Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Thread of Love

Raksha bandhan – the cultural festival that glorifies sibling relationship and symbolizes the cultural harmony of our nation. It is my personal favorite, more than the imported days ala Friendship day, Valentine’s Day that we are now lapping up. Ironic, it should be, considering the fact that, being born on Valentine's Day I like the Raksha bandhan day more :D. Anyway I wanted to pen down (or rather type down??) my views on it in a beautiful, poetic way... I worked on it, but somehow my mind got stuck and what came out of it were only some clichéd lines, very much unlike of the feelings I wanted to express.. I gave up then, pacifying myself that it is not always necessary to decorate our feelings with beautiful words. If your feelings are genuine enough, we need not mind about our diction or grammar, we need not even make it good enough to appeal to people around... We don’t need to, really !... :)

Every Guy might have his own perceptions about what is that, that makes him manly...Strange, but truly, I am of the view, that being a brother, being thought about as an Anna by a girl, makes me feel manly. It gives that special feeling, the responsibility, the duty, the care, affection all in one. For any girl, her bhaiya would have been the first go-to guy in her life, rite? Her brother would have been the first hero for her who can knock any one down, the genius who know Mathematics even better than Rita Madam :)...And as she grows up, her brother would be the care taker, taking care just like her dad, but more friendly and closer to heart than the strict father...And later in life, she would even hope that her brother will bring her prince charming to her....... If she finds one herself, her brother, will play the pivotal role in making her Prince charming, the king of this darling... :) (konjam niraya pesitteno :D ??).. Well, The point is this.......It takes a lot to be a brother, so much more, if you are not related by blood.

There is also another thing to it, In general, we Guys love Girls more than our fellow guys. Because, only a Girl, who ever she is, a Mother, a Sister, a Daughter or the all important better half, can reach out to the deepest of a Guy’s heart and extract the softer part out a man. Only a girl has the ability to make a guy realize how lovable he can actually be. That for me is the real power of a Girl. The love we show towards our mother hardly compares with the love she has for us. How much ever we talk about the value of Romantic love, it cannot be denied, that our love for her comes with a price tag. We expect to be the most important person for her and expect her to listen and do as we like it. But Sisterly love does not carry any such expectation… well..almost…... It is this love without any expectations makes it all the more sweeter...

For me a Sister means a lot...She gives that kind of sweet and unadulterated love feel, the manly feel, the sense of responsibility, the care that makes me chase the limits to do certain things for her happiness. It also makes me a good natured guy with respect for girls, makes me a better guy. Those girls in my life who gave that brotherly feeling created so much positive impact in me even though they might not be aware of that :).

Raksha bandhan is special in that way that I feel, when a girl ties the rakhi in my hand gives me that recognition which I treasure a lot. This year has been more special to me, compared to recent years, as I had the privilege of being tied the coveted thread on my hand by a special sister :) That thread means a lot, as I earlier told, it gives me the pride and the responsibility.

Okiee...comedy ngara per la mokkai pottutu iruntha naan, ippo real feelings ngra per la mokkai podalennu ninaikkaren.. :D I have tried to keep this as subtle as possible, not over emote, not to exaggerate, but direct dil se. This post is just to honor the festival Raksha bandhan and also the dear sisters who gave that lovely, sweetly feel :). I am not going to name them, as I might miss out on some names and that definitely would not be fair to them. Also Instead of me making noise, I feel the best thing is to be a deserved brother who makes his sister feels proud about having him as her brother, give her that secure feeling., have the ability to make her happier, any day, any time.I am miles away from becoming like that, but I hope to be there some day...



mystery said...

first time here...:)
i love the title for this post "thread of love"..
Tears rolled down as i read this post..thinking about my brother, who is no more.
if only i could fight with time, i would do anything to bring him back.

Karthik B.S. said...

very good post.

Happy raksha bandhan wishes.. :)

Harish said...

We are on the same boat....we feel lot to have a sister even though by birth we don't have one :(

Ramya said...

Despite having collected exorbitant amounts from half a dozen cousins,I can vouch to say that, this is one of every girl's favourite festival ! ;)

//If she finds one herself, her brother, will play the pivotal role in making her Prince charming//
As long as she doesn't look vittufy his own friend :P

aks said...

Read your latest post subu.. its very touching. i could very well sense your feelings... Happy Rakshabandan...

Chriss said...

Subbu anna , nejamaavae i felt wat u meant.. Amma appadinra uravu ellarukum vaazhkaila kandippa irukkum , aana thangai amaiyaradhu is GOD's gift to every brother... As you said i also abide with the fact that we are miles away from being a special brother to our GOD gifted sisters.... but am sure we will all make it up one fine day....

Anonymous said...

Nice thoughts & the post...Happy Raksha Bandhan!

prithz said...

Ahhaaa!!! Sorry for the late attendance :D

Very well written and heart felt post! Happy Raksha Bhandhan!

prithz said...

Ahhaaa!!! Sorry for the late attendance :D

Super senti post! The pleasure of having a brother is unmatched. Just as you and harish feel for the absence of a sister, i feel for the absence of a brother. I guess thats Y i have one truck load of guy cousins :P and yeah uuuuuuuu! :D

PreethZzZ said...

hey... very nice post... i have always wanted an elder bro... but hmmm... it never happened... i was the first child... lol... anyway happy raksha bandhan!!!

suganya said...

You were born to be a brother :)

But as for the post, konjam smileys a kammi panni irukalam..

Btw, have you ever considered becomin director Vikraman's assistant ? Jus kidding...

Vani Viswanathan said...

LOL @ Ramya! Didn't expect such a post here hehe.. but got to know of your love for this when you sent those emails asking about SingPost!! :D

@s said...


these days I have to be content with reading blogs :(.. No internet connection at my place.. Hoping to scribble something over the weekend, tho..

Pradeep Jayaraman said...

Machi.. thats a really nice post. I should agree that i have become more hard by heart these days being deprived of people around me, living in this alien country. Like you, I have always longed for a sibling, especially a sister.

But ennoda raasi, enakku rakhi katra ponnunga ellam, en kitterndu escape avaradukagavey katranga. ;)

Well.. not all of them, but most of them. It is a known truth that the same rakhi which is used to express unconditonal love to a true caring brother is also used by some wemen to keep guyz away from them.

all said and done, you have spoken my thoughts. Sorry about reading this post so late.

G3 said...

Aaha.. urugi urugi ezhudhi irukkeenga :) Nice to know the guy's point of view :))

Nice post and is really very close to the heart :)

KK said...

yellam seri aana SA Rajkumar music mattum missing... add pannidunga brother ;)

BTW, yen blog'la thoosi thatti oru post potruken...FYI

Sat said...

rakshabandan is more dreaded AFAIK...brothers say it hurts their pockets....the rest of the men...sollave venam, thala maraivave ayiduvaanga

rsubras said...

hey ur comments really touched me...yea i cud understand how much u wud have felt....

Thanks da...Happy Raksha bandhan wishes to u too :), oh dont mind the delay in me telling u that

oh yea harish.... anyway..had that feel but not now, thanks to the sisters :D


english ah correct pannu ma mudhalla.... :p but yea i got what u say....i bet u, even guys like this festival for the very reason that they have a chance to gift their sis


Thanks a lot and same to you :D

rsubras said...


u are quite true da dommi..ya machi..we can make it :D


Thanks a lot dude, welcome here and keep visiting


hehehe :D, happy raksha bandhan to u too


enna panrathu..ezhuthumbothu enna lam thonucho athai appadiye pottaen...paartha ore smileys :D

en intha post padikkumbothu unakku pinnadi la la la music oducha enna? :p


hey...after a long time ur comment..thank u thank u :D

>>Didn't expect such a post here hehe

aaha...enna kodumai vani ithu..ithukku munnadi naan enna romantic posts ah pottutu irunthaen :p and thanks for ur help in replying the mails :)

rsubras said...


late ah vanthathukku punishment ah nee intha blog la 100 comments podanum :D

@ @s
oh ok fine..btw..did u read this post?? :blink:


machan..straight from heart comment da..thattiko =:=


tank u tank u


vanthaachu.coment pottachu....
enna annae..ooh la la nu celebrate panna vendiya sibling love ah la la la nu emotion aaka paarkureengo :D

@ Sat

athu depends on what purpose u tie a rakhi to a guy.... naangallam true... oru ponnu rakhi kattita athai thangachi ya ethuppom..thangachiya ethukka mudiyatha ponnunga kitta rakhi kattikave maatom :) some girls, safety ku nu kanda pasangalukku katti rakhi yoda meaning ah ye keduthuduvaanga... :)

Mystery said...

time for a new post sir :)

Viren said...

Yes, I agree with you, here in India people do celebrate this Rakhi Festival with all fun along-with all family members. Yes, even stars also celebrate this festival in their own way. And people who are not in India, they rakhi to india to their brothers and

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