Tuesday, June 05, 2007


Hi all, aduthaduthu post podara alavu vettiya irukkaennu ninaikatheenga.. :D Keeping with the habit of wishing for ppl's bday, some birthday wishes pannalam nu than intha VV post :D

(1) FOR OUR NATION : God bless our nation, blesses the people with a safe and peaceful life, safe from Natural disasters such as earth quakes, Terrorist attacks, man made disasters such as communal / casteist riots and any untoward accidents. For our nation and people - VAAZHGA VALAMUDAN

(2) FOR OUR APPA, AMMA, THANGAI's, THAMBI's, ANNA's, AKKA's AND FRIENDS - GOD bless them all with a safe, healthy and a cheerful life protecting from anything that is evil and blessing with physical and mental health. - VAAZHGA VALAMUDAN

(3) JEWELS OF JUNE - June la enakku therinja niraya perukku birthday varuthu.... Varisaiya for my Rakhi sisters.... One is celeberating her bday today (June 5th), one on June 11th and one on June 24th (ivanga yaarum bloggers kidayathu...). My dear friend Pradeep (Machi..blog aarambicha mattum pathathu..update um pannanum :p) is celebrating his birthday on June 26th. Another dear friend, is celebrating his birthday on June 21st. Prithzuu sister's parents are celebrating their birthday this month. A very good friend of mine, Sharada is celebrating her birthday on June 14th. Any more celebrating their bdays??? If u tell I will include in this... . For each and every one of these special persons a loud and sound HAPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPY BIRTHDAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY.... And a chat friend Priya is getting married this month, June 10th. For all of these and other special folks of June - VAAZHGA VALAMUDAN

Cake for u all........Special dedication to the Jewels of June :)

1st birthday kondadarappa iruntha same cheer, excitement, ecstasy ipavum irukkanum nu than intha 1st birthday cake (oru vazhiya potta image ku reason solli samalichittena :D...shhhh..aduthu jaimie na enna nu ketka koodathu..appuram mokkai murali ya vittu answer panna vaippen :p)

Good luck all..... Have a wonderful and cheerful time ahead.... :) And for those late comers who havent commented on my previous posts, this and this do itttt.....

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prithz said...

Vaazhga Vallamudan! :)
Happy bday to all June folks!

Seekram oru mokkai post podunga.. rombanaal aachu oru mokkai kadhai padichu :D