Wednesday, May 24, 2006


This week

1. +2 Results are out.. Atleast this year Admission entha hassles um illama every deserving candidate shud get into deserving college : VAAZHGA VALAMUDAN

2. My cousin sister is having her "valaigappu" (watz the english equivalent for this??) this week (sunday) , Everything should be happy, normal, perfect and fine for her : VAAZHGA VALAMUDAN

3. Reservation in Education - Good or Bad, no comments :), but May the best thing happen here : VAAZHGA VALAMUDAN

Everyone's health and family should be perfect and fine : VAAZHGA VALAMUDAN

P.S :- There is a regular post below..if you havent read that please do :D

Any request for prayer, please post in the comment box

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OuTlaW said...

yenaku naan kekara collegela seat venum!!!!!!!

OuTlaW said...

Vaahga valamudam for all the prayers that you have posted and for the others who havnt too!
nice initiative..

Ed said...

Reservation in Education... I am in support of reservation on basis of economic state rather than social condition. But the student's bid on immolation is taking things too far. Just don't understand what the hoopla is about.

My best wishes to your cousin sister. ^_^

Syam said...

roommmmmmba nallavaraa irupeenga pola iruku... Valai kaapu ku english Baby Shower US vara varaikum enakum theriyaathu :-)