Sunday, May 13, 2007


Phewwwwwwww....ore work nga.... :D enna panrathu enna panrathu... post update panna mudilae..Ja-Jini once again antharathula thonguthu..... think panna kooda time illama work poitu irukku... hehhee.... wat to do..wat to do... well.... but enna blame panni mattum prayajonam illa... so is our chennai blogsters... Roaming Rumziee, Komedy King, KK, Zu..zu..zu.. Prithzu, aaha aaha Aishu, Para parakkum Praveen, Humor boy Harish, ippadi yaarume ozhunga update panrathu illae... :D, ippadi oru saaku naan solla koodathu than...... still naanum konjam bijee ya irukkaen athan reason :D

O.K o.k ithukku mela izhuka virumbale... Prayers for this week..athukku is more than a year that i started this VV thingie :) This has been my first post in VV... I said i will post regularly once a week....but as usual my promise went into air :D

(1) FOR OUR NATION - Our country should do well, May the sun cool down a bit, have mercy on our people :). We Indians pray Sun as our GOD..... So sun should not let too much of harmful rays over us :D... Terrorist attack, Disasters ethuvum nadakkama, Naadu nalam pera, makkal valamai vaazha - VAAZHGA VALAMUDAN

nalamodum, valamodum, safe, secured and healthy ah irukka, GOD bless them all - VAAZHGA VALAMUDAN

(3) One thing I noted is couple of our bloggers are getting out of college this year and romba senti ah feel panranga pola........ :) Wish them all a very happy out of college life and sincerely wish that is more interesting and fun filled than their college life. For them all VAAZHGA VALAMUDAN

(4) Exam time.... All those who have written their exams, awaiting their results, and some who are yet to write their exams... Ellarukagavum oru special VAAZHGA VALAMUDAN

oru Talented blogger, but little known to most of u, Ed is celebrating her 1st year into blog tomorrow (May 14th). She has enormous talent in writing, semma padips, only thing is she does not have visitors... ava blog visit panni paarunga... u will know for urself how well she writes nu...... :) While wishing her success for 1st year completion, i hope atleast in the coming year, she realizes the need to get more visitors into her blog :)

Athe pola, one more talented blogger, sooperah ezhuthara ponnu ~such~ oru nadamadum GRE wordlist...konja neram converse pannitu iruntheenganna podhum.....enda pesunom nu naama nogara alavukku ethavathu english la oru complex word just like that pottu thaakuva..... haha just kidding.. but writing talent nalla irukku..again she lacks visitors

O.K., O.K... The biggie that is coming this week is my dear sis and many of the bloggers' chella kuzhandhai prithz's bday is coming up this May 15th. Dearest sis prithz ku Hearty birthday wishes. May GOD bless her with a healthy life filled with wealthy thoughts and may she have the happiest and sweetest year coming up. What better song to dedicate to her, than the song that she herself sung..... Life long ava eppavume intha paatai paada koodiya alavula kadavul avalai vachirukanum :)

Kurai ondrum illai...


Good day and Good week to you all Folks.... Wish you all success...Cheeeeeeeeers :)


fun2fun said...

naane firstu!!
Vaazhga Valamudan!! :)
Pritz ku happy happy b'day!! :)

Ed said...

Thanks a lot, you're really awesome. Although you made me sound a tad bit too desperate. lol.
And naan semma paddips ellai. ;)

Harish said...

Happy Bday to all May Bday Babies...
And thanks for ur super wishes :-)

Sat said...

First time blog and loved the spoofs!

And wishing Prithz...hmmmmay be i should do that in her blog rather :P

prithz said...

Tks a lot annaaaaaa!!! That was a really sweet wish. Ennoda paata laam poatu en unga blog ku vara va ellaraiyum bayamoortharel?!

My hearfelt tks extended to peps for your wishes! Tks guys!!!

Karthik B.S. said...

@ prithz

//nnoda paata laam poatu en unga blog ku vara va ellaraiyum bayamoortharel?!//

100'la oru vaartha sonna Preeth! :P

Marutham said...

Vanakkam! Gnabagam iruka boss? :) Adhuku munadi, Thangal style'la
Ellorum ella nalamum ptru vaazha vazhthukal- idhu nama style :P

:D KOnjam lost touch!
Epdiyo meendum ajar agiten :)

Nice post :) Nambal falling in the third pointer ....
And yes wishes to the may birthday kids :D

Keep rocking! :)