Saturday, November 17, 2007

Enakkoru Girl Friend venumae - Completed

Note : I have taken off all the other parts and have left only the full version of the story :) All your valuable comments are not lost is still there... I am trying to compile everything and put it separately :)

P.S : Once again a story that I am gonna write in parts... this one am splitting coz it comes too lengthy..... athaan... kindly excuse.... ivlo perisa potta some chinna pasanga wont read at all..athaan... :D..

P.P.S (ala SAT style) : This is certainly not a comical story nor a spoof nor a take on anyone..I had written some love stories in the past, but in each one of them, the hero will always be outsmarted by the girl and his love would end in failure. To make up for all those things (hehehe... fearing of the side effects of that paavam :D), I wanted to write one story atleast, wherein the hero gets a heroine and his love succeeds.... This story arose out of such a thought :).. So over to the story....

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Enakkoru Girl Friend venumae

Raju was just staring at the monitor....He once again looked at the system time. It was only 10 minutes to 12. Uh..Oh.. at least 20 more minutes before he can call his friend Sasi for lunch. Gosh...he never thought bench life would be so boring so soon. No work to do, No friends to chat with, None of his friends were online at that time..Even his onsite friends have gone to sleep after the day's fight with their offshore counterparts...lazy soul is available to talk in mobile even... Suddenly everyone appeared to be so busy with their work, while for Raju, the clock appeared to limp like a boozed old man on its way to the next minute..

Till last week, Raju also was in a project, a critical project as they always say…In IT industry, even a project not worth it’s salt will be called as a critical project, if the client is demanding…..Raju was not having a even minute to spare, overflowed with so many tasks to complete. Phone bells never stopped ringing in Raju’s cubicle, from the onsite co ordinator who spit fire even fiercer than a dragon, from the Testing team bugging with bugs always, from his Project manager who pings him too often to know about the current status…
Particularly in the previous week, the work was just too much, with so much of his routine works got affected. He was not able to call his loving sister Nivetha also, whom he considers so much closer to heart more than anyone else. Nivetha is studying in IISc Bangalore, staying in a hostel. Raju never failed to call dear nivee at least once a day ever since she went Bangalore two years ago.. Hmm…from being such a busy bee to a zombie now in a space of 5 days … phewwww…IT life for sure is a pendulum Raju thought.

[ START BREAK ]: phew…. English laye ezhutharathu romba kashtama iruku… switching back to Tanglish… Harish,Prithz, Romie,KK, Kavitha04, ~Suchi and all peter English writers….Kindly execuse :D [END BREAK]

Raju restlessly looked at the time again. It is 12:09 now. He thought, ippave call pannathan, eppavum busy nu scene podara Sasi will come for lunch at 12:30 at least. So he dialed Sasi’s extension number from the intercomm. Sasi attends the call

Sasi : sollu machi

Raju : Wassup da

Sasi : Work than da… so many tasks to complete bfore EOD

Raju : Nee tasks for EOD nu solrae…naan Task-less ah Eee ottitu irukkaen…hmph…

Sasi : machan..epadi da kalakkare…

Raju : ayye..podhum…sari time for lunch…Vaa polaam

Sasi : dei busy da

Raju : nee busy da, enakku pasi da

Sasi : Barely 2.5 hours since u would have had your breakfast, athukulla lunch ah

Raju : enna panrathu, If there is nothing to do, eating is a good time pass at least

Sasi : ippadi solli solli than, overaa weight pottiruke nee… College la all rounder ah iruntha nee, ippo software company vanthu aalu rounder ah aayitae… :)

Raju : podhum, niruthikko, Sappida vaa…Come.

Sasi : dei machi..athu vanthu…hehee..

Raju : Come na, ennada pammare? Vaada

Sasi : athu illada… naan oru ponnukku route vittutu irunthaen la Roopa nu…. Ipothan work out aagara mathiri iruku… ava la lunch kooptirukken.. inniku ava kooda poren da.. Sorry machii…

Raju : adappavi….

Sasi : hey man, onsite la irunthu call panna solli ping panranga… I will talk to u later

Ipadi solitu tak nu phone ah vachidaran Sasi… Raju felt so awful….Oh God… not again he thought…!!!! Not so long ago, Raju’s lunch team was a big one..But as days passed by Girl friend, marriage nu vanthavudane Ovvoruthara kazhandukittanga…. And the latest to join that list was Sasi leaving Raju all alone.

Why is that the guy prefer to go with his girl friend all alone, Raju wondered….. Just because u get a new relation, u have to cut all the other existing relations..How stupid!!! Is a love relation so different, that u need to de-friend all others? Oh, Raju never liked this Love concept and from all what he has heard, seen, portrayed in the movies he has seen, he hated Love more than anything else…. Sasi kitta pesinathu la irunthu Raju got so irritated…Now he can’t go alone for lunch also… Office Food court la Single ah sappida pona..engayum utkara vida maatanga…. Sorry anga aal varanga nu solliye ovvoru idama thurathi vittuduvanga…cha cha…

Already idle ah irunthathunala irritated ah iruntha Raju, intha matter ku apuram semma upset…….. He felt like talking to his sister Nivetha… who is the only one in his entire world, who can make Raju feel better than anyone else…. Nivee kitta ithellam sonnale, manasu light ah aayidum.... Today is Wednesday she has classes only in the morning..shud be free now....ippadi think pannitu Raju comes out of his wing and calls up nivee at her mobile. Ring went at the other side... Raju was little bit tensed if Nivetha would be blasting him for not calling him for a full week...itz oki adjust pannikalam... sweet girl she is nu ninaichukittae Raju waits for Nivetha to pick the phone up....Nivi picks it up

Nivetha : hiiii anna

Raju : hey nivetha……nee eppadi irukkae?

Nivetha : am fine na… neenga eppadi irukeenga

Raju : am fine too ma…. Hey sorry da nivi, 1 week ah semma work…. oki va….ingayum angayum nagara kooda mudilae…bend eduthuttanga…. Saturday Sunday kooda office vanthaen theriyuma… athan da call pannala… am so sorry, amma vum appa vum sollirupanga ninaikkaren

Nivetha : yea yea they told… I was ok anna…. Don’t worry

(Raju is surprised…usual ah 1 day call pannalena kooda next day pannumbothu pichi eduthuduva.. now ethuvume sollaliye nu)

Raju : hey something odd with u today…sari pogattum vidu. Enakku Diwali ku oru T-Shirt vaangi vai nu sonnen la… vaanguniya?

Nivetha : oh anna sorry…. naan shopping panna ponappo, I was able to get only a shirt for u, T-Shirt vaanga mudilae…

Raju : Free vidu, nee vaanguna Shirt la Tea ya oothi athaiye naan T-Shirt aakidaren :D (chuckles)

Nivetha : haiyyo annna…verupethatheenga…. T-Shirts lam inga rumba costly ah irunthathu and aIso didn’t have enough money at that time

Raju : ATM la kaasu eduthirukkalamae

Nivetha : antha kodumaiya en anna ketkareenga…ATM pakathulaye onnu irunthuchu…but PIN number ah maranthuttaen.. athaan…

Raju : ada enna nivee…penn buthi PIN buthi nu solvaangale..appadi irunthuma maranthutte ;)

Nivetha : paduthatheenga anna…. Mokkai podarthai neenga stop pannave maatengala…..

Raju : hahaa… vaai bokkai aanalum en mokkai pogaathu :D…..sari, sari free… I wanted to tell u one important thing..…..

Nivetha (interrupts) : listen… I have an important thing to tell to u myself….

Raju : hey po foul…. Nan than phone panninen..and I only started… naan than soluvaen

Nivetha : ponga anna… Girls than first… Naan solrene anna….please please….

Raju : (konjalaga) chinna thangaiye nivetha...
nee sonnathellam ketpaen..enakku nee Vedha...
ippo first nan sola konjam enakku nee Way thaa..

Nivetha: hehhee.. poda anna...podhum ice..naan than solven....

Raju : aargh....sari sollu..sollu..solluuuuu....

Nivetha : solraen..solraen…. aana tell me this, u are a very good Anna thane… Watever that is happy for me is happy for u also thane…

Raju : enna pullae ippadi solli puttae…. Un santhosam than en santhosam..unakkaga… naan..naan…

Nivetha : (interrupts) podhum podhum…udane unga la la la tune pottudatheenga.. nan solla porathu la-la-la matter illa ooh-la-la matter…

Raju : enna nivee solrae?

Nivetha : mmm…purilaya (pauses)…Raju Anna..I think I am in love with namma Nandhini Aunty’s son Gokul…..

Nivetha ippadi sonnavudane Raju ku oru nimisham onnum purilae...he could not believe his own ears….

Raju : (panicky voice la) ennathu…….. ennathu… sollu sollu

Nivetha : annaa… Delhi la irukangala namma Nandhini athai, avanga paiyan, nammaloda cousin Gokul ah naan love panren anna… avanum…cha (blushes) avarum ennai love panraar…. (blushes again)

appadiye 10 atom bomb ah koluthi potta maathiri oru sound..athu onnum illa..Raju voda manasula intha maathiri oru feeling..avan heart la vedicha maathiri...Love…Love… Love…... athe vaarthai… Raju ku English la pidikkathe orae vaarthai… (Author: appo Romance ngra word na pidikkuma apadinu lam no cross qwestions ketka koodathu plz :D, ithu serious ah na mugatha serious ah vachikittu padinga.. ) ithu varaikkum avan kitta dear ah pazhagina friends elloraiyum avan kitta irunthu separate panna athe love… athe love la ippa avan sister um maatikitta… Raju ku kobam kobama varuthu… aana nivi kitta kobathai eppadi kaatarathu nu avanukku therila….coz He had never been angry with his sister so far... So silent ah irukan..

(after few minutes)

Nivetha : anna….enna sound aeh kaanom

Raju : (grumbles) huhhh......huhhhh....

Nivetha : haiyoo...anna pesunga nu sonna ippadi anaconda effect thareengal.. (chuckles)

Raju : (fuming) nakkala pocha unakku.... neee...

Nivetha : (interrupts) Anna…anna..wait…Looks like Gokul aththan is on call…(blushes) .I will call u later oki…. Sorry so much anna… (blushes) I will call u back… hehehe hehehe…(blushes) Bye anna… (hangs up the call)

Ippadiyaga Nivetha vum call ah cut pannidara. Raju is shaken to the core… What a day it has been for him…… First his best friend Sasi….nethi varaikkum hey machan enna vachan nu kulainjittu irunthaan…. Aana inniku, Call pesittu irukkumbothe, avan sight call vanthavudane, onsite call nu dabaaichutu phone ah cut pannitan…… intha ponnu Nivetha…. Avanoda manasaatchi, avan kooda pirantha thangai…. avaluma love la...My God…avaluma Romance la vizhunthutta… Romance ku spelling kooda theriyadha ponnu athu, English essay la laam Romeo and Juliet fell into Romans nu thathakka pithakka va ezhuthuvaale avala……avaluma kaadhalikkara....Wat a pity, wat a pity....Intha latchanathula avanoda orkut la today's fortune nu soli "you will recieve good news through telephone" nu laam pottirunthaanga....Ithu enna kodumai saravanan.... x-(

Raju over feelings la irunthathala, manasula pesittu irunthathu speaker on panni vittuta maathiri vaarthai veliyave vanthuduthu...avanoda neram..antha time la nu paarthu avanoda PM Saravana kumar antha vazhiya cross panraar... Raju solratha kettutu thannai thaan koopidarano nu ninaichikitu.. "hey raju..watz the matter dude..What u referred as kodumai to me? any probs?" appadinu kettute avan pakkam varaar......Raju avara samalikkarathukkaga pesa aarambikkiran

"athilla sir...ellarum India 20-20 cup ah jeyichathai romba surprised ah perisa solraanga... but namma abdul kalam ithai erkanave predict pannirukaru..athai orutharum kandukka maatengranga illaiya..athai ninaichu than naan apadi sonnen" nu solraan

Saravanan gets surprised.."oh is it...avar predict pannirukara...thatz great..eppo sonnar?" nu aachariyama ketkarar...

Raju "ada aama sir..India will be successful by 2020 nu avar than adikkadi solirukar la...enna oru hyphen ah vittutaru...mathapadi he was just perfect..illaiya sir" appadinu Raju sirichikitte ketkaran. Saravana Kumar ku vantha kaduppu la avar kai la iruntha laptop ah appadiye thooki pottirupar Raju mela...aana Office manners nu onnu irukkarathala control pannikitu, "summa ponavana kooptu mokkai pottu sorinju vittutiyada... iru di..un appraisal la aapu vachu athai aapuraisal aakidaren" nu manasukkula karuvitte vidu vidu nu poidarar antha idathai vittu....

namma hero raju vo Janakaraj style la "sogamana situation la kooda ippadi marana mokkai podariye da..athu eppadi da raju unnala mattum mudiyuthu..ennamo poda raju" appadinu thanakku thaane aaruthal sollitu depressed ah sirichikittae, he returns back to his cubicle

(A Day later…)
Twilight time….Besant nagar beach….Raju was lying on the beach sands near the shore looking at the waves that wetted his knees and went back. Amazing he thought, that simply looking at the waves calms the wavering mind. Probably, seeri paayara alai, alai paayura ennam rendume onna synch aagarathunala irukkalam... Depression in the ocean brings rains...Depression in our mind also bring the form of tears from our eyes... Hmmm...kodumai….thilo kooda suthittu irukka vendiya vayasula ippadi thaniya philo pesa vachuttangalae...Poor Raju, he had never been to beach alone previously... Chinna vayasula family kooda varuvaan…. He and nivetha would be playing in the beach, running and catching, building castles out of sand, going for a ride in the horse…used to be lots of fun…. Then with his friends group, in school, college and then in work…. Nivetha, whenever she comes to Chennai, pesters Raju to take her to beach… Now he is all alone in the same beach, kadalaiye verichu verichu paarthukittu….. veruppa irunthathu Raju ku…..

Appo some one tapped Raju in his back, Raju thirumbi paarthan…Surprise..surprise…ange ninuttu irunthathu avanoda childhood friend and oru kaalathula avanoda best friend Magi alias Magesh. Raju va porutha varai, Magi than mudhal “dhrogi”…close ah pazhagittu irunthavan, oru lover kidaichavudane, kandukkarathaiye vittutu antha ponnu pinnadiye suthittu irunthavanga list la mudhal aal. He has married her now and kind of settled in life. Appadi patta oruthanai kitta thatta after 2 years paarthathula Raju ku semma santhosam… avan mela kobam irunthalum, ippo irukara mind set la he felt so happy about meeting his pal Magi.

Magi : dei machaan..eppadi da irukae

Raju : fine da…… nee eppadi irukae…un lover..sorry sorry..un wife eppadi irukkanga…

Magi : avalukkenna da she is doing great… nee enna machi thannanthaniya beach la sogamae uruva kadalai paarthuttu irukka…enna kaadhal tholvi ya….

Raju : (depressed smile) :yea yea… Kaadhal tholvi than…. Aana kadhalichathu enna suthi irunthavanga… thothathu mattum naan… athan eppavume oru kootathoda suthittu iruntha naan inniku thaniya suthittu irukkaen :)

Magi : ennada solrae

[Raju explains everything up to Nivetha’s love story]

Magi : hahahaaa

Raju : dei enda ippadi sirikkare..

Magi : sorry da machan… I can’t but help laugh at ur childishness. I can very well understand that you feel lonely without those dears near u. But it is not fair on ur part to be expecting them to be always with you la.. Everyone has a life for their own and sooner than later you will also have one on ur own...

Raju : yea yea I understand all that. I agree marital relation is the most important relation in our life, but there is a limit to everything. I hate this concept of love da…….. stupid thing….It makes the person selfish... Oru proverb solvaanga about Friends, when the whole world steps out, your friend steps in… but intha love vishayatha porutha varai… It is like…When a lover steps in, the whole world literally steps out of that person’s mind.. how mean

Magi : hahaa… machan….true thanda… see.. It is a new relation after all…and it is but human tendency to get all excited about anything new that you experience. And when it is a love relation, the excitement knows no bounds because the very thought that you have got that person to live with your entire life is just amazing u know….

Raju : don’t blabber da… Take the case of my sis…. Chinna ponnu she is….after all… how can u say that she has the capacity to select the person to be with her life?

Magi : nee than da ularure… What is ur sister’s age da… u are 26 now…and she is just 4 years younger than u at 22. She is more than matured enough to choose her life and does not need any guidance in that.

Raju : dei…. How can she da… how can she dare to do such things.. amma appa va mathikkama….ennai.. I have been closer to her than our appa or amma is... I have shared so many things with her, which I have not opened with any one else

Magi : chinna pullaiyaatam pesathe da…. Ellorkittayum consult panitu mudivu edukkarathukku Kaadhal onnum job offer kidayaathu..athu oru feel da… you can never predict when it wud happen inside u, you can never explain that to others at all…. Actually I wud say that ava ippa unkitta sonnathe, because of the respect she has for u than

Raju : cinema dialogue lam nala vidu da nee

Magi : illada, not dialogue, I am telling straight out of my heart.. ippa unakku enna problem un thangai love panrathunala…. Antha paiyan eppadi patta paiyan….

Raju : avan enga cousin thaanda…. distant cousin actually…, Chinna vayasula their family was in chennai only and appa lam vilayada enga veetukku than varuvaan… appuram they moved to Delhi. Recent ah innoru cousin marriage la than romba nalaikku appuram avanai naanga paarthom.. appave avan en thangachiya sight adichittu irunthan. Galatta vittutu irunthaan… pakathula vanthu hello madame nu nivetha paarthu sonnana… nivee ku semma kobam…. Hello sir, I am not madam…call me nivee nu sonna…. Athukku la avan, style ah sirichittu, oh nivi… I said…mah-dame..and not madame…. appadinu sonnan

Magi : hahaa kalakittan po… sari ithelam paarthuttu annan unakku kobam varalai?

Raju : mmm..vanthuchu… but avan intha maathiri dialogue vittavudane Nivetha sirichitta…... as long as it is within limits, my sis does not have any complaints and enjoy such things, antha age kana enjoyment kulla naan interfere panna virumbale

Magi : Great maan… thatz awesome attitude on ur part, i must say…. Sari..avan nalla paiyan thane

Raju : hmm hmm… nalla paiyan than.. Appa IAS officer, amma, athavathu enga athai house wife, orthodox family. Ore paiyan

Magi : pinna ennada un problem… intha kaalathula ponnunga lam kaadhal nu sollitu oor per theriyatha, poruthame illatha pasangaloda suthittu irukkanga..un thangachi theliva mudiveduthu, same caste la, unga family laye select panna epadi select pannuvangalo, avangaloda mind ku pidikkira maathiriyum, athe samayam thannoda manasukku pidicha maathriyum oru paiyanai thane select panniruka.. she shud be congratulated actually. And you and your parents should feel lucky for having a girl like her in ur family..Athai vittutu en feel pannare?

Raju : irunthalum…. I can never accept this (shakes his head)

Magi : u can’t than da….coz you are 26 and innum verumane office poitu, kadamaikku nu velai paarthuttu , veetukku thirumbi vara pullai nee… man..come out of ur shell da..ulagathai suthi paaru… u will get to know how good Love is… machan..Kaadhal onnum ketta vishayam illa...onnu purinjukko… Marriage is inevitable in our life…. We will not be able to select our Parents, we will not be able to select our siblings, and in most cases we will not be able to select our friends also… ithellam thanaa amaiyara uravu.. But for a person we are gonna be with for more than half of our life… angayum, kannai katti nadu forest la kondu poi vitta mathiri thideernu oruthar munnadi nikka vachu, ivanga than un kooda life la vara poranga nu sonna, yosichu paaru… eppadi iurkkum? Namma studies, namma career pathi lam evvalo plan panrom, athe pola thane namma personal life um important...…namma mind ka oruthar mela feel vanthu, ivanga namma kooda vantha nallarukkume nu thoni, avanga mela anbu vachu, avangalaiye life partner aakikittom na life sorgama irukkum :)

Raju : hmmmm

Magi : after all marital life is all about perfect understanding... ivanga than namma vaazhkai thunai rendu peru manasu layum ore maathiri thonarathu rare vishayam machi. And when it does happen, it surely is a bliss…. Not that I am against arranged marriage, but for people with balanced minds, love definitely gives more chance for a better married life :) I do believe nivetha has the perfect mind and thinking... ada ennada unga appa amma voda valarppu pathi enakku irukkara belief kooda unakku illaiye...

Ippadi magesh love ah pathi uyarva pesa pesa, Raju manathil oru maatram…. Face la oru thelivu theriyuthu, and it gets brighter…

Raju : dei magi…….. shit da.. ivlo naal love ah pathi naan thapave than ninaichittu irunthaen..actually nee solrathum, ithu varai en life la nadanthathum vachu paartha……… enaku nee solratha appadiye feel panan mudiyuthu

Magi : (happily smiles) :) cool da, apuram enna anna na latchanama Nivetha voda love ah veetula eduthu solli avalukku green signal vaangi kodukka paaru..athu than ava mela nee vachirukara pasathukku unmaiyana mariyathai :)

Raju : ada athu oru pakkam irukkatum da……… nee sonnathai ketka ketka, enakkula oru feeling…… I think I found what I have missed all thru in life…….. ada enna da….. periya Love… (gets up) Enthiruchitten...itho varen... Naanum panrenda Love-u………….

Magi was stunned on hearing Raju saying this.. He never expected this…Thangachi ponnu Nivetha love ku support ah ava annana convince pannalam nu love pathi konjam extra bit potta… athu back fire aagi, kinaru vetta boodham kilambina maathiri intha paiyane love panna poraennu kilambittane nu avanukku thonuthu….Magi paarthutte nikka, charged up ah Raju kilambinan antha idathai vittu.

Veerama savaal vittutu vanthane thavira Raju ku aduthu enna panrathu nu purilae.. Veetukku pona udane Amma kitta sappadu kooda venam nu sollitu thannoda room kulla poi lock pannikiran.....Mirror munadi ninnutu thannaiye paarthuttu yosikkaran...Perisa savaal vittome… nammala la mudiyuma.. Love panra age lam thaandi poche da.. ithukku mela Girl friend kidaikkuma namakkellam……… ippadi lam thinking poguthu…….. Romba naal aachu avanai avane paarthu... Shave pannumbothu mugatha paarkarathoda sari...after a long time, he sees his reflection in the mirror....a bulged belly, vitta konja naal la helmet maathiri aagidumo nu bayamuruthara thalai…Gosh…. 26 age ku ithellam too much ah theriyuthe da machi nu avan manasu soluthu..athukku avan manasatchi..”Theriyum da theriyum… regular food lam skip pannitu, cream biscuit, pizza, noodles nu one by one ah ulla pogumbothu ithellam theriyaathu…. Taste ah irukkaenu waste foods lam sappita.. Fast foods na fast ah than side effects um varum” nu solluthu.. Psssst.. sari sari sari…athellam pazhaiya kadhai…… Come to the present..Ippo somehow he has to get a girl friend sooner than later… Nivetha matter veliyae mukkiyama Parents ku theriya munnadi enakku oru lover vanthudanum…athukana vazhiya paarkanum…. Enna pannalam nu yosichittu irukkarappo avanukku avanoda colleague Vijay nyabagam varuthu…Yess…avan than intha matter la namakku help panna koodiya correct ah na aal… oru nalla idea kidaicha kushi la thoonga poraan Raju…

Vijay …… Raju voda colleague… Raju Office la velai paarkira pasangalukku love matter la enna problem naalum Vijay kitta than odi varuvaanga… ponnungalai correct panrathukku Vijay correct ah na ideas koduppan…. Idea work out aagutho illiyo… antha ponnu work out aagidum, idea ketta paiyanukku.. Ponnungala approach panni pesarathula irunthu avanga kitta propose panra varai ellathukkum tips and training kodukkarathula Vijay namma Shahjahan Vijay maathiri... Ippadi patta Vijay va than Raju meet panni idea ketkarathu nu decide panninan… Sigh…perumoochu vittan Raju….Love nu pesarathukke vetka paduvan …Badminton aadum podhu kooda oorellam love all nu sollumbothu Raju mattum zero all nu pidivathama solra type…. Hmm… antha thayakkam lam when Not a girl into my life…..But to Knot a girl into my life, ethuna senju thane aaganum nu Raju thannai thane samathana paduthikittu Vijay cubicle ku poraan…

Raju pona time, Vijay cubicle la erkavane oru Panchayathu nadanthuttu irunthathu… athu onnum illa… avan kita idea kettutu pona oruthan avan experience ah solitu irunthaan… kooda avanoda friends

Vijay : ennada murali…. En pei arainja maathiri irukkae?? enna matter??… nee daavu vittutu irunthiyae dharini ava ena solra?

Murali : ada poda machi… nee sonniyae nu eduthavudane propose panama, friend ah pazhagi konja konjama nerunga aarambichen dharini kooda… athu work out aagara maathiri than irunthathu..close ah thaan pazhagina… nee solviye, ponnungalukku comedy sense irukkaravangala romba pidikkum nu.. Sari nu nethiku onu try pannaen… antha dharini pei nijamavae arainjiduchi

Vijay : ennada pannae? Overa blade pottiya?

Murali : ada illada, ava previous day avanga veetula paartha mega serials pathi pesittu irunthaala… naan oru vilayaatukku solli tak nu ava kannathula la killitu “I am a serial killer..coz I don’t like serials” nu solli sirichaen… adhukku ava udane ennai palaar nu arainjittu… “ I am a pinch hitter” nu sonna.. :(.. appuram sonna intha maathiri thodara velaiyellam vachukkathe nu :(

Vijay : ada ppavi..adappavi… Murali ngra perukku latchanama erumai maathiri porumaiya irukkarathai vittutu, comedy panraanam comedy….. Girls kitta lam paarthu pazhaganum da… free ya pazhagarangale nu freedom eduthukka koodathu… Girls sensitive na, u sense it, leave…limit meerina rivit (rivet) thaan purinjatha?

Murali : purinjathu annae… (kannathai pidichikittu) nalla purinjathu.. (Murali leaves that place)

Vijay : hmmm.. kodukkira role ah pannungada na over acting try panni mothathaiyum spoil pannidaranunga…..

[Raju enters the cubicle at that time]

Vijay : hey da raju…vaa machi vaa… eppadi irukkae

Raju : am fine da nee eppadi irukkae..

Vijay : ennakenna machaan…. Am sooper fine….. oru Project leader ah naan guide panra projects um click aaguthu… oru friend ah naan guide panra pasanga love um click aaguthu…. :) :) verenna verenna vendum………

Raju : machaan.. nee nijammave genius da…. Unna nambi thaanda vanthirukkaen……. Enakku nee serious ah oru help pannanum da…

Vijay : ethanai peruku da comedy ah help pannitu irukkaen naan?

Raju : ada kadikkathe da pangaali… enakku thideernu love mela oru interest vanthirukku (vetka padran) aana epadi nu than therilae :( ethanaiyo peru vaazhkai la kaadhal jothi ethi vachirukkae….Enakkum ethaachum help pannu da :D

Vijay : (surprised) dei ammanji…… ennada solrae….neeya pesiyathu… kanna neeya pesiyaathu… namba mudiyavillai…villai…villai….

Raju : asinga paduthathe da…ithu varaikkum appadi irunthutten….. kazhudhais thaan kaadhal pannum… Singam…single ah than irukkum nu ninaichittu irunthuttaen…

Vijay: haha ippa mattum single ah illama, oruthar kooda mingle panni, jungle ah na life la jingles paadalam nu eppadi thonuchu?

Raju: hmm ennai suthi ulla paathi peru Love panni than, avanga life partner ah decide pannikaranga…….. athu ennai thoondi vittuduchu…. athuvum nalla than irukkum nu enakku thonuthu………therila da…solla therila…… but love pannanum nu thonuthu..avlothan

Vijay: haha… ithukku peru than da love.. unakku athukana mudhal arikuri vanthuduchi… Love kooda kadavul maathiri than…. Athu sambanthapatta niraya vishayangala naama nambuvom….seivom.. Aana en seirom nu karanam ketta athukku sariya reason solla theriyaathu..thonum..pannuvom avlothan :)

Raju: athaanda athaanda….thideernu love pannanum nu aasai vanthiruchi da machi…. Nee than da en GF

Vijay: elae Raju nee desperate ah irukkae nu puriyuthu..athukkaga oru paiyanai GF aakika poriya

Raju: poda vennai…GF na God Father nu sonnaen da…….. machan help pannu da

Vijay: hmm… ok da.. college padikkara kaalathu lam vittutu, ippadi kaal age thaandi napuram aasai vanthirukka unakku?

Raju: dei…enna panna solrae….College padikarappa lam.. ponnungalai sight adichalo, avangala paarthu nakkal pannalo, thappa pesinaalo Reverse effect ah future la en thangachi kitta evanavathu athe maathiri panniduvano nu oru bayam nu vachukkoyen….. so naan ponnunga kitta romba nalla pullai ya irunthirukkaen…. Athuvum illama sight adikkarathu, jollu vidarathu, love panrathu lam desiya kutram nu ninaichiruken :D ippadiye poyiduchu en vaaliba vayasu….

Vijay: ennamo solrae..onnum purilae po…… sari vidu ippo unakku oru girl friend venum..avvalo thaane..

Raju: aama aama..aana etho oru ponnu lam illa… ponnu paarkarathu sooper ah slim ah semma azhaga Asin maathiri irukkanum :D

Vijay: adinga… Asin ah da…Asin-gama ethuna sollida poraen….

Raju: Machaan…eppavume perisa aim pannanum… Asin range ku aim pannathan namma cousin range kavathu yaaruna varuvaanga….

Vijay: nalla pesara da… dei machi solrathai kelu………. Unakkku intha old techniques lam venaam… un personality ku love at first sight work out aagathu…… naama love at first site technique try pannalam

Raju: enada solrae

Vijay: kelu.. old formula than aana new style… namma lam college la padikkarache ladies college ladies college ah suthi ponnungala sight vittu right panna paarpangal la pasanga

Raju: aama..

Vijay: athe formula than…. Orkut account vachiruke la..athula womens college community ah po………athula niraya girls iruppanga la…… avangal la unaku pidichavangala select pannu

Raju: athu sari..aana athula avanga photo lam irukkuma enna

Vijay: athai yen camera, digital camera nu vanthaalum vanthathu... chumma ishtathukku click panni orkut la upload pannidranga makkal lam.. privacy pathi lam kandukkarathe illae...pasanga nalum thannoda photo potta damage ayidumo nu Hrithik photo, Sharukh photo nu pottu escape aayiduvanga..aana ponnunga... athellam paarkarathe illa... appapa updated ah photo va pottiruvanga...public ah podaraome…kandavanga paarpangalae…silar misuse kooda panna chance irukkae nu lam theriyaathu…...sari athai vidu…nee enna panra..antha photo lam paarthu unakku pidicha ponna select panrae

Raju: cycle gap la ennai kandavan nu solrrae..hmmm

Vijay: sari sari feel pannathe..un love wORKoUT aaga namakku Orkut than help panna poguthu..ennoda plan ah kelu...nee ippadi ovvoru community ah poi athula irunthu ovvoru girls profiles ah poiyi unakku pidicha maathiri azhagana girl ah paarthu select panrae… appuram enna panrae… follow her in her scrap book….ava scrap book la mathavanga ezhutharathum, ava avangaloda scrap book la reply panrathaiyum eduthukko…. U can get to know about her….. intha kaala ponnunga pala peru orkut la than secret ah pesa vendiya ella matter aiyum athellam vachu u can infer something about her… and based on the communities she is part of and her testimonial, athai vache kuthu mathippa oru kelvi kelu ava scrap book la poi… hey nee thane antha ponnu appadingra type la..

Raju : appadi ketta?

Vijay: Ponnungalukku curiosity unarvu jaasthi… hey ennai pathi unakku eppadi theriyum..nee yaaru apadingra unarvu avangalukku udane they will definitely return ur scrap..neeyum reply pannanum…intha maathiri poganum…. the important thing is u should not give away that nee sight adikkara party noh, illa trespass panravan noh…. Decency and dignity maintain pannanum….ippadiye maintain pannitu appuram nice ah G-Talk id vaangidanum…and somehow make them add u to their friend’s list

Raju: ada ada ada ketkarathukke nalla appuram

Vijay: From there on, ur skills should take over….. pesi pesi ye impress panni, nee romba nallavan, vallavan nu theriya vachittu appurama step by step ah munneru… first phone number, sms anupparathu, call panrathu, appuram meet panrathu…ippadiye improve pannitu appuram propose pannidu.. ithu than en master plan

Raju: ketkurathuku nala iruku machi..but am not used to talk in a way to impress..esp with Girls….

Vijay: hello… opening ku than tips thara mudiyum..finishing lam nee than paarkanum… nan solratha correct ah follow panna unakku oru opening kidaikkum….athukku appurama magane un samarthu…..

Raju: sari da… poruthirunthu paaru Asatha povathu yaaru nu

Vijay: paarthu paarthu…… ushara illae na, nalaikku vayithai kalakka povathu yaaru nu aagida poguthu…… Best of Luck!!!

[ 3 days later…Vijay’s cubicle… Raju comes to meet Vijay. He is not there..only his team mate Vishal is there]
Raju : hey Vishal, enna da machan, namma guru Vijay ah rendu naala aalai kaanom?

Vishal: avan friend Mani nu oruthan DSP ponnai love pannitu irunthan… ivan than vazhakkam pola avanukkum kaadhal guru… antha love matter la konjam prachinai aagiduchi…. Odi poi kalyanam than kattikalama nu antha ponnai izhuthuttu poi Tirupathi la vachu thaali kattitan…. Vijay ah than satchi kaiyezhuthu podarathukka kooptirunthan… athukkaga tirupathi poitu, inniku kaalaila train la Chennai kilambirukkan.. vanthuruvan nu sonnan office ku, innum konja nerathila

Raju : adappavi ….aanalum avan friend ukku sema dhairiyam thaanda… DSP ponnaiye izhutthutu odirukkana…….antha ponnum paaren…. 20 varusham paasama valartha appa va vittutu evan koodavo odi porathuku accept panniruka

Vishal : haha… avalum ithe maathiri oru guilty feel la than da irunthirukka..but enna aachu theriyuma..avanga tirupathi ku car la escape aayitu iruntha time la andhra border la oru check post la avanga car ah madakittanga…. Car ah check pannathu yaaru theriyuma?.... antha ponnoda Appa dhan

Raju : adra sakkai… antha paiyani kozhi kunju amukkara maathiri kootitu poi laadam kattirupar la

Vishal : athaan illa…. ivan thannoda pudhu Maruthi Zen ah eduthuttu poirunthirukkan…avar antha car ah ye suthi suthi athoda azhaga paarthuttu irunthuttaaru… avaroda ponnai kandukkave illa pogumbothu Good choice son nu vera car ah pathi appreciate pannirukaru..… appuram enna… rendu perum escape aayitaanga

Raju : enna kodumai da.. sontha ponnu pakkathula irukkarathu kooda theriyama car ah paarthu jollu vittutu irukkira manushan… kudumbatha gavanikkaratha vittutu, azhaga irukkanga nu ethanai ponnunga la paarthu jollu vittutu irunthiruppar… ipadi irresponsible ah oru Appa iruntha entha ponnum odi poi kalyanam panikalam thappe illae…. Hmmmmm… sari namma Purasawalkam Prakash ah enga oru vaarama aalai kanom

Vishal : nethikku than avanga veetukku phone panni visaarichen…thalai ore feelings ahm….

Raju : en enna aachu?

Vishal : etho oru ponnu pinnadi suthirukkan…ava pesi pazhagarathai vachu ava love panra nu ninaichittu irunthirukkan.. kadseela athu marriage invitation ah kondu vanthu neeti…nee than da en best friend..unakku than first invitation..nee kandippa varanum nu sollirukku…..

Raju : hahaha..ada pavi… ponnunga manasai correct ah purinjikka koodiya arivu en koodave piranthathu nu peethikittu iruppanae.. avana ippadi emaanthan?

Vishal : ada, avan sonnathu, avan koodave pirantha avan thambi arivazhagana pathi… ivan oru bekku… etho aasai kolaaru……. Thappa think pannitu, ippa varutha pattutu irukkan……

Raju : Sari nee oru ponnukku nool vittutu irunthiye..antha matter enna ah sonniya illiya?

Vishal : hehe solren da solren..inniku solla poraen.. ennoda kadhala kavithai yave ezhuthi vachirukaen :D

Raju : ada… kazhudhai nee kavithai kooda ezhuthariyaada.. vaasi ketpom…

Vishal : hehhee..ava daily office ku scooty la vara illa? Athai vachu start panirukkaen :D…
Scooty-ile vanthu
Duty seiyyum cutie,
My dear beauty,
Love panna unakku naan kodukkava KT,
Neethane en kadhali, en athaiyin beti…
I love you sollen… atleast oru vaati…

Raju : :) :)… appadi podu... Paarthu paarthu… nee T.Rajendar oda sishyan nu ninaichu ponnu bayanthu da poguthu…

[Next cubicle Manju gets up]

Manju : enda dei Vishal..….. eppa paarthalum unakkum Vijay kum girl friends, love ithai pathiye than pecha.. pesarathukku vera ethuvume kidaikkaliya….. en intha nalla pullai Raju vaiyum kedukareenga…

Vishal : sari sari nee niruthu… unakku boy friend thevai padumbothum naanum Vijay um thaan unakku help pannuvom…po po naan kudutha andha velaiya mattum paaru

Manju : kashtam da unga kooda (thalai la adichikittu she gets back to her work)

(Vijay walks into his cubicle just at that moment)

Raju : vaada Vijay vaa.. vaa.. Vishal ellam sonnan… kaadhaluku idea koduthuttu irunthathu poi, ippo kalyanam panni vaikkara alavu poitiya nee..kalakkare po

Vijay: :) :) sari sari antha matter ah vidu…unnoda search entha level la irukku.. un love match ah catch panniya

Raju: hehe hehe… :D :D

Vijay : ennada ennada..… brush pannatha un teeth la nee overaa blush panratha paartha etho un thotathula poothirukku pola?

Raju : :D athellam illa da… nee sona maathiri ovvoru women’s college community ah ponena.. Athu la iruntha photos lam paarthu, athula azhaga, en height ku correct ah, naan expect panra maathiri character ah oru 2,3 ponnungala select panninaen

Vijay : athu eppadi da raasa character analysis lam pannirukae?

Raju : vera epadi..avanga scrapbook padichu paarthu than…. Oralavu guess panna mudiyum la..avangalukku eppadi patta makkal scrap panraanga..avanga andha scrap ku eppadi reply panraanga nu..

Vijay : pottu thaaku… pachaiya sonna uravu paarkaren nu solli nee ulavu paarthiruke.. ithellam therinjavathu ponnunga avanga scrapbook la privacy maintain pannalam..

Raju : pannalame… naane advice panren inimael :D sari kelu… athula oru ponnu da Sujatha nu peru…. Soooper ah iruntha da :D

Vijay : sari sari overaa vazhiyaathe… matter ku vaa

Raju: :D ava join pannirukkara communities lam paarthen…. Athula oru community Law Colleges in Tamilnadu nu irunthuchu…. Naanum athukkula ponena… Saw her message there…inquiring for the best law college in tamilnadu, for her brother nu solliruntha… ithu than pesarathukku sariyana chance nu thonichu, athe community la naanum sernthu, antha message ku reply adichen….

Vijay: ennanu

Raju:Hey Sujatha, if ur brother takes law for profession, will he become your brother-in-law nu :)

Vijay: mokkai mokkai..angayum un mokkaiya vidaliya nee…..

Raju: :D free free……. Oru convo start panna enakku ithai vida vera vazhi therilae… message pottutane thavira…. I was skeptical if she wud answer to my message or if she will come and frown at me for ridiculing her….. enakku nu oru image irukku la..athu spoil aayidumo nu bayam irunthuchu

Vijay: mannangatti image…. Sari appuram?

Raju: inniku morning orkut check panna…..surprise surprise…..she has sent me a scrap at my scrap book asking if I really know, about which will be the best law college in tamilnadu… appuram enna.. oorula law related ah evan nlam theriyumo avanungalukelam phone ah pottu, info kettu I sent her a detailed mail…… ithai vache I sent her a friend request in orkut and she accepted that :D

Vijay: adra sakkai..adra sakkai..adra sakkai…. Machaan..ninaikkave illae… nee ivvalo seekiram en idea va successful ah implement pannuave nu… theritta da theritta

Raju: :D sonna namba maate nee… naan anupicha mail ku reply anupicha, Thanks a lot nu solitu, And she further asked me a detail about a particular law college.. ithu thaanda saaku nu, ithai pathi discuss pannalam vaa nu avala G-Talk layum add pannitaen… :D we were chatting all day today morning…… mudhalla ava keta details ah oru friend kitta irunthu vaangi sollitu, appuram konja konjama personal ah pesa aarambichom

Vijay: sooper da sooper….. machi...sonnathai tak nu pidichikittae… unakku karpoora buthi da

Vishal: ivanukku karpoora buthi na, ivanai purinjikkathavanga lam kazhudhai ya enna (chuckles)

Vijay: ada podhumada un comedy… machi Raju nee solluda..appuram enna sonna

Raju: hehe pesittu irukkumbothu oru matter sonna…… actually naan avalukku mokkai ya reply panni message anupinnatha paarthuttu she got semma irritated ahm.. ennnai blast pannalam nu than en profile ku vanthirukka…… aana vanthava, ennoda testimonials lam padichu paarthuttu I am a genuine guy, nalla paiyan nu therinjukittalam :D athunala than she scrapped normally appadinu sonna…. Podhuva theriyaatha guys avalai tease panna left right vaangiduvaalam… neenga lam appavi pullai nu ezhuthina testimonial thaanda ennai kaapathirukku :D :D

Vijay: dei note pannungada note pannungada… testimonial kum matrimonial kum link irukkurathai note pannungada…!!!

Raju: :D :D machi elam un plan da…. Nee than da enakku Guru……. Intha idea ku naan unakku Royalty tharen

Vijay: Royalty lam venaam… namma nair kadai la Royal ah oru Tea vangi thaa..vaa

Raju: athillada… unakku ethuna onnnu seiyyanum pola thonuthu da enakku

Vijay: enda en… etho friendship ku nu idea tharen… athukku ethuna thanthu enakku double M.A degree vangi koduthudathe da machaan

Raju: hehee ok ok…. Sari next action plan…..ippa aarambichathu… love ah maarurathukkum lets work together da.. help pannudaa.. :D

Vijay: kanna…. Oru ponnai paarka pesara varai than intha planning together lam… but to-get-her laam , nee ye than yosikkanum…… athukku lam yaarum help panna koodathu… purinjatha…

Raju: saringa Guru… :) :) :) sari atleast ethuna advice pannalamae :D

Vijay: oh sure sure…. Inimael thaan nee gavanama irukkanum…. Maranthum avalai offend pannidathe… normal ah ve pesu…. There will be many difference of opinion between you two… athellam perisu pannathe… ponnunga ninaikkarathu thappa irukkara maathiriye thonum, nammala purinjikkama pesaranga nu thonum… that is not misunderstanding… but actually a Miss’ understanding…ithu therinjathan kalayanam aana pinnadi Mrs’ understanding unakku perfect ah varum….

Raju: aaha aaha… arumaiyana karuthukkal..aazhntha sinthanai…

Vijay: sari.. mooodu… keep it up and good luck :)

Raju: Thanks da….

Ippadiyaaga namma Raju life layum oru new episode aarambikkuthu… Raju target panna antha ponnu Sujatha oru B.Comm graduate… College Studies lam intha year than mudichittu, aduthu velai thedittu irukkara ponnu… ava parents rendu perum velai paarkiranga… thambi yum tuition, friends nu velila poiduvaan…so veetula vetti ya irukara ponnu.. athunala endha neramum online, chatting, orkut thaan….

Indha details lam Raju, Sujatha kitta chat pannathula irunthu therinjikittathu…. Raju vum bench laye irukkarathala, Sujatha kitta kadalai pottutu irukkarathukku vasathiya irunthathu… daily pesa pesa, rendu perum semma thick friends aagaranga….. Raju soft ah, entha methavithanamo, thimiro illama pesurathunala Sujatha ku Raju mela semma respect… she even seeks advice from Raju on some of her decisions regarding her future….. Ippadi valarum relation, next level ku, athavathu mobile la pesikkara range ku varuthu…. Raju call pannuvan…Sujatha va…. Sujatha vum call pannuva… oru ring koduthuttu cut panniduva....( enna parkareenga… ithukku peru call panratha nu ketka koodathu… oru Miss oda call nu thaane athai Miss-ed call nu solraanga :D … so no silly questions… .) Sujatha missed call kodutha udane Raju call return pannuvan…(vera vazhi?? ) rendu perum sernthu mani kanakka pesuvaanga… pesuvaanga..pesikittae irupanga…

Ippadi develop aagittu irunthathu antha friendship…eppadinalum koodiya seekiram Sujatha kitta I love you sollidanum nu thonichu Raju ku…. Sari naama Sujatha va photo la paarthirukkom…ava paarthathu illaiye.. paartha accept pannipaala nu doubt irunthathu… but fine…athukku thane chat la strong ah foundation podarom.. manasu level la nammala strength pannikitta, appuram kaadhalukku kann illai ngra formula apply aagi, easy ah avala love panna vaikkalam nu feel pannan Raju.. Sujatha vum was getting very closer to Raju and took rights with him…

Raju: Hey Suju

Sujatha: ennathu ithu Suju, juju nu naaya koopidara maathiri… Sujatha nu koopidu

Raju: ada poppa, Sujatha nu koopita enaku Jeyam la vara Sadha maathiri… nee poyyya poo pooo nu solliduviyo nu thonuthu :D

Sujatha: adinga….. naan enna Sadha va?

Raju: yaaru sonna.. nee Saadhave illae.. nee Special aache

Sujatha: poda vennai

Raju: haiyoo enna ithu da podara pazhakkam..

Sujatha: daa…naan appadi thanda koopiduven da… nee oru dalda :p

Raju: nee da potta, appuram naan dee poduven

Sujatha: po da… naan da poduven..aana nee dee potta… naan enga dadee (daddy) ah koopiduven :p

Raju: apo nan dee pottu koopida koodatha :(

Sujatha: nee dee pottu koopida koodathu….venumna oru nalla Tea pottutu koopidu… good boy la :p

Ippadi jolly ah conversation pogum..Raju was enjoying this a lot….avanukku semma kushi, avan viruppapadiye oru Girl friend, Sujatha kidaichathunala…. Athunala avan thannoda friend Sasi, thangachi Nivetha panninathai kooda maranthuttan…. But still, like bfore, he daily would talk with Nivetha for some time………. Intha pudhu relation pathi avan thangachi kitta manasu vittu pesanum, happiness ah share pannikanum nu avanukku aasai………. But avan “Nivi..naan unkitta oru mukkiyamana vishayatha sollanum nu” aarambichu indha matter ah solrathukku vetkapattu, vaarthaiya kandupidichi solrathukku munnadi anga Gokul will be calling ava “Anna anna oki…. Hold on… I will talk to u later oki….i will listen to this tomorrow.. sorry :D” appadinu phone ah vachiduva… Sari poguthu nu Raju vum vittuduvaan… ippadiye yaarukittayum avan love pathi sola mudiyama poidudhu.

One month later, Raju va oru pudhu project la allocate pannitanga…. Munnadi lam thuru thuru nu velai parka koodiya Raju, one month bench life ku appuram, thuru pidichu pona maathiri aayitan…… laziness pazhagi ponathunala, mind think panrathukke overaa somberi pattukudhu..athuvum illama , avan life la Sujatha vara munnadi, time management avanukku perisa illa… infact konja neram velai paarkama iruntha sema kadi ya irukum… but sujatha kooda friendship develop aanathukku appurama, ava kooda chat panratha thadukkara entha work um avanukku kadi ya therinjathu…. But the faithful guy he is, eppadiyo izhuthu pidichi work pannitu irunthaan… ithe nerathula than Oru naal sujatha, naan oorukku poraen, thirumbi vara 3 days aagum, don’t try to call me.. my parents will scold… tata nu solitu poidara.

It has been 1 week sinc e then.. but there was no sign of Sujatha in the chat.. Raju gets restless.. G-Talk, orkut, ym nu ella idathulayum message vittutan avalukku..but there was no reply from her… avanala intha pirivai thaangikka mudiyalai…. Coz he was so used to sharing his mind with her.. slowly but surely, avan Sujatha vukku, nivetha ku equal ah respect koduthuttu irunthaan….so he was missing her a lot… Ivvalo naal Avala call panni disturb panna venaam nu ninaichaan Raju, but romba naal aayitathala…. Enna aanalum paravalla nu call panraan… .line was engaged.. Raju ku ava kooda pesa mudiyalenu varutham irunthaalum, sari she is active and fine nu nimmathiya irunthan…. Athukku appurama he tries several times later that day…but all the time, the phone line was engaged only…….. Raju ku mild ah oru doubt varuthu…oru velai ava incoming bar panittangala..athan busy ah ve irukko nu ninaikkaran…….. sari nu sollitu, Sujatha voda close friend Indhu ku call panraan… Sujatha has earlier intro-ed her to Raju as her best friend…ava number um raju ku theriyum….

Raju: hello Indhu…. Nan Raju pesaren

Indhu: Hey Raju eppdi irukkae….eppadi poitu irukku work lam?

Raju: am fine am fine… hey indhu… enna ithu, namma Sujatha vukku call panna try panna line eppa paarthalum engaged ah ve irukku

Indhu: hehe enna panrathu po, ava athai payanuku ava ENGAGED aanathula irunthu ava phone line um engaged ah ve irukku……. :)

Indhu ippadi sonnathum, 1000V shock waves kaathula vizhuntha maathiri oru feeling Raju ku….. one more shocking news over the phone…………. Aduthu enna pesarathunae therila Raju…. Indhu ku phone pannumbothu , Raju was like, worried about if all is fine with Sujatha… but intha maathiri oru news avan nichayama ethirpaarkale…

Raju: Whaaaat engaged….ah?

Indhu: ada aama pa… ithai kettappa enakkum shocking ah than irunthuchu… avaloda child hood friend naan… enakke inniku kaathala than theriyum … 3 naalu oorku porennu sollitu pona ponnu, 1 week ah abscond aagittu inniku kaalaila phone panni solraa…. “enakku engaged aayiduchi di… ennoda athai paiyan thaan mappilai…. “ nu… Family function ku nu pona idathula, avanga athai, tak nu ivaloda appa kitta ivalai ponnu kettutangalam.. It was like totally unexpected for her pola… ethir paaratha vishayama irunthalum, avanai ethir la paartha vudane ivalukkum pathikichaam…. Ok sollirukka…. Antha paiyan US la velai paarkiranam.. 1 month leave la India vanthirukkan pola…. Seekiram kalyanathai mudikkanumnu udane nichayam pannitangalam… next month kalyanam nu sonna… avaloda mobile ah ingaye vachittu poitathala yaarukkume inform pannala…. Sorry di sorry nu aayiram thadavai sorry kettuta… sari pona poguthu, etho ponnu santhosama iruntha sari than nu free vittutaen :)

Ippadi Indhu sollite poga poga, Sujatha mela Kaadhal la vizhuntha Raju ku ithu ethuvume kaathula vizhalae….. he was totally perplexed.. avanukku ethuvume pesa varala…. Reply ethuvume varathathala, Indhu line la than etho problem nu ninaichu konja neram hello hello solli paarthutu appuram cut pannidara phone ah…

Raju….he was shattered.... Back to square one… enakku mattum en ippadi nadakkuthu… naan yaar mela laam anbu vaikkareno, avangallam innorutharai love panna aarambichidaranga… ithu varaikkum paravalla, sister, friend nu relation………aana…aana.. ippo naan love panra ponnu… avaluma………. Enna kodumai ithu.. :(

oru velai Indhu than ennai fool panrathukaga ippadi poi solirupalo…. ithu nijammave upset ah illa Indhu panna set up ah appadinu oru ishmall doubt varuthu Raju ku… Correct ah antha time la Sujatha logs in into G-Talk… It was a surprise for Raju.. and more surprisingly she pings him first..

Sujatha: hey Raju….. hi hi..

(Raju remains silent for a while)

Sujatha: Raju..raju… my dear friend… nee en mela semma kobathual irukkaennu puriyuthu… antha donkey Indhu kitta pesinaen ippa than… ennoda marriage pathi unkitta sonnatha sollita…

Raju: adippavi appo nijamthana…. (Raju gets semma upset, but G-Talk la emotions ah kaatara emoticons illathathala…, Sujatha ku Raju voda feelings puriyala)

Sujatha: aaama da…. Unga kitta lam en appave sollalai ngra reasons lam Indhu erkanve sollirupa la…. unkitta mudhalaye sola mudiyalai nu nan romba feel pannen theriyuma… bcoz..bcoz….

[“ Bcoz…dammit… I started loving u…” apadinu Azhagan la vara Bhanupriya style la solvaalo nu oru chinna nappasai vanthuchu Raju ku…ava bcoz ku appuram vitta ithunoondu gap la.. But ithu than padam illiyae :p, Sujatha continues ]

Sujatha: …bcoz u know you had been a very good chat friend, enakku advice lam panni, aaruthal solli…….. I was feeling semma lonely last two months theriyuma… with no one at home… …. Bfore I got to know u, whenever I feel lonely, esp after finishing with college and no one to talk with, I would be daily writing diary addressing a virtual character….. unkooda pesa aarambichathula irunthu antha pazhakkathaiye vittutaen…. Sila vishayam lam I cant tell to any one else, not even my girl friends, one reason is that all these loosu friends of mine does not have the patience to hear what I say…… naan ularunathellam porumaiya kettutu, u know u gave me a chance to vent it out………. And the best thing is, thappa eduthukkathe Raju.., since I don’t know u or have not seen u, it gave me that comfort to tell it out which I don’t find with my real world friends

Raju: Hmmmm….. (Raju ku vera ena pesarathu nu therila….aduthaduthu nenjile kathi kuthu irangina maathiri irunthuchu as she was talking, so just mmm kottitu irukkan…)

Intha nerathula Raju voda PM, Raju kitta project status ketkarathukkaga koopidararu…. Raju had to go… so he tells to Sujatha,

Raju: Hey Sujatha….hold on oki…. I will BRB (Be Right back)

Sujatha: Oki da…

Raju voda PM sariyana mokkai pottu kitathatta 15 mins aakidararu…. Raju thannoda place ku vanthu chat window ah paartha, Sujatha has logged off leaving a message

Sujatha: Ennada Raju, be right back nu sollitu u had left me back… pesama be left back nu sollirukalam nee :p Sari, jokes apart, inimael naan avvalava online vara maaten, appadiye vanthaalum avar kooda kadalai podarathukke time pathathu :D, It was great knowing u, I will try to keep in touch thru mails…neeyum mail pannu oki… I don’t know if I will be able to send u marriage invitation, coz chat friend na en hubby enna solvaaro therila :D, sorry da….. kochikkathe enna…. I know u wont be angry…. Let us part as friends for now….

Ippadi oru msg vittutu, Sujatha has logged off… avlothan…. 1 month ah katti kappathina relation mudinjathu….. Part of life aava nu paartha, let us Part as friends nu sollitu poitaale nu thonuthu Raju ku…. He just can’t control the emotions and the feeling of being ditched. Unable to take any more, Not feeling well nu PM ku chinnatha oru mail anupichittu he leaves the office.

[Same day, Evening time]

Athey Besant nagar beach… Same sea… Same loneliness…. This time, the waves were turbulent than the previous time, just like his mind, he thought. Cha… Kadal aruge kadalai poda sila per, kadhal panna pala per nu Jodi Jodi ya vanthirukkanga… naan mattum than ippadi thaniya pulamba vanthirukkaen… He was feeling lot sicker than last time, apadiye kadalai muraichu paarthuttu irukkan…. Pona thabaa mathiriye intha thabavum avan friend Magi varaan, Raju kitta vanthu avan shoulder la kai vachu ketkiran

Magi: Hey da Raju…. Nice to see u here again after a month

Raju:: (thirumbi paarthu, he gets peeved at seeing Magi) dei Magi..unakku vera velaiye illaiya..eppavum beach laye suthittu irukkae.. nee enna inga sundal vithuttu irukkiya…. Naan eppa beach vanthaalum enakku munnadi nee nikkare

Magi: (taken aback) hey… enna aachu…. Why are u angry with me?

Raju: (furious) pinna ennada pinna, anniku un veena pona advice ah kettu than ippa naan intha nilaimai la irukkaen…

Magi: adappavi naan enna sonnaen..sari vidu..ippa enna aachu sollu…

Raju: solraen solraen…. Naanum yarkittayavathu kottanum la…. Solraen… but nane veruthu poirukkaen..ippo karuthu solraneu solli aruthu thallidaathe… purinjatha?

Magi: oki oki sure :) :) nee sollu

(Raju narrates the entire events in the past one month in detail)

Raju: naan paatukku ozhunga, girls pakame pogama irunthaen…. Un pechai kettu intha paithiyakara kaadhal la vizhunthu…..ava mela evvalo anbu, respect lam vachiruppen theriyuma… kadsee la en friendship aiye insult panra maathiri nee verum virtual friend nu sollitaa… appo naan verumane chatting kum, time pass kum mattum thaana?

[Magi keeps quiet as Raju continues…]

Raju: enakku mattum en da ipadi nadakkuthu… naan vaikkira anbai orutharum purinjikka maatengranga….. ithe dhum, thanni adikkaravan, pala ponnunga kooda sutharavan ivanukkelam kooda lover kidaikkuthu… aana naan…ennoda unmaiyana love ku kadaisila ipadi than nadakkuthu….

[Magi interrupts…]

Magi : dei dei oru nimisham…summa dialog vittute pogaathe… Love ku basic qualification ena theriyuma…you should not be having any pre-notions about the person u are loving….Nee enna pannirukae… album album ah paarthu oru ponnai choose pannirukke… Love na best of three choice illa machi.. athu by chance orutharai paarkumbothu vara vendiya feel….

Raju : ennada solrae… naan love panra ponnu azhaga irukkanum nu ninaikarathu thappa?

Magi : thappu illa machi..thappe illae… Nee love panra ponnu azhaga, cute ah irukkanum nu ninaikkarathu thappu illae… aana azhaga, cute ah irukkara ponnunga la oruthi ya than nee love pannuvenu ninaichathu romba thappu da maame..…. Athuvum eppadi….un mela unakke nambikkai illama, real world la thedama… chat la poi thedirukae… antha virtual world la vara relation ellame virtual thaanda… padichavan thane nee… webpages use panra HTTP protocol eh stateless thaan…data va persist pannathu… appadi patta oru idathula nee unnoda life long persist panna vendiya relation ah thedirukkae…. Enna madathanam da?

Raju : ithu la ennada thappu… ethanaiyo peru chat moolama love pannaliya… avanga life lam nalla illiya….

Magi : irukaangale.. aana avangallam chat la thaan vazhkai thunai thedanumnu menaketu vanthirukka maatanga… chat panravanga kitta entha expectations um illama than chat pannirupanga… appadi aarambicha uravu develop aagirukkalam….and moreover internet love success lam more like exceptions than a rule for others to follow…. Kaadhal kottai maathiri paarkamale kaathal success aaganumna hero ajith ah vum heroine devayani ah vum irukanum…..naan personality ah sollale, but avanga attitude ah solraen….. eppo nee chat la thaan ponnai thedanum nu mudivu panniyo appave athu Kaathal kottai illa… Kaathal Ottai…

Raju : Hmmmmm…..

Magi : athuvum illama unnoda basic mentality eh thappu.. Kaadhal ngrathu thana oruthara paarthavudane manasula uruvaga vendiya vishayam… aana unakku eppadi..unnai suthi irunthavanga lam love panraanga na vudane, neeyum love panrennu kilambirukkae.. ithu childish mentality thaan da… ithu epadi da success aagum nu ninaikkare?

Raju : dei enakku thevaiya da ithellam..thevaiya nu ketkaren..naan paatukku amaithiya, nalla pilaiya thane irunthaen..ellam ennai suthi irunthavanga thane karanam…. Avangalukkunu oru love vanthavudane naan thevai illama poitaen… last 1 month love la irunthappa kooda I remained myself and kept in touch with everyone and not ignored anyone... Aana appa kooda en sister…. Naan pesunalum just formal ah pesittu, konja nerathula busy nu solli cut pannidara…. Ivanga ellam ozhunga iruntha naan en da ippadi poraen…

Magi : machaan onnu sollava…. Namakku oru upset, disappointment nu varumbothu, it is so easy to put the blame on others … naama entha thappum panala… ellam en neram, aduthavanga panna thappu nala than enakku kashtam varuthu appadinu solrathu romba sulabam… aana oru nimisham, namma tea cup ah empty pannitu, namma thappu enna nu yosichom na we can understand things better.….ellarum un mela paasama than irukkanga.. nee than avanga yaaraiyum purinjukkale… Solla pona, nee than da yaar melayum unmaiyana paaasam vaikkala

Raju: ennada solrae… naana… naana…

Magi : aama neeye than… mudhalla oruthar mela unmaiyana anbu vaikara yaarum, athai ipadi advertise pannitu irukka maatanga… aana nee moochukku munnoooru thadavai, athaiye thirumba thirumba solrae… sari naan accept pannikaren..nee un thangachi mela, friends mela laam alavu kadantha piriyam vachirukaen nu… aana nee selfish da… athunala thaan un thangachi, friends laam unkitta mattume niraya pasam vachirukkanumnu, unakku thaan niraya importance kodukkanum nu expect panrae….athunala than avangalukku nu oru love varumbothu un manasula oru jealousy, possessive ness lam varuthu.. athu unnai hurt pannuthu…. ithu thappu da… yosichu paaru unnoda paasame avangalukku baarama irukkalama? Nee kaatura anbu ku, returns ethir paarkariye.. ithu nyayama?

Raju: athu..athu vanthu…

Magi : nalla yosichu paaru da…. Yaarume unnai verukkalae…solla pona ellorum un mela niraya respect um anbum vachirukkanga… unkitta athigama pesama irukarathalayum, unkooda lunch ku varama irukkarathalyum avanga anbu kurainjiduchi nu nee santhegapadare na apo avanga mela nee vachirukkara anbu ku avlothana strength….avalothana un belief avanga mela?

Raju is unable to talk anything…he realizes his folly… he feels like all his ego of “Good boy”, “loving brother”, “loving friend” getting shattered… kanneer vida aarmbikkaran….

Magi : dei dei looosu, enda azhare

Raju : nee sonnathu ellam nyayam thaanda… yosichu paartha enakke puriyuthu about how I had been.. I really have been a selfish guy towards my friends or parents or my dear sister…. Anbu, paasam ku sariyana artham theriyaama irunthuttaen…. I feel a disgusted lot about myself now da…

Magi : Come on da, why shud u feel disgusted…. Solla pona unkitta iruntha kurai unakku purinjathuku nee santhosapadanum… yosichu paaru… u had already been a good guy…. Now intha kuraiyum nee correct pannikitta u will be a better guy..isnt that reason enough to be cheerful about?

Raju : you are right da..very much….

Magi : unnai suthi ullavanga love panama irunthiruntha, it wudnt have brought the problems in u outside… u wudnt have come out of ur comfort zone at all to try things, to take a shot at love, to understand urself… paarthiya… unnai varutha pada vachaalum, athunala unnai positive ah develop aaga indirect ah karanama irunthirukkangalae..athu than da nijammave true relation…. Unakku enna kurai machi.. chamathu pullai, elders ah respect panra thanmai, oralavu handsome, hand niraya sum vaangara IT professional….. unnoda think panra vitham mattum thaan nee slight ah adjust pannikanum

Raju : you mean Attitude?

Magi : u r at-it-dude…. Yea rite… athuvum onnum periya vishayam illa….entha mindset ullayum maatikama, mind ah light ah vachikitta vaazhkai santhosama irukum… nee ninaicha mathiri unakku nalla girl friend um kidaippanga… Good luck da !!!

Raju : thanks a lot da machi…. Nee sonna maathiri I am blessed to have such good friends around me and even more blessed to have a friend like you… Also ennoda loving sister Nivetha…. Avalai pathi thappa ninaichu naan avalukku, ava en mela vachirukara anbukku periya throgam pannitaen.. ippa solren da.. I will make sure she gets whatever that makes her happy

Magi : Thatz the spirit da.. bye.. paaru semma dark aayiduchi.... innum late ah pona en pondaati udhaipa… naan kilambaren.. bye

Next day… A far relaxed Raju arrives at his office… For the first time in many days he felt a lot lighter and better… He felt like talking to his sister, so he calls her up

Nivetha: Hellooo annaaa… Good morning

Raju : Good morning, nivetha, eppadi irukkae

Nivetha: naan sooper…neenga eppadi irukeenga… it was so nice hearing u now theriyuma anna….. I am so happy hearing u

Raju : hahahaa…watz the matter

Nivetha : enakku semester exam theriyum la..... bad anna u are…. Wish panrathukku than call paneenga nu ninaicha….. u totally forget ah

Raju : oooh ooh sorry sorry da.. Wish u the very bestttttttt of luck.. u are going to score much higher than previous sems

Nivetha : hehe thanks a lot anna…. Sari naan exam ah vachidava

Raju : yea yea…. Bye..take care…. Hey hey nivetha oru nimisham

Nivetha : yes anna…

Raju : I love u a lot nivii……….so glad to have u as my little sister :)

Nivetha : :D ippa enna na thideernu ithellam solreenga..

Raju : etho thonichu…. Sari bye…exam nalla ezhuthu… Good luck!!!

Nivetha : thanks anna (she hangs up the phone)

Raju felt, he had never been so happy before…. Athe spirit oda he checks the mails… munthina naal PM ku just mail mattum adichittu odunathukku ennalam thitti mails anupirukaro nu konjam tensed ah mail paarthan… Only 1 mail was there in his mail box…. And it was from Roopa….Hi nu subject pottu, she has sent a mail

Aaha… Ithu namma Sasi yoda aalu la… intha mayil ethukku namakku mail anupirukku nu kuzhappathoda mail ah open panninan… ullae paartha oru E-greeting, athu koodave oru side note…

Dear Raju, Miss Roopa misses You,
Will you accept me as, Mrs. Of You??

- Love,

Raju ku ethuvum purilae… .ithu kanava…. Illa nijamma..oru velai Sasi ku anuppa vendiya mail ah wrong ah namakku anupichittala nu oru doubt.. apo Hi machi nu oru kural… Sasi was standing beside him

Raju : dei sasi, ennada ithu…… unnoda friend..enakku poi…… ippadi….. ithu enakku thana…

Sasi : haha athu unakku vantha mail thaanda… unnoda doubt puriyuthu… naan than Roopa ku route vittutu irunthaen… but ava route vera, point to point ah ava paarvai un mela than pattucham… athukku help ketka than un close friend ah na ennai approach panniruka… Chennai 28 padathula vara maathiri yaaro yaarukku ingae yaaro nu naanum free ya vittutaen…. Unkitta ava love ah solrathukku avalukku ippathan dhairiyam vanthiruku paaru…..

Raju : (Excited)… enna da solrae….

Sasi : yo man… She loves you da……….

Raju was literally flying……… ennai love panna oru ponnu…….. oorellam fair ah oru ponnu nu thedittu irunthane… enga office laye ennai love panrathukku oru ithayam…. Hmmm Roopa konjam moderate color than...but who cares……. All is fair in love and war…. Kaadhal pannumbothum War seiyyum bothum ellarum fair ah iruppanga nu summava sonnanga…..!!!! I like her….She likes me…. wat else shud matter???


P.S : There it is ... I kept my word... My hero got a heroine........ :D :D :D


Pradeep Jayaraman said...

Dei "cycle gap la ennai kandavan nu solrrae". This is one of the best.

Kadhaya nalla konu poirukey machi. I am not getting bored while reading it.

Is there a part 4 coming?

Mystery said...

haha..nice ending..
mokkai than thangala..:P

soo moral of the story enna na...orkut a nambatheenga..:D...athu thana??

good is this the end...or der is more to come??

Chriss said...

Nice Ending... The convo between nivi and raju enakku pidichudhu .. :-)

Raz said...


it was v v v v vvvvvvvvv long.

but it was good.

nalla karuthu! - ORKUT A nambathinga...

feel love in real! - good one.



gils said...

en en enne enne...en intha kola veri...enna vida mosama irukenga :D

gils said...

mudila...mokkaiyo mokkai..but one month munnadi naan ezhutha yosichi vachiruntha theme..romba perusa poguthaynu i dropped the idea..chancela....aanalum mokkaiyo mookainga..maapla mokkachaaminu ungaluku title tharalam..avlo mokkai :D

Anonymous said...

Hi subramanyan.

its really a nice story. particularly that piece where u have narrated the conv bet ween magi and our hero, explaning what true love is. Its really marvelous.
Hats off and also the way u have narrated the events and antha kindal, nakkal kalaikarathu, everything is superb...


Deepa said...

Good one, but real lengthy.

sathish said...

Hi.. That was really one of the nicest stories I ever read :) Naration is too good! You have balanced well between jokes and seriousness... I really enjoyed reading this...

- Sathish

Divya said...

Though its a lengthyyyyyyy story, enjoyed reading it!
Dialogues are simply superbbbbbbb!
Kalakiteenga ponga!
Mokkai manana nenga??

romba enjy panni rasichu read paninien!

sathish said...

I breath oxygen but I am not satish.oxygen!! anyway ungaloda paraatukaluku Nanri!!

Ezhil said...

u have got good talent keep it up bro

Naani said...

I read it late.. but.. some conv... were very funny and hilarious.. good....

குரு குரு ..சுறு சுறு said...

good sense of humor.. keep it up..unga elam postum padichaen.. ithu tan top class..story la vara advice koda nalla iruku.. manasu dull a irukum pothu adikadi intha story padichi refresh agaran.