Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Mokkai Murali's patriotism

Mokkai murali appeared before the district court magistrate after having been arrested on charges of poaching blackbucks.

Magistrate : Mr.Mokkai murali, you have been charged with the crime of shooting down black bucks. What have u got to say about that?

Mokkai murali : My Lord, I accept the charges against me. But pray, please allow me to explain why I indulged in such an activity and you shall know that in the interest of society only I did that

Magistrate (surprised and gets a little emotional) : oh..Is it.. Yes my dear son, please go ahead with the explanation

Mokkai Murali : Last week I watched the movie Sivaji at INOX. The film affected the true indian inside me. I learnt the ill effects of black money on the country's growth through that movie. I thought I should do something too, to eradicate black money. Bucks mean money rite....So I decided to shoot down these black bucks and help our country get rid of black money altogether

(A huge uproar follows in the court. The judge himself lost his cool and instead of using the hammer to bang on the desk saying "Order..Order", he threw that at Mokkai murali furiously....)

[P.S: Inspired from Praveen's Passions (in his orkut profile)]


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