that apartments. Romba romba bekku maathiri irunthaen when I moved there.... Even to start playing with the people there, pakkathu veetu chinna ponnu than kootitu pochu... intha anna vaiyum game la serthu konga nu :D... Appadi irunthu, niraya nalla vishayam enakku la develop aanathuku antha flat than major reason :)

8. Since I was kind of very much an introvert during my younger days and also being a single child, I used to do so many things to myself..rather than share / mingle with ppl.... appadi aarambichu than poem ezhutharen nu solli kirukka arambichathu... Rhyming varathukkaga naan pannina attagasam....haiyyo solla mudiyaathu :D...My first poem was this

(Father to Son)
O my dear son,
your eyes are like sun,
your mind is like a gun,
So please eat this bun.

(Son reply)

O my father,
you dont bother
if you want me to eat this bun
then i wud have to surely run

:D uthaikkanum nu thonutha?? but i liked this "poem" of mine..oru diary onnu maintain panni, i used to write all such stuffs... athuvum mathavanga kitta kaamika bayam.... enga flat pasanga romba nallavanga... naan diary lam POEM nu ezhuthi ulla etho etho kirukki vachirunthathala naan poet nu solla aarambichittanga..without even reading what i had written inside... ippadi vera ethi vida aarambichavudane, kittathatta oru English karadi ya (a.k.a Vijaya Rajendar) suthittu irunthaen in my young age :D

Another sample

My name is subramani,
my heart is like sweet honey,
I care about attitude and not money
Mothathula en baaniye thani...
What's your opinion, tell if any...

:D :D :D

Thanks to Raz...... I really enjoyed writing this post..... re collecting the happy incidents in ur life really refreshes u...and sometimes, ippadi lam irunthirukkena nu I am surprised at myself now... :).. I dont know if any of you like this post or not..but I really liked doing this tag.....

I would like to tag my friends GP and GG.. Happy Tagging guys!!!


Dreamzz said...

நல்லாதான் இருக்கு!!!

Raz said...

for once, i liked ur post that too a lot! :) infact romba poramaiya irunthuchu. my childhood was totally different!
>:D< enjoied it grtly buddy! thnks for the memory trip.

Mystery said...

hehe romba cute ah irrundhichi...i lived in a apartment we also used to have this fun games..competition etc etc..antha atmosphere eh thaniyya irrukum..

my teen yrs were the best..atha pathi sollanum na oru thani post eh podanum..
u reminded me of my childhood days...

Gargling Garbage said...

Kirukkal subramani la inrundhu kalakkal subramani varai... journey pramaadham! :D

I enjoyed reading every single attagaasam of yours... Was reading and imagining... imagining and reading..! And like raz said... poraamaiya iruku! Community service, creative competitions, writings... and semma cool apartment pasanga... what a blessed childhood! :)

But bhayangara poraamai edhukuna... After reading your poem I realised I don't have a copy of my first (and last.. almost!)... wrote one on refrigerator :P when i was 7yrs old!

Hey tag me too na... :) Mayb that could be my next post! :)

Karthik B.S. said...

Vanakkam Anna,
Poem irundhudhu Nanna,

Eppadi ungalala mattum ippadi mudiyudhu,
Kaluthula irundha ratham valiyudhu,

Karthik B.S. said...

sema comedy unga "Poems".

Aravind said...

>>ATM card PIN, Credit card number, Mail password ippadilam nu than thonichu.

LOL!! ur poems rock! :P

And, ya... Maggi club....the games that they used to send... super, illa? u brought back fond memories of childhood, RS!! :D

rsubras said...

Long time since i replied to comments in my post :D, as much as i love seeing ppl comment, and more so i love seeing ppl reply to my comments in their blog, i am lazy to reply to comments in my blog..nevertheless this time i wanted to reply :)

@ dreamzzz

Thanks saare... btw why have u made ur profile private??

@raz - tag panna maha"Raz"ee... kadsee la varen, reply panna


true la...
15 years back la laam, when there were only 6-8 blocks in an apartment and 4-8 flats in a block, life used to b fun esp for children... how much i envied ppl as a child seeing them enjoy in an apartments, and how much my friends envied looking at our flat :)... But today...flat life sans few flats, has turned robotic kind of, much lonelier than an independent house :)

rsubras said...


Romba thankss.. :) ur comments made me feel elated....

looking at ur and raz comments.... made me ponder...

you were true... life had been such a fun... and i was really blessed for such a life at that time (esp after an unfortunate happening...) but truth was, never i really realized all these things at that time...infact had been complaining only... i didnt get this..i didnt get that... except for the later part of my teens, i never really was happy about my life....

True la... u never know when u are actually blessed..rather u crib about something u havent got...u realize about what u were blessed only when u look a older age :) Live life at the present..and enjoy the current moment rather than to look back later :)

rsubras said...

@ b.s.karthik

lol :)

@ aravind

u too same pinch maggi club?? :)

@Raz again

frankly, enakku romba kadi ya than irunthathu when i started this tag..... kitathata adutha story podarathuku munnadi oru filler mathiri than post pottaen... but ezhutha ezhutha.... i was like.. immersed in those memories...... Thank uuuuuuuu for that :)

PREETI said...

maggi club??hahahahahaha!nijama anda madri la irundida???i never knew! tat ws sooo cute!

ur blog page title sayz it alllll-kirukkals,nothin but kalakkals...totally! :)

p.s:thnx for droppin by mine..

p.s.2: Sorry abt bein stuck in BASIC age with black n colours...naa romba old type u c :D

Raz said...

@ssubramani : :D mikka nandri