Friday, September 05, 2008

"A" For Apple

It is prithz who has tagged me this time... intha maathiri tag nu vanthathan blog panrathukke mudiyuthu :) illati ore somberis of india than.... :D, so here goes the tag


The Tag name is A for Apple
Give preference for regular sites
Ignore your own blog

P.S : I had been an avid surfer of net for the past 9 years or so.... athunala sila olddddie sites (some sites which is not active anymore or which i am not visiting much) mention pannuven..makkal tension aaga koodathu :)

- +2 la 70% mattume marks eduthuttu veetukku pona enkitta en amma ketta mudhal kelvi, intha mark ku annauniversity la seat kidaikkuma pa nu (with real innocence and curious for her son)...enaku semmmaiya feelings aayiduchu... so UG padicha naalu varusham college ku anna univ vazhiya pogumbothu ore ekkathoda paarthuttu irupaen... :) UG mudichittu, GOD's grace, PG degree, ithe Anna Univ la padikkira opportunity vanthappo, the pride and sense of satisfaction i felt was soooo immense.... athunalaye this site was soo special for me... :)

- B nu naan en address bar la type pannina, athu intha oru site visit panrathuku mattum than :)

- Vani's blog....used to write sooper stories once upon a time...updating frequency kurainjaalum, whenever she writes a post, she writes it with full of enthu
- After Chennai implemented CAS and Cricket telecast lam buss aana, pinnadi, cricbuzz site than engaluku heaven maathiri... the ball by ball update is much faster than cricinfo..and what makes it much more interesting is the live chat thatz being provided in the side... Namma close friends kooda Suda suda milagai bajji saaptutu chepauk stadium la T20 match paartha enna excitement kidaikkumo antha excitement thara koodiya site... ippolam even when the match is available for telecast in the channel, i prefer following the match in Cricbuzz :)
- Am a long time rediff chatter...and a chatting experience of around 6 years there :) variety of friends and variety of experience, i cud say, in a way, Rediff chat was instrumental in shaping up my personality...... improving it and improved my attitude.... ippo oothi mooditanga andha chat aiye.... GTalk or YM not withstanding, public chat in always rocked.......

- Neat and decent gift mart site... Singapore gifting sites laye oralavu economical and that offers good range of gifts na athu intha site nu sollalam
- Sila samayam yaar kooda na chat pannitu irukkumbothu tak nu oru azhagana vaarthai thonum..aana artham than theriyaathu.... udane intha site poitu athoda meaning, usage lam paarthuttu, chat la use panni asathida vendiyathu than :)

Divya's site - - Advice Aunty Ambujam oda site ithu..... :)

- This blogger is a genius gal.... visit panni ava blogs ah padinga..ungalukke puriyum.....about her writing skills

- namma romie is a columnist in this website.. athunala i will visit here appappa.....
- around 9 years ago, much bfore the advent of gmail, this mail server was the lightest and fastest mail service available...


G for Google - I was a reluctant user of Gmail initially.. but now... the Google family than enakku internet la sagalamum

Mail - Gmail
Chat - GTalk
Blog - Blogger
Time pass - Orkut
Picture - Picasaweb

and the omnipotent and the ubiquitous Google for all search engines..... been a google user from the early days of Google... (some where around late 1999 nu ninaikaren)
- one of a best friend's blog..she doesnt blog much these days (or for that matter, she never had blogged much since she started blogging :p) but she has her own way of writing... and one particular piece of story written by her was just awesome....

- Ennoda mudhal mudhal mail id was created in hotmail....... (way back in 1998 i suppose :D), antha email id was it was so much of pride those days, having an email id.... :D create pannina, 3 months login pannama iruntha id poidum nu enakku appa theriyaathu...but hotmail was like my early days in the i have fond memories when i think of this link :)

Harish's site -
- Vaarthai jithan...and many a times my inspiration to several posts.... serious ah aarambichu appuram curious ah kondu vanthu kadseela hilarious mudikkara vithai harish ku kai vantha kalai :)
oru kaalathula, i will visit this site often to acquire knowledge :), this is an online encyclopedia nu sollalam, avvalo information irukkum

- When i first made a reservation for train tickets using this site, i was feeling so happy, that i saved a lot of time for my father, in getting these tickets booked online rather than having to wait at the railway station queue.. but ippo most of the ppl ithula matum than book panraanga...making the life of so many citizens standing in the queue, difficult...

one more drawback booking tickets online is.... if u miss a train for some reasons, u will not get any refund with an online ticket... experienced this fate atleast twice so far :(
- has always been my source for news anytime.........

- phone from PC site...

actually J la not much websites coming to my mind... but naan enoda email la naan J nu type pannalae sister email id varum..... so J antha vagai la sollalam... :)

- Saga KK's blog... thalaivar blog panrathillae these days

- Azhagazhaga stories ezhutharathilayum sari, or like in early days, chronicle of her day to day life ezhutharathilayum sari, the richness, the sweetness, the beauty of words and the soul behind each of her post chanceh illatha oru delightful experience....

N - the name of this mail server was naan ithulayum oru account vachirunthen..once upon a time

O - orkut provided a new way to link with long lost relationships, friendships etc.,
- (Logic 1 - one, starting with O :D) - I wanted to mention this site this is one of my most favorite.... ever reliable site to send e-greetings........ has a variety of options to choose from and sila wordings lam so apt ah irukkum....

- My manaseega guru in blogging... Prabhu had been my long time TFM page (willl come later in this post) friend.... prabhuvoda blog posts and the numerous blog links from his sites paarthu than naan blog pannave aarambichen
- Wishing for someone, and taking pleasure in celebrating for some one requires a big heart...and G3 has it is in loads.... but akka en ipa blog panrathillae therila...


Ramya's site -
- Roam Roam Romie yoda blog.... she can adorn her post with lovely narration and can decorate it with marvellous words.... Girl with loads of talents............ site black and white ah irunthalum, post ovvonum colorful ah irukkum.... courtesy her choice of words and subjects for the post

- Gillie yoda blog.... perukketha maathiri super blog thaan...
- en friend oda blog... complex words lam pottu, puriyatha maathiri ezhuthuva...aanalum nalla ezhuthuva :)
- appapa intha site poitu en blog ku yaar vanthaanga nu therinjukkarathula romba aarvam enakku :)
- This is inactive now, but oru kaalathula i was an active vistior to this site :)

- Tamil torrents site, movies, music ethunaalum inga irukum
- Very long association with this site.... being an ardent ARR fan, i had been a regular visitor to this tamil film music discussion page... matha MDs fans oda arattai, sandai ellam nadakkum ingae... this is the place where most famous blogger like prabhu, praveen, magix ivangallam uruvananga... It had been a fun and a very good experience at this site

- oru mobile vaangrathukula intha site pala thadavai visit panni marubadi marubadi paarthen :)

- If you want to see an ardent blogger, who religiously updates her blog regularly, look no further than visithra :)

- To update my system with the latest patches from microsoft

- where else to visit for videos... ultimate time pass site :)

- Gift site...

Actually i found it difficult to recollect the names of sites for all the alphabets....yosichu paartha, i shud attribute it to my addiction to Google..ethu thevai naalum Google vazhiya ve poittu irukarathai kammi pannikanum :)

I would like to tag Lalli, Romie (Sagittarian) and Divya (manasukkul mathaapu)


Karthik B.S. said...

andha 123greetings'a inga kondu vandhadhu nalla kadhaya irukku. :P

Divya said...

\Divya's site - - Advice Aunty Ambujam oda site ithu..... \\

அட பாவிவிவிவிவிவிவீ:((

ithellam remba overuuuuuu subu:((

ipdi solitu ennai tag vera panirukireengla,
asuku busukku nan tag post elutha matein,
bcos....nan already intha tag eluthy mudichuteins:))
athu koooda gavanikama u hv tagged me!

Gargling Garbage said...

Maanatha vaangitiye paaa! Maanatha vaangitiye pa! :D :D ...

Ippo lazy Lalli ki semma velai vechiteingo! Wokies! Challenge yethukarein ;)

Gargling Garbage said...

E adichaan copy panna try pannina.. appodhaan L kaanum nu therinjadhu :D :D ...

Sat said...

Yellow...why have all bloggers gone dormant? :-/

Aaarti said...

Ahh, i see u're the one who passed it to lalli... she to me... took me like an hour to sit and figure out sites for every alphabet!!! phew!! sema velai....:d

KK said...

Ithu ennapa entha blog ponalum ABCD... sollitu irukeenga??
Naangalam SJ Surya maathiri A Aa... than solluvom ;)