Sunday, August 20, 2006

Vaazhga Valamudan

Mudhalla prayer pannuvom......appala reason for delay solren......rite ah

For this week

1. For our INDIA - Peaceful, no Terrorist attack, no devastating accidents, no natural diasters.... India and her people should be safe and fine - VAAZHGA VALAMUDAN

2. For our neighbouring nation Srilanka - Innocent people, children should be spared from any violence or damage and may they (Srilankan ppl) be blessed - VAAZHGA VALAMUDAN

3. For all of our's Appa, Amma, Anna, Thangai, Akka, Thambi, dear Friends everyone - VAAZHGA VALAMUDAN

4. Konjam Personals :)

My Appa and Amma's wedding anniversary comes up this week. They should be blessed by GOD for a long, safe and healthy life together - VAAZHGA VALAMUDAN

My Thangai will be delievering her baby anytime now. She and her baby should be well and fine - VAAZHGA VALAMUDAN

About Vaazhga Valamudan Initiative

sari en intha vaaram delay aachu nu solren...... From last week i was forced to take up a habit......i.e never COME to Office on Holidays and Saturday, Sundays..... (aaha nalla irukkenu ninaikatheenga udane....... read the next line)... Rather come a day before that holiday and stay in office through out till that day...coz Aug 14 poitu Aug 15 sayangalam veetukku vanthen and then intha Friday poitu inniku (Sunday) mathiyanam than vanthen........ thatz why such a considerable delay :D


Krithika said...

ok! vaazhga valamudan everyone!

prithz said...

Kutti paapa vandhacha?????

Anonymous said...

Machi... finally got some time to look at u r blog after a while. Dont think iam writing this comment after u did for me.

The "Vaazhga Valamudan" section is very touching and different man... ennala vera stream la think panna mudila ida maari. Comedy mattum thaan thonudu. I guess i have to visit more blogs to gather ideas.

Neways... thans for u r suggestions.