Saturday, August 12, 2006

Dragggged into a Tag

Hmm...generally i dont like being tagged...mostly etho actors kitta interview panra maathiri cliched questions ah irukkum..... yaarum ithu varai enna tag panninathum illai ngarathu oru different story :D.. ippo intha ponnu ennai tag panniduchi... sari etho chinna ponnu aasai padara.. athunala panren

Ithu than tag... ithai ellam fill pannanumam

I am thinking about - I said - I want to - I wish – I miss – I hear - I wonder - I need - I regret - I dance - I cry - I am not always - I make with my hands- I write - I confuse - I should try - Learning to I should finish - I know - I am -

Last 3 months ah me evlo slogging nu unga ellorukkum theriyum...... inniku kooda paarunga nethikku office ponavan inni evening than veetukku vanthen... intha nilaimaila intha tag ah ipadi than fill panna thonuthu :) (sorry solilo, IT or movies ilama ennala blog post mudiyaliyeeeeee ) I feel like singing to solilo,

Loosu pennae, loosu pennae, loosu pennae...
loosu paiyanai tag pannina, loosa eluthuvaan.....

Neway on to the tag :)

I am thinking about
My Project and the work i need to complete

I said -
I will come tomorrow early and complete this

I want to -

go home........ (innoru night out ah..mummmmmmmmyyyyy)

I wish –

the bug counts getting reduced

I miss –

Saturdays and Sundays :D

I hear -
Ringing of the phone again (oh no it is the Testing team..GOD!! not another buggg)

I wonder -
If i really understand what i am doing

I need -

restttttttt and of course sleeep

I dance -
If i successfully resolve a bug

I cry -
When the bug gets reactivated

I am not always
at my seat when an important mail comes

I make with my hands

The code (also the bugs that are planted in the code like mines, kanda kanda nerathula bombing)

I write
Mails and reply mails

I confuse -
the manager and ultimately myself when asked about the current status ;)

I should try -
and convince to extend the deadlines

how to code efficiently :D

I should finish
Loads of things before EOD

I know -
how to blog, visit orkut, chat in ym even during hectic times ;)

I am

and finally
I tag the new kids on the blog - Prithz, Mark isuak , Fun2Fun, Krithz and Ed

Guys, ennai maathiri loosuthanama intha tag ah eduthukkama real seriousness oda pannunga sariya :D

Ellorukkum VANAKKAM (oru periya kadamai mudinjuthuda yebba...... santhosama solilo?)

P.S : btw, athu enna date ah poiyya kaamikkuthu ninaikatheenga (mela), i started this tag post on saturday and saved it as a draft, inniku than mudichen (Aug 15th)


prithz said...

Velaila dhan velai na... blog la kooda velai dhane... cha!!!

Ennavera indhula tag... oh no.. ennaku hand not running.. leg not running... lol... seri seri.. will do it asap...

Aravind said...

neenga job la romba sincere nu theriyudhu... tag la kooda job paththi thaaan ezhudhanumaa ? :D

The Soliloquist said...

nee tag post potalum potta, enna orediya kavuthute... next time will take care i dont tag u...:-)...
btw, independence day post panniyavathu tryin to get ur independence at work??

Krithika said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Krithika said...

taggg ah!! ok ok.unga tag unga company pathi dan a!

Übermaniam said...

Joking is injurious to your health only if you work for the hndu rashtra in chennai.

Krithika said...

no i meant..unga tag la neenga ungalavida unga company ah pathi dan solirkeenga! :D

Ramya said...

Ada cha, ingayum code bug code bug nu poturkeenga!
Code a kooda blog la vidalaya?
Seri seri, Anyways hope u get the free time that u are longing for and deserve! :)