Friday, September 15, 2006

Get up change

Well, I plan to change the get up and set up of the blog completely. From now on all serious posts including weekly prayer Vaazhga valamudan will move to my other site ( Inking the Thinkings) So angayum ovvoru vaaramum please ponga... I will inform you all whenever i update that site. intha site only for kadi, comedy, jokes etc., of course anga naan elutharathu kooda kirukkals ah irukkalam..athukku naan porupilllae ;) ennai post podu nu "anba" kettukitta kausik ulpatta elorukkum thanks... naalaikkula podaren :D and yea i have got to make some more template changes as well.. athukku munnadi intha template ok ya nu konjam sollunga


rsubras said...

Mike testing 1.2.3..

Anonymous said...

Beshtu kannna beshtu... :P


Badri said...

build up athigama iruku!

Anonymous said...

Hai.... Hey this template is so simple pa, except few stars in the banner, everything is white... try some other template.

- appybird