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P.S - Basically there will be many inspirations for my blogs , but for this particular post, the inspiration comes from mainly Praveen's and a bit of Harish's style of writing.

apuram innoru matter..he..he… Kathai Konjam perisa irukkum :D


You would have heard so many love stories.. in so many flavors.. so many varieties... love at first sight, love at first site (chatting site), love at first kite (Rajini and nayantara in Chandramukhi), love at first fight, love at first flight (Panchathanthiram) and even love at first bite (as u wud have seen in recent Kanda naal mudhal movie) anything, u name it and u wud've seen it... Here also we are going to see a different love story... How different?? extremely different... You wouldnt have seen this in any film in any theatre...yeah yeah...u wudnt have seen this kinda story in any Thiruttu VCD film too....... It is unique and distinct in a manner that this will reflect real life and not any filmi story...

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In the year 1986, in a posh bungalow across the banks of River Cooum in Singara Chennai was born our hero Akash. Statistics says, in the world, there are 3 babies born every second. Exactly at the same time as our Akash is born, in God's own country Kerala, our heroine, Vani also entered the Mother earth. There is nothing special about them or the day they were born. Stars twinkled as usual and clouds as usual wandered lonely as daffodils. Whatz special then? Well....both of them when grown up will meet some where in their life and Vani will eventually love Akash. How?? Well..... This is not intended to be a 2 para story to uncover the plot so soon: p . So please read on...

Year 2002. Akash is now a +2 student in the Morning Breeze Matriculation school (This school lies opposite to Night-in-Gale school). Vani's family relocates to Chennai in the same period and she happens to join the same school for her +2. Apt situation for both of them to meet and develop romance, isnt it? But fine we are not planning to do a "Thulluvatho Ilamai" film here. Vani actually joins Biology group and Aakash is a Commerce student. As is the custom in many of the schools, Bio and Commerce students never mingle with each other. So our hero does not get a chance to have a glimpse of Vani and neither does Vani.

Akash gets a chance to meet Vani one night when he was returning home after a night show with his friends. Vani was returning by car from Bangalore with her little cousins. Due to the continous down pour of rain, there was power cut in the city. Just as Akash took shelter in his school from rain, Vani stopped the car in the road and decided to enjoy the rain with the kids by dancing. Akash is not Aadhi hero, hence does not enjoy such rain dances, but he got curious to see who this mad girl is dancing in the rain. Since it is pitch dark, he waited for a lightning to have a look of the girl's face. But alas, this is not Minnale film neither Vani is reema sen.. Just as the lightning struck, our heroine slipped in a dance step and fell in the instant pond that gets created during every rain. All Akash could see through that lightning was not a Ponds dreamflower beauty but only a pond's muddy girl.

By this time, Akash had completed his +2 and joined as a commerce graduate in a city college. As destiny would have it, Vani joined in the same college as well. Vani scored well in her +2, but she belonged to the wrong side of the Reservation Quota, so her marks were not good enough for a seat in the medical college. All she could achieve is to land up as a BSc Chemistry student in the same college where Akash studied. Commerce block and Chemistry block are at extreme ends inside the College campus, hence there was not much opportunity for them to meet each other. As soon as a guy joins the college, what does he do? He thinks he has become an independent man and feels he must own all the new things on market. Keeping with that custom Akash demands new bike and mobile from his parents. At the end of the deal, he could only get a mobile, as there was no offer of Life time free Petrol from automobile vendors for the bike as yet, similar to the mobile phone deals.

Reality dawned on Akash once he got the mobile. Nobody cared to SMS or call poor Akash. The SMSes he received were mostly forwards which would be like recommending Aadhi as an effective choice of suicide over other methods. Thatz when Akash realized the need for Girl friends and immediately started searching for one. Not confident of himself, he first sets out his search in the cyber world and in online chat and religiously sends out pm to every girl id that enters the room asking for their a/s/l. (Age / Sex / Location). Incidentally Vani enters the same chat room one day and Akash sends the same PM to her too. Thinking she is smart, Vani replies that she is 60/female/Chennai. Aakash is no Kunaal and neither our story is that of 'Kaadhalar dhinam' movie. Hence he recommends her to talk with nareshforaunty and quietly looks out for some other girl.

So near yet so far case for their meeting isn’t it? No. No they are not going to be involved in Heart first, Eyes next type of love. This is not Kaathal kottai film or our evergreen lover boy Murali's Kalamellam Kaathal Vaazhga. They do get another chance to meet each other in their final year at college. Vani visits commerce block one day to meet her friend. As she was climbing up the staircase in her newly bought high-stools…. sorry…. it is high heels, she slips over and falls back at our Aakash who was coming just behind her. Normally if it were Tamil movies, the hero would have held the heroine in his arms and after posing to the camera for a minute, they would have traveled to Switzerland to sing for a kuthu song. But you see, this is a real life story. When Vani slipped on Akash, he was caught unawares by the sudden attack. Out of shock, he just pushed her aside and only after seeing her rolling down the stairs he realized what was happening there. Vani’s friends gathered immediately and asked her what she was doing. Feeling embarrassed, Vani thought of avoiding creating any more scene there at the moment, so she replied “Well, my friend had sms-ed me a joke, after reading it I was rotfl (rolling over the floor laughing). I didn’t realize I was climbing the stairs” and quickly moved away from the place. The next day however she went to Akash’s class and blasted him for pushing her down when she could have easily balanced herself hadn’t he pushed her.

With the first meeting between them ending bitter, subsequent meetings were no better. During the semester examinations, Akash and Vani wrote exam in the same hall. One day, as Akash was busily writing his exams, he noticed Vani’s exam papers slipping from her desk under her chair. Sensing this as an opportunity to earn her good will, he rose from his place and took the paper and handed it to her. What he didn’t know was that those were exam bits prepared by Vani who on seeing the superintendent purposely slipped it under her chair. What resulted was Vani getting caught by the superintendent and made to leave the exam hall. Subsequently akash got blasted by her over the phone that night.

Getting blasted by someone continuously, especially from a girl is nothing to be proud about, but Akash had other thoughts. As per the Tamil movies’ logic, there should be some chemistry between him and Vani and thatz why she is picking up fight with him. O.K O.K even his house maid Kuppamma had fought with him. He would daily be involved in spat with the girls from his neighboring slum when he collides with them while driving his bicycle. Akash dismissed those as unbalanced chemical reactions, since out of these, only Vani is beautiful and a rich girl too. As a result of these thoughts Akash started loving Vani. He thought Vani too would fall in love with him, in fact she has already fallen over him and that might be bcoz of love only. Having decided to love her, Akash thought of proposing to her on the auspicious Valentine’s Day. Unfortunately, that year, the Valentine’s Day fell on a Sunday so Vani did not come to college. Akash didn’t have the courage to go to Vani’s house, as he had heard that Vani has 3 brothers all of whom are black belt in Karate. Akash is not “Sivakasi” Vijay or “Sullan” Dhanush, is he? So he chose the safest medium to express his love. i.e. sending e-greetings to her mail id. He didn’t get any reply for it though, how could he, Vani had set a junk mail filter and mails from any id other than the ones from her address book would go directly to Junk mail folder. Unaware of any of these things, Akash planned to wait for Vani’s reply.

Time and tide waits for no man and that includes our Akash as well. So days ran. The semester exams got over and Akash and vani both completed their college life. Akash tried to express his love in several ways to Vani but she did not take notice of any of that. In the night he would sing a song expressing his love, but the area where Vani lives is far from Akash’s house and further there were no loud speakers to amplify what Akash was singing.

Akash’s father meanwhile makes arrangement for his higher studies in London and Akash was supposed to fly to London soon. Not willing to give hope on his love interest, Akash writes another lengthy mail and sends it to her email id hoping she would respond to this at least. He changed his travel plan also based on this hope. Instead of taking direct flight to London, he booked tickets to Delhi by train and catch the flight from there. Suppose if vani comes to him in the last minute, he could any time get down from the moving train and get united with her. But the same thing cannot be done with a moving plane rite? This is the rationale behind our Akash’s smart thinking.

The day Akash was leaving to London, Akash’s family and friends all gathered in the railway station to send him off. But Akash’s eyes were firmly on the staircase as he was looking if Vani would come running to tell that she is in love with him. Expecting her, he didn’t even keep the luggage in the rack, so that when she comes it would be easier for him to run from the train with the entire luggage. Nothing seemed to happen though, but Akash was still hopeful of Vani making it in the last minute like so many of Tamil films’ climaxes. Time was running out. The station master gave out the whistle and the train actually started to move. Akash’s father asks him to go inside and take his seat, but Akash’s eyes were looking for Vani. 1…2…3 seconds… At that very moment, from nowhere Vani was speeding towards the same train that Akash was traveling. She was having a boquet in her hand. Akash’s joy knew no bounds. Atlast success for his belief in the tamil cinema directors, chemistry looks to be working out even though he is a commerce graduate. He took the luggage in his hand and came to the train entrance. But he was confused whether Vani would ask him to stay and marry her or take her to London. So he just waits for vani to come near to have a clear picture. Vani, came like a lightning towards Akash, and as Akash spread his hand towards her to lift her inside train, she sped past him and ran to the A/C Coach next to that of Akash. “Hey Vani, your hero is here, what are u doing in the next coach”, thought Akash…. Vani meanwhile threw the boquet to Akash chopra, Akash's classmate and shouted “I love you da Akash Chopra... Take care... have a nice journey”.. Our hero akash watches this in a state of shock as Tamilnadu express races its way to Delhi.

P.S - I am sorry, what i didnt mention in the foreword was that the 3rd baby born in the same second as that of Akash and Vani was also an Indian and he is also an Akash (Full name : Akash chopra) :). Well, neway I am not S.J.Suryah and this is not Kushi film to foretell the climax in the opening itself, rite?


Ramya said...

Girls are so unpredictable right?

The Soliloquist said...

the flow was good... but end was just ok. cant say its bad, but didnt fit in with the flow.. liked a couple of quips.. morning-breeze school :-) nice one..
ana y do u always make refrences to movies/actors/filmi songs etc???
and y is it always gal-boy love stuff?? isnt there any other humour around u?? or u dont get inspired by any?
and please for heavensake dont ape anybody's style and if u get inspiration, dont give disclaimers /acknowledgements... acknowledgement for someone's contribution to content is fine.. style is something thats GOT to be yours and yours only..

Anonymous said...

hey rsub... tis is girlie.. the story was funny and i enjoyed it.. lots of masala but still ok..

Aishwarya said...

It was really funny and entertaining.. I had a great time ROTFLing ;) Witty and delectable..Good Job!!

Vani Viswanathan said...

hahaha yebba....entertaining-a oru movie partha feel irukku! :D

aks said...

Hey subu.. kalakkala iruku.. very humerous and romantic too .. End is really unpredictable.. I guess u've tried to write a very logical story...
Songs are missing in this movie :(

nithyananda said...

ennapa idu, londonlla poyi appadikka publla quarter adichutu quppurakka padukkamma, chennaila irundu delhi flight....ennapannuradu....daavukku kannu dokku!!! :)

but nice twist in the end though, but kind of figured that u will have somekind of a twist in the end ;)

rsubras said...

No comments :p

Thx for the critic... Well, itz kind of seasonal...after "guys must be crazy", ideas ippadi vanthuttu irukku... and spoof on films was the main intention.... o.k o.k inspiration in thought, not aping anyone's style...

rsubras said...


welcome here.. i hope you would continue coming here :)


Thanx thanks :D Very glad that u enjoyed it


i think this is the first time u are commenting here.. Glad u liked it :)


Thanks :), Songs um include pannina padam romba perisa poidum la ..athan avoided it


hi nithyananda, welcome here :) nama hero ninaikkararu, direct flight ah pidicha kilambarathukku 1 hr munnadiye ula kooptu door close panniduvangalla..appo heroine vantha eppadi velila varathu... train na antha 1 hr + extra 10 mins till train speeds up varaikum heroine vantha appadiye kuthichidalam nu. :)

Priya said...

Last 10 years le vandha ellam Tamil movies-um ore vaati paaththa feelings - adha epdi describe panradhunnu kooda theriyalai! BTW, in between slight-aa 'Hum Tum' kooda touch pannel..Hollywood touch mattum dhaan michcham! ;-)

Enjoyed reading it man! :-D

P.S: I forgot how I came to this blog, glad I came though. :-)

interfer--on said...


Nice narration ...... It was like putting indicator that ye gonna turn right but ye went straight or turned left side, leaving emotions piled behind (expected situations with that type of ending but it went otherway).

Subs at his satirical best :)).

Kela ka chika delivered in a novel way. ;)