Wednesday, January 25, 2006

New.... New... New....


Hi all, New year la irunthu, after visiting so many of the regular blog sites, Praveen, Neha, Visithra blog site lam paarthuttu I wished to change the template of my site too. Athukkaga i searched all over the web for a cool template, users kannai uruthatha, each time en site visit pannumbothu refresh aagara pola oru template thedinen.. Nothing was satisfactory. I wanted a light yellow - white combo for the background. My search is still on.... For now I badly wanted a change in template, athukaga i settled for this one. Kindly pass on your comments...

Now for the post, well i was amazed at all of your responses to my earlier post "Guys must be crazy". It was really a half baked idea as I mentioned, but as i was narrating it to the ppl whom i chatted with that day, oru story ah develop aachu. Not only here, I posted the same story (in English as against Tanglish here) at my office bulletin board. The responses were stunning to say the least. For the first time I guess, a full story of mine was doing rounds in the virtual world as mail forward. Felt very happy in that :D. Prabhu might think this is a copy right violation, forwarding mails without mentioning the names, but being a novice in all this, I take this as a form of appreciation. Infact blogspot la search panni paarthappo, one guy have posted the same in his blog...... Konjam over than..but still OK 'n fine. :p Thanks all once again :)

I was having some doubts in my mind, ennada Girls ah kindal adichu post panrome, girls lam uthaikka poraanga ninaichen :). Athisayam, Aachariyam, Amazing, most of the appreciation came from girls only. Does that mean Girls let down themselves or is it that Girls are more sport than us, Guys?? (ICE vaikkalaingo girls ku, meiyyalume ketkaren)

Next post, I am planning to try my hand in some serious genre of stories. Serious na udane ICU range ko illa I will See U nu makkalai kobapada vaikkara range ko illeenga.. :) konjam philosophical ah oru Smyta maathiri, oru Somu maathiri , oru Vani mathiri, happy ending ah but romancing ah vo kadi comedy ah vo illama konjam philosophical ah eluthalam ninaikkaren.. Ennandreenga? Advice pannungappa....

I think post panrennu solitu, niraya peru blogs ku advt koduthitten nu...ellorum advt kaasu koduthidunga :D sariya? Blog rolling update panren..but yaaroda peravathu miss aachuna sollunga..

Appala, intha new template pathi defects um konjam comments section la log pannidunga.. I will try to fix those bugs :)



nivi said...

pink?? realy??? :D

Ramya said...

Fink color?? Girls special post potadhukaaga va? Serious post eppo next???

Sheks said...

took me a lot of time to comprehend what u had transliterated.

The Talkative Man said...

Liked your posts. BTW, pink is not a nice choice for a guy..just kidding raasa! ;)

dreamz said...

Very pleasing to eyes and not a strain. Wish you used black fonts...but wait for others comments . Well..girls wanted to encourage u...athukaga...romba serious a poyidateenga...adi tan sure a...:)

Smyta said...

//Serious and philosophical post um koodiya seekiram varum. I can imagine a serious post from u:p adhu poradhunu philosophical veraya...;-)LOL

//Next post, I am planning to try my hand in some serious genre of stories. Serious na udane ICU range ko illa I will See U nu makkalai kobapada vaikkara range ko illeenga.. :)

aaahaaaaaaaaaa..vairamuthu kanavula vandu adhuchaaara unna?:p :-))

Nice template...:-)

How was ur vacation?

Smiles etc.,