Saturday, June 02, 2007

Does that matter?

P.S : I fear, that only software folks will be able to understand any bit of this :) ...and ennala comical ah think panna mudila..ipadi mokkaiya than think panna mudinjathu :D... I seriously wanted to write like this .. Liked this one a lot :D, or like this or like this .. But porunga porunga athukku naan innum niraya moolaiya kasakkanum :D

P.S - 2 : This is a filler kind of short story, It doesnt belong to any genre, no comedy, no serious, Moral kooda ethuvum illae... nallatha think panna mudilaena why do ya post nu ketkatheenga........ Refer to this comment by ~such~. good oh bad oh etho onnu maathi maathi post pottute irukkanum..illati makkal thappa ninaichidaranga :D

Monday morning 9:30 a.m. A sudden meeting arranged by the Project Manager Nataraj with Aravind

Nataraj : are going to take up this project

Aravind : No Nataraj, This is a DB intensive project. I am not so strong in Oracle.. I will not be able to take up this assignment

Nataraj : Come on, you had earlier worked in Oracle related projects

Aravind : I had, but I havent done much on that, further I havent touched any stored procs or table designing. My tasks were limited only with Java coding. Please consider me for any Java related Projects

Nataraj : Aravind, I have immense faith on you, that you will able to ramp up soon and turn it around coz I have seen how efficient you were in your previous projects

Aravind : Nataraj, come on faith is different, reality is different. The time for delivery is so short...Ramping up within such a time is not going to be easy and further It will only mean that I would have to slog. I definitely dont want to slog

Nataraj : Dont put down yourself like this... A winner is one who takes up challenges and who dares to travel the path he has never come across and do that succesfully

Aravind : But, but...

Nataraj : No but or if... you have to accept this challenge. This will definitely help boost up your career dreams. I feel among our Chennai DC folks, you are the best person to take up this project. Please take it up.

(the Argument continues...At the end of it, Aravind was somehow cajoled into taking up the assignment)

Three months later.... Same Monday morning, Same 9:30 am. Another meeting with Nataraj and Aravind, this time it is Aravind, who has called up Nataraj for a sudden meeting.

Aravind : Sir, I wanna take up this project

Nataraj : No, this is a DB intensive project. You are not so strong in Oracle. You will not be able to take up this assignment

Aravind : Come on, I had earlier worked in Oracle related projects

Nataraj : Yeah, you had, but you havent done much related to Table designing or Stored procs and mostly your strength had been in Java coding. We will consider u for a Java related project in the future.

Aravind : Nataraj, I have immense faith in myself.. I can ramp up in pretty short time and will be able to turn it around. You would have seen how efficient I have been in my earlier projects

Nataraj : Come on, faith is different, reality is different.... The time for delivery is very short...Ramping up is not only difficult but will also mean that you would have to slog. The company doesnt want you to slog like that.

Aravind : Nataraj, understand. This opportunity will help me realize my dreams. I feel among our Chennai DC folks, I am the best available to take up this assignment. Please give it to me

(The argument continues...At the end of it Aravind was firmly told, that he will not be considered for the assignment)

Aravind just cant understand, why his PM who was so appreciative of him just three months ago, who expressed immense faith in his capability, is now expressing doubts on him. Huh...He is hearing the same dialogues what he was telling to his PM 3 months ago........ Didnt he change himself over the last 3 months and accepted the fact that to be a winner, he should dare to travel along the path that he has never done beofre and win in that...Why is he denied that opportunity?..Afterall there is no difference between the project meeting 3 months ago and now except that in the previous case the role for Aravind was that of a offshore team member while the current assignment, that Aravind wanted was that of an onsite coordinator at California, USA. Does that matter...he thought........ What do ya think? Does that matter????


Sat said...

sondha kadha soga khadhaya....lastula appaviya ippadi oru twist in the 'tail' potti irukeenga....:D

mela P.S-la engayo paatha linkellam varudhu...tcha...romba pugazhnthuteenga...orey blushings :P

~SuCh~ said...

Subbu wanting to be osi OC ?? :)

Ramya said...

Ammadiyo !
Twist oda twist oda twist in the end !
Awaiting Mokkai Murali !