Thursday, August 16, 2007

Ideas Please

Crash course in blogging nu oru post pottalum pottaen..... I think my creative mind totally crashed down. There were some few story ideas flashing here and there..But guna padathula Kamal solluvar la ... "unnai ninaikkumbothu vaarthai kavithai maathiri kottuthu..aana athai ezhuthanumnu ninaikkarappa than ezhuthu.. muttuthu" nu.. Thatz excatly what I am going thru :D. Ideas lam mind la irukarappa looks fine, but the same when I put down in a editor, I get stuck at some point and my creative engine gets choked and simply refuses to move further :). I googled to find out how to get rid of mind block. One site said, just start scribbling watever that comes to your mind and at some point, ideas will start pouring in. I tried this idea actually, but what happened was, I was bored at my own story telling and could not control the yawn ( I went to sleep shortly as a result of this :D). Kashtam... I couldnt even come up with any mokkais to put a Mokkai murali post... So friends, folks, people get me some idea for me to post in my blog. I too want to post in my blog :D. Atleast tag me with some interesting tags......

Hmmm... I assured Romie that I will advertise for her song and lyrics blog. I gave that word almost a month ago.. Just was waiting for a new post to put this ad... Sorry for the delay romie :D
Here goes the ad.

Ever heard a song and enjoyed it without understanding a bit of the song?...u wud have enjoyed it better knowing the meaning of it, rite?? Then ur search ends here..Romie has started a new blog exclusively for such folks.... So if you want any song's lyrics na (hindi, tamil and english supported) now you know where to go :)....

O.K... Advertisement mudichaachu.. Now tata bye bye all.. hopefully see u soon with a new post :)


Ramya said...

Tamil supported aaa?
Naa tamil paatellam translate panna aaramecha, avlo thaan, kadhai kandhal wonly !!
Thanks a lot for the bubleecitee ! :D

PreethZzZ said...

hahahaha... well this was a blog post right... actually i knw all abt mind blocks... and wht i did to get over mine... was.... opened up word... and just wrote anything and everything that came into my mind... i kept writing over several days (4 i guess) and over several pages... and finally.. i looked over it and found many many stories to write... dont think of a particular topic... just write i'm bored..i have nothing to write... etc etc.. .and see where it flows... its an interesting task...try it!!!

Karthik B.S. said...

hmm.. rommie blog'ku nalla advertisement dhaan. But tamil songs'ku no translationa? ARR paadina songs'ku paadhi lyrics'ey puriyaadhey. I need translation for that!

Sat said...

hmmm....writer's block-a??
sarakku theenthu pochunu solrathuku enna oru fundoo term paarunga...i'll tell you what i do when i run out of ideas (which is most of the time!)..i simply pick a bakra/bakri and spoof ;)
there's nothing like it. yaaro kashta pattu pannatha keli panrathu avalo kashtama enna?...and the end product is always a head turner...for the wrong or right reasons :D
so ponga, naalu padam paaruna, naalu book padinga, konjam serials paarunga...illiya, at least namma gils blogayathu padinga...kandippa spoof panna matter maatum :P

P.S: since i gave this idea...i withhold ur right to spoof me...i think i am quite spoof proof...tcha, tongue twister!

KK said...

Yenakkum byangarama muttuthupaa... I am thinking of buying one nice dindugal pootu and shutting down my blog.... :(

Spring back soon buddy!

rsubras said...

un blog la mattum tamil songs ku translation panna maatennu sonna avlothan, political party ppl ah vittu un blog ah damage panniduvom :p


haha, enga.... the writer's block blocks my mind so much so that, naan orkut ah refresh panrathum, gtalk la yaarana pidichi mokkai podarathuma than irukaen :D, word open panni naalu line adichaale kaduppa aagidum


echoed ur concern to romie


ada naan erkanave spoof panni thanga thozhil nadatharen :) irunthalum sooper idea koduthirukeenga

atheppadi u can revoke my right to spoof u...oohoom..chellathu chellathu :p

ada boss, delegate the post putting job to anni and u go around the blog world just for commenting :p